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April 8, 2020

The Twin 'Pandemix' Of 2020 Are A '2 For The Price Of 1' Globalists Dream Come True As Bill Gates Sets Americans Up For The 'Kill Shot'

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

Disaster strikes the entire world. The “Fantasy Team” cartoon heroes show up played by politicians and rich people with worldly power and wealth. One of the comic heroes thinks he’s a doctor but has no license to practice medicine and is only one voice out of 330-million other US voices. No doctor, but just for grins…

“Hey doc, should I call you Dr. Bill or Dr. Gates? Dr. BG, or Dr. BS?”

FYI - You are nobody to speak for anybody else but yourself. You are 1-man with no authority at all to speak for anyone else. You remind me of a bird frog. Imagine what that looks like. It does not really exist, just like you aren’t a real doctor of anything but BS. That’s how important you are as a fake authority on medicine. A fake with no credentials but being rich, obnoxious and powerful. So why don’t you shut up and let other people speak for themselves.

If you know so much about vaccines that you can project YOUR OPINIONS onto the whole world. Maybe we better get a real psychiatrist or psychologist for you to talk to. Or how about this “novel” idea: Why don’t you offer yourself and your body as a guinea pig for the vaccines, instead of offering our bodies for the dummy trials. To personally test all of the new vaccines YOU are developing right now with other Big Pharma backers and forces.

How about that, faux doctor Gates?

You are so smart and rich you think it’s okay to screw with everybody else’s lives. Maybe YOU should put YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY where your mouth is. YOU DO IT. You say there are 5-or vaccines being developed right now. From which you presume 2- will probably be chosen for the public. Then you DEMAND everybody else in the world submit to your opinions. But who are you really, doctor unqualified, doctor unlicensed and doctor undignified? Bill Gates, rich man?

Why don’t YOU offer your great “self” like a messiah figure for the whole world. Everybody would believe you then! If you were willing to try out all the vaccines yourself you would have no opposition. Who would oppose you and your vaccine agenda if you personally proved at risk of your own health all vaccines are safe. You might just save the earth and all mankind by this satirical sacrificial willingness to back up your forceful BS narrative by risking your own and your wife Melinda’s lives. Instead of recommending everyone else put their lives at risk believing a man who wants to depopulate the world by vaccines and is on record for saying so!

Let me be the first to thank you for being so giving if you decide to test ALL VACCINES yourself. So the whole world could watch YOUR BODY handle each of the vaccines being tested on YOU. The only caveat being: Anybody in the world can refuse being vaccinated at your command, if you are too afraid to take them all yourself. And the world should know…

There is no vaccine that will ever work for people exposed to microwave radiation.

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Here’s a question for you, faux doctor. Did you have advance knowledge of the coronavirus coming because you were a rich man, or because you were a fake doctor?

Rich man, right? Since you’re no doctor. And just how did this foreknowledge of the coming coronavirus come to you? Since you boldly predicted it many times in advance, and even just days before it happened in Wuhan. Tell us please how did you know in advance when this coronavirus would happen?

After the Wuhan event you even ran to the forefront on the world stage to say vaccinations will now be necessary and required of all. Or people would be penalized with travel restrictions? Says who? You… What in the world, excuse me please. Could somebody call a real doctor! We got a nut loose in ward 2020. Seems his mouth got free and the dumb guy thinks he’s either Caesar, Cleopatra or God.

It is true, you were a major US / World-powerful CEO, (Clown Emitting Odors).

Everybody listen! Do whatever he says? He’s not a real doctor. He’s never studied medicine. But he’s extremely arrogant and wealthy!

If I ever have-to do anything faux doctor Gates says I have-to do. Then may he forever sleep with a nightmare of a some new-design flip phone flipping open-and-shut in his face over and over again. Like a white glove slap-slap-slapping him in the face with 5G radiation, and he can’t wake up to stop it from slapping him around and giving him 5G radiation sickness symptoms.

Why don’t you take a break and go do something creative like learn to play a musical instrument. Or is that beyond your fantastic money-making abilities? Why don’t you go and do something positive that doesn’t involve thinking about how many other people need to die to make you happy. Or why not commit suicide and help out your own cause and everyone else at the same time?

You had advance knowledge of this virus outbreak coming. Then you seized a front and center position in the first phase of the so-called pandemic when it arrived. Announcing “your” final decision. Announcing “your” final conclusion. Your independent demand upon all mankind. What astonishing hubris, dude! You practically sell yourself out to take credit for what appears to involve criminality and to actually be a HUGE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Because you said yourself it was coming and the rest of us should prepare to deal with it like it was WAR.

Did you also know in advance about the 1-year super-urgent rollout of 5G around the world happening in 2019? Did you know this very 5G microwave radiation causes symptoms that are practically identical to coronavirus symptoms? You are so smart, let’s remember! You had to know symptoms of 5G exposure almost perfectly mimic coronavirus, right?

