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* POC Karens: 'People Of Color' Attack And Harass 'White CIS Males' At Arizona State University Multicultural Center For 'Police Lives Matter' Sticker
* This End Times Scenario Is Being Played Out Before Our Eyes: They're Pushing Us Towards Armageddon And The War Of Gog And Magog
* Something Seriously Wrong With Nancy Pelosi - This Brings Up The Question Of Whether