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* When The Smoke Clears, We'll Have Proof The Rabid Swamp Monsters Pushing Impeachment Swallowed The Globalists Totalitarian Agenda Hook, Line And Sinker - Those Crying 'Quid Pro Quo' Were Caught With Their Own Hands In The Ukraine Cookie Jar
* Proof America Has Crossed Over Into The Twilight Zone - The 'Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes Is False'
* Collective MSM Trump Derangement Syndrome Puts Another 'Journalist' In The Unemployment Line As Media 'Mistakes' Reach 100
* The Traitorous CIA's Role In The Attempted Overthrow Of America Goes Back DECADES Using One False Flag After Another & Their Total Infiltration By America-Hating Communists & Muslims!
* Happy Thanksgiving 2019: We At ANP Are Thankful For Each And Every One Of You - OPEN THREAD
* Modern Day Feminism Has Created A Generation Of Miserable, Angry, Perpetually Outraged Women - These Feminists Should Be Called Out Each And Every Day
* Snowflakes, Feminists & Antifa, Oh My!!! From Fascists To Failures In Just A Few Short Years, The 'Insane Left' Is Imploding Before Our Eyes!
*The Coming Tsunami: The Impeachment 'Distraction' Cannot Stop The Tidal Wave Of Information That Is About to Be Revealed About The Deep State
* We Were Warned Long Ago Of This Moment In Time: The Full Implementation Of The '45 Communist Goals That Would Destroy America' Is Now In Play - Left Running Out Of Time To Carry Out 'Event' That Launches 'Hard Civil War' In America
* Globalist Talking Head Warns Of War On Horizon: 'Americans Better Learn To Live With Each Other Or There Will Be Blood' - More Signs Emerge Of Danger Dead Ahead As America Edges Ever Closer To Civil War
* Another Day Of The Democrats Soviet-Style Show Trials Today Will Push America Another Day Closer To The Breaking Point - Democrats Bull-Rushing The Communist Agenda In Our Faces Are Guilty Of Treason And Sedition
* One Of America's Oldest Science Magazines Warns America Is Flying Blind Into A Potentially Disastrous Health Catastrophe - Why The '5G Revolution' Could Bring The '5G Apocalypse'

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* Prepare For Persecution: The Anti-Christian Agenda Of America's Public Schools & The Premeditated Undermining Of The Faith And Morals Of Our Children & What We Can Do To Turn The Tide - We're witnessing a deadly onslaught against the faith and morals of Christian children
* This Is What 'The Enemies Of America Within' Don't Want Us To Know! Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin Would Have Been Proud Of Adam Schiff & 'The Cabal' & Their Soviet-Style Coup Attempt
* Major Grocery Store Chain Sees The Handwriting On The Wall! Kroger's Goes In-Store Hydroponic As 'IT' Hits The Fan - 'River Watchers' Already Warning Of Major 2020 Spring Flooding In America's Breadbasket!
* This Is Why 'America' Is A Perfect Example Of The Democrats & Globalists Worst Nightmare: Armed People Make Terrible Slaves! Beware, Virginia! Venezuela Is Modern Day Proof That 'Gun Control' Precedes Tyranny
* If America Crosses The Rubicon Into Socialism, There Will Be No Turning Back So We Best Prepare For Mass Famine, Starvation & Opposing Global Government Tyranny While We Still Can - America's Founding Fathers Ensured The American People Wouldn't Be Defenseless Against Tyranny!
* The Shopping 'Zombies' Of Black Friday - If People Will Do This Over Gadgets And Gifts, What Happens When Food Runs Out?
* The Radical Leftist Media Has Fully Distorted Reality In America With The Loonies On The Left Blaming President Trump For Sun Spots, Cancer, Dandruff, Climate Change And Scurvy - 'The more society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak truth'
* Yes, Virginia, There Is An Agenda To Confiscate Your Firearms & The People Are Already Revolting! The 'Gun Control Master Plan' & Push For 'The Final Execution Of The US Constitution & Bill Of Rights In One Fell Swoop' Are On Display For All To See
* Tidal Wave Of Stories Published In November Warning Of 'The Rise Of Killer Robots' Proves 'The Future Is Now' - A Permanent System Of Oppression For The Human Race Is Looming
* Humanity In For Devastating Shock: Investigative Report Finds 5G Will Make Us ALL Into 'Targeted Individuals' For 'Electronic Harassment' On Steroids
* A 'Scourge Of Pestilence' Is Brewing In America With The 'Plague Of Leftism' Unleashed On Democrat-Run Cities: 'Suitable Soil' For The World's Next Killer Pandemic? This Is Why We Should Prepare Now With Left Following A Predictable Pattern Of Decay

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