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June 18, 2015

Wrath Of God To Crash Down Upon 'Elite' - All Hell To Break Loose - Global Elite On Run As They Prepare To Slaughter 6 Billion


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

All across the country and the world, humanity is rapidly awakening to the evil powers-that-be and their plans of killing off over 6 billion people across the planet; as Zen Gardner tells us, the self appointed elites are on the run. Awakened humanity is clearly freaking them out. Bilderberg reporter Daniel Estulin tells Alex Jones in the 3rd video below that the 'global elite' are DEFINITELY on the run after the once-secretive Bilderberg meetings.

We MUST REMEMBER and ANP will CONTINUE TO STRESS: The globalists WANT 6+ BILLION PEOPLE DEAD and they have set their plans in motion to accomplish that goal. Whether they run to their bunkers in preparation for WW3 and nuclear annihilation or are running from the people to try to save their own lives, THEY WANT US DEAD, 6+ billion of us!

Pete Santilli tells us in the 2nd video that US government officials WILL be indicted and many of them may even get the death penalty. The backlash of humanity has clearly begun as shared in the 1st video below from KafkaWinstonWorld who urges 'swarm the evil bastards'.

It's well past the time that Americans TELL those who believe they are in charge while completely pillaging and plundering the rest of humanity that WE DO NOT CONSENT! The story that really set us off this morning is the absolute ABOMINATION of justice in Huntsville, Alabama, and their DECLARATION OF WAR upon a United States Veteran for deciding to live off of the grid.

We called Hunstville, Alabama's Mayor's office this morning (at 256-427-5000) to voice our opinions and WERE TOLD that they are threatening to arrest US Veteran Tyler Truitt SO THAT HE WON'T harm himself while living off the grid. Can you say 'insanity'? 'Oh Say Nation' has given us an easy way to CONTACT CONGRESS and REMIND THEM that THEY ARE MERELY PUBLIC SERVANTS, not dictators. How many members of Congress are there who should get the death penalty as stated by Santilli for their crimes against Americans and against humanity?

Meanwhile, if China or North Korea or the Sun decides to deliver a knockout punch EMP upon America, it's almost guaranteed that EVERYONE in the Huntsville, Alabama city hall and mayor's office WILL DIE while someone like US Veteran Tyler Truitt and his family would live on. WHO is the city of Huntsville, Alabama to tell Tyler Truitt how to live? WHO do the criminal elite think they are to tell the rest of society how they have to live? WE DO NOT CONSENT and clearly, they all have another thing coming with the rapid awakening of humanity across America and the entire planet.

All News Pipeline does not condone violence against others unless one's life is in danger; however, we have almost reached the point when all of humanity is threatened with near extinction - if the elite, who want to KILL OFF over 6 billion people, ARE NOT SOON HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, there will soon be NO ONE to hold them accountable. We must hold them accountable legally before the only option left available is violence. We must avoid violence at all costs, for it will only be returned to us.

With a rapidly awakening and rapidly angering America, the wrath of God is about to come CRASHING down upon the criminal elite. For the rest of humanity, it couldn't happen at a better time. For the 'elite', it's long past time to run. 


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