Add a little 5G to your personal wish for a gigantic decrease in world population. Have others roll out 5G grids as fast as possible all around the globe. Starting in late 2018 with phenomenal speed bring up these 5G grids in targeted locations in 12-months by December 2019.

Tell us faux doctor, how did this “virus” know to start exactly when the 5G was flicked on to the newly deployed worldwide 5G grids in late 2019? How did these things happen simultaneously?

Since these two things occurred at literally the exact same time. Let’s not wonder if there is any connection between the Wuhan infectious virus and the 5G non-infectious virus-like radiation exposure symptoms happening together in real time. But I do wonder. I think you should maybe be investigated and possibly arrested if there was any kind of nefarious nonsense involved in this so-called outbreak. I want to know some things. I’m very curious to know…

Did you have foreknowledge that the coronavirus symptoms would look almost exactly like exposure to 5G microwave radiation symptoms? Which look like virus symptoms that cause cells to leak. Which in turn causes lungs to fill with fluid. Which deprives people of oxygen. Which kills them if the microwave exposure is not stopped. With no vaccine in the world that will ever be able to do anything to treat the radiation exposure. And all cells in the 5G-assaulted human body will leak at the same time. So the official public descriptions I’ve read say the body can also suffer “inflammation” in other organs.

It is not “inflammation,” it is all the person’s human cells being cooked to death in an invisible microwave field caused by the 5G radiation. Which symptoms naturally show up first in the lungs and breathing where leaking cells = drowning lungs.

This is how people have been dying faux doctor Gates! Isn’t that terrible? Doesn’t that make you really sad that you knew all of these things before any of it happened probably. Most likely. Since you’re so smart and let’s just put it like this. “You’re no dummy!” You had to know, right? I can’t imagine you did not know the connection in the two different but very similar symptomatic illnesses. You are just too rich, too smart and too cunning; and you really want to have your way with forcing vaccines on other people. Don’t you, faux doctor Gates?

What a terrible way to be murdered by a bioweapon. What a horrible way to die.

But faux Dr. Gates sees the population decreasing significantly and is proud of knowing all about it in advance like a god. A proud obnoxious bully, forceful jerk of not-a-god. Or maybe my challenge means something to good ole’ Bill and he decides to test the vaccines personally for us all like I suggest.

One thing is a certainty. The two nearly symptomatically identical illnesses happening at the same time could not have been timed any better. I mean, it all happened at exactly the same time! That is the biggest giveaway that this was actually a preplanned, premeditated and coordinated event. With multiple parties on both sides involved in the bioweapon release in both China and the United States, and all the other targeted 5G city locations worldwide.

Meaning there was conspiracy among those who had advance knowledge of the real virus and the virus-like radiation sickness caused by 5G happening in tandem together in the same place at the same time.

Having foreknowledge that the “not-so-strong” highly contagious virus strains could be zapped by 5G microwaves to multiply the combined symptoms all the way to death. Meant there was no need for the real infectious virus to be that deadly all by itself.

That is the math of this so-called outbreak folks, that was preplanned and premeditated. And that is why it has been so confusing to read about and comprehend or understand. It doesn’t make sense as a straight up virus alone. The so-called reinfections of 5G victims is nothing normal to former viruses of history because 5G virus-like symptoms are not real virus symptoms. That’s why people have been supposedly infected and re-infected many times where they got well then return to a 5G grid only to see it start all over again.

It is a critical matter to realize this current virus outbreak is NOT one thing. There are two things happening together at the same time, not one.

1 ) We have strains of the infectious coronavirus that are very contagious with symptoms that look like the symptoms 5G microwave radiation exposure would cause.

2 ) We have symptoms of 5G microwave radiation exposure that is not contagious or infectious that look like what infectious contagious coronavirus would cause.

Neither of these is the same thing at all. Both are totally different in every way.

The coronavirus spreads to other people by being infectious and contagious. The 5G symptoms spread to other people because other people are exposed to the 5G microwave radiation too. Making it look like the 5G symptoms are spreading by being infectious, when 5G exposure is not contagious or infectious. This planned event should be called the Twin PANDEMIX of 2020 because it consists of two very different sources with very similar-appearing symptoms. One an actual virus. One, not a virus at all, but a microwave radiation poisoning instead.

Talk about making your head spin! Don’t look now, but it is almost impossible to believe these two totally different, but very “similar-symptom-illnesses” could possibly happen at the same time in the same place and not be somehow connected. It seems apparent this has been an intentional tactic to destabilize targeted human populations with confusion. In this case the entire world. To leave everyone dizzyingly unable to put the pieces together and understand what’s really going on. With the intent of causing ever-growing fear and apprehension to help force compliance to new forced agendas and control measures worldwide.

