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December 29, 2015

Approaching Zero Hour - Entire World's On Edge As We Witness The Full-Scale Takeover Of The United States Before Our Very Eyes!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over at Financial Times, Gideon Rachman tells us as 2016 comes rushing in that 'the entire world's on edge', feeling 'battered, bruised and jumpy' while over at Market Watch we learn Wall Street's forecast for 2016 is worse than it was for 2015. Warning us that in 2015, a sense of unease and forboding seemed to settle over all of the world's major power centers, FT also tells us "at the moment, all the big players seem uncertain even fearful."

Are we about ready to witness 'zero hour' as warned in a recent SQAlert partially republished below videos? As ANP has previously warned, the unfolding of 2016 offers us a plethora of reasons why everything may soon fall apart and in the videos below, Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones from Infowars to talk about everything we're now watching with emphasis at the beginning of the video the US's funding of ISIS and the attempted full-scale Islamic takeover of the United States and the West.

Quayle and Jones also take a look at a claim by a former US Marine that 'Civil War 2' may take place in America, a warning that is also republished in another SQAlert below videos. Quayle warns that as things are speeding up across America and 'it's coming at us from all directions', the American people have got to get it together or we're in deep trouble. Americans don't understand, we're told, that when "we go into the camps, we don't come out and we lose everything under spoils of war".

This excellent interview also touches upon post-script of World War 2 and Naziism and the fact that Nazi culture not only never left but has been being suddenly brought back to the forefront of much discussion. Are there ties between Adolf Hitler's Nazi's and what we're now watching unfold with ISIS? Bringing up the fact that ISIS, too, seeks 'racial purity' with the destruction of other races, Quayle and Jones get into the occult ties of Hitler and the Nazis as well as the luciferian agenda that is now no longer hidden in the shadows but being worked into the fabric of global society.


Steve Quayle joins Alex Jones at the 1 hour mark in the video below and after the initial discussion is over, rejoins at the 1 hour 15 minute mark and makes the well-established claim that Americans are the most 'mind controlled population' in the world as Quayle tells us we're living in a world of the supernatural and demonic fallen angels. We're also told that there is an unseen hand at play in what we're watching unfold here in the US and globally - the globalists end game.

After a brief break returns after the 1 hour 29 minute mark we're told that everything we've been warned about is now in play .... we're witnessing the unfolding of history. We're warned that when they finally do go for the guns, it will likely be a 'blitzkrieg' and while many warn that it would likely be impossible for the guns to be taken away from hundreds of millions of American gun owners, Quayle warns American hunters aren't used to facing a delta team or spetsnaz. We're told this isn't just about taking the guns away from American gun owners, 'they're planning on blowing the gun owners away'.

Telling us that the country has been totally given over to satanism, witchcraft, luciferianism and globalism, Quayle warns us that what we're now seeing the totally preplanned dumbing down of our society as humanity is being prepared for the ultimate slaughter.

In the 1st SQAlert republished below we take a look at a claim made by an SQ reader that Civil War may be on the horizon while the 2nd SQAlert takes a look at another claim we are approaching 'zero hour'.

Time to make sure your kit is ready and sound. Civil War II almost ready to start it sounds like to me.

Steve I sent a friend the link to the story about beta testing gun confiscation in Illinois. He worked for the Sheriffs Department for 25
years, here is his e-mail reply.
Today at 6:22 PM
I would have said there is NO way for this to happen but, Ev worked with a man that told her his son a Marine was training for gun confiscation and a war in the boundaries of the U.S. His son has been training down south and the dad had spoke with him before November and this was what the son told dad. Time to make sure your kit is ready and sound. Civil War II almost ready to start it sounds like to me. When do you want to sit down and talk?? GOD help us...... Michael

Has it always been so blatantly obvious? The more of this that appears and has the fog of war lifted from it, the more I feel in my very being that we are approaching zero hour

Dear Mr. Quayle,

I was listening to your show on the Secret History regarding the Nazi's and WWII with the Hagmann's and throughout it I kept going "I've heard this before..." Each time I dismissed it because I kept distracting myself with thoughts of the Avengers movies and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series (which at the time I thought was silly, but kept rattling in my head). The descriptions of secret Nazi organizations sounded so much like the workings of the organization in that universe called Hydra. The organization spent the next decades after WWII working within the system and getting members in key positions throughout society, politics, and the intelligence/military fields (Operation Paperclip helped them immensely) with the key goal of causing so much chaos in the world that everyone in the world would surrender their freedom in exchange for their guarantee of security (gee...sounds familiar). In one of the movies it even showed how a US Senator would whisper their salute in a comrade's ear while wearing a pin of their organization's symbol. Now the movies (including the ones done on specific heroes) have largely killed off this organization after their attempt to overthrow the entire system from within. As I'm typing this I remember also in the 2nd Captain America movie that they'd built a system of three flying aircraft carriers that were armed as such to be able to neutralize anyone capable of fighting back that had been marked and, by some unmentioned means, were target-able from high altitude by their genetic makeup for a large number of rail guns on the bottom of the ships. Now for the stuff that the more I let my mind tug at the thread the more I put things together. In the TV series there is a monolith of ancient origin which when the proper vibrations were used (sound was the major one but one of the characters has the power to vibrate things and could hold open the portal on her own for a short time), would de-solidify and form a puddle which was in fact a portal to another planet where no sun ever showed. On this planet was a monster that had been driven out and imprisoned there in the ancient past by the aliens who had made the monolith and their creations (whom had powers of diverse sorts and had named themselves inhuman after exposure to a certain crystal, activating latent genes or turning them into fragile stone if this wasn't present as they had to be descendants of the original Inhumans who'd been made by the monolith Alien species). This creature that had been driven out was worshiped by the ones who founded Hydra back in ancient times , sending members of their organization through periodically to try and figure out how to activate the portal from the other side so their glorious leader could return to lead them in reshaping the earth to their whim. (Sounded a lot like when you guys were talking of CERN and the opening of a dimensional gateway and a lot like their intentions are). Please read the rest of this SQAlert here.


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