But there’s a doozy of a kicker to this fantastic 5G they say we needed so badly in 2019, in such a great hurry right away! Get this… There will be no improved service, speed or connectivity in the rapidly deployed 2019 worldwide 5G networks!

No promises will be kept or delivered by the 5G providers in the near future. How do we know this? Because the telecom giants say so themselves. All the telecom forces and sources agree, customers should not expect any better reception, or service, or connectivity than 4G. Not any time soon. It is going to take a while for the urgent promises to come true they say now.

Then why the panic burst to roll it out and flick the switch on – in the 5G capital of Wuhan, China in 2019? How did the perfectly simulated exact timing of both similar-symptom-illnesses just happen to happen together in the same place at the same time? Sounds like it was meant to be confusing and misleading from the get-go, doesn’t it?

It has also been hard to figure out exactly who is attacking whom? Nobody can agree probably because the attacker is blaming the victim as the victim is blaming the attacker. But a former British agent may have foretold “who’s who” in this scam-scheme. Because one former agent claims to have been present at a meeting in 1975 where a premeditated biological attack against China was discussed and planned long in advance.

An attack describing the present scenario we see before our eyes today, if the predictions he made are coming true now. And he did not predict that China would attack itself with an accidental biological weapon that infected the rest of the world too. He said the plan he heard and witnessed being devised was that China would be attacked by a biological weapon deployed by the British and the West.

And Elon Musk wants to put how many 5G satellites in the sky? Up to 40,000? And his space company has already put how many 5G-radiating satellites up there? More than 100 or so? And the satellites put up by Musk’s SpaceX have already caused astronomers to appeal that he be stopped. Since it has affected the night sky, blocking out stars and interfering with earth-based space observation platforms.

If Elon “master-of-the-universe” Musk gets his way. The words of Jesus are guaranteed to partly come true. Because Jesus said, “If the times were not shortened at the end, no one would survive.” And whether the times are shortened or not… The “end” that Elon Musk’s deployment of 40,000 satellites and 1-million ground-based towers would bring, would definitely have the potential to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Deploying the 5G systems and grids could bring an end to all human life unable to escape the microwave radiation. The people of earth need a rescue mission and they need it fast. A rescue mission that must happen now not later. There is no time to not save the day right now.

There are 2-rich titans of the earth with extreme wealth and power whose selfish beliefs and plans are a true and present danger to all human beings alive today. A real true threat to the earth’s human populations. Apparently working together working apart they are respectively like two mad scientists from a comic book story. Only neither of these vile offensive arrogant rich powerful magnates is really a scientist. Nor is either of these madmen a real doctor.

Not a real anything, but two ultra-rich passive-aggressive businessmen. Two bully businessmen with lots of Money is what we find behind it all, driving it all.

The comic book story always has the madmen dictating harsh terms on the rest of the world. Controlling the world and forcing unpleasant unwanted consequences on the people. And what do you know? That’s exactly what these two rich men are doing today. Classless pushy bully punks with no consciences wanting to tell us all what to do, while employing their ideas could kill us off as they potentially make money doing it.

I believe these dangerous pariah businessmen deserve to be shamed publicly. So I’m writing this to destroy any reasoning or argument either may have to my allegations against them. The earth needs to take these men to task and put an end to their plans, if not real crimes against humanity. Before their selfish mad plans bring a truly horrible inescapable end upon us.

Premeditated. An intentional massive decline in population worldwide thanks to two comic book characters who really want to have their ways. Musk & 5G meets Gates & Coronavirus.

May the God of the Universe bring an end to these men’s force-filled plans against planet earth’s innocent human populations. And may Donald Trump lead the world to safety by ordering all 5G shut down immediately and dismantled permanently in the United States.

If Donald Trump plays along instead, and will not order 5G shut down, dismantled and permanently disallowed. Then I want to know, why not? Does Donald Trump not-know how dangerous microwave radiation is to human health? Is it plausibly deniable that microwave radiation can kill people?

How long it takes “somebody” on the world stage to come out strongly against 5G will tell us all a whole lot about everything happening these days. Start the clock on how long it takes Donald Trump to save the day with a simple order against the deadly 5G technology being forced on humanity. Let’s see how long it takes him.

Or will it be Putin or another world leader who gets credit for being so practical, not brilliant? Who will it be to step forward for all humanity and fight the real enemies at the Gates.

If the obvious conclusions herein are right-on-the-money. There are people involved in this scam-scheme who should be investigated, given a military tribunal trial, proven guilty and put to death for their felony crimes against all world citizens. People who have committed real crimes against humanity in a joint action of international deceit and worldwide murder.

Nearly identical symptoms did not just happen to show up at the same time and come from the same place at the same time by pure coincidence. This was no accident. This is a new genocidal crimes against humanity “Pandemix.”

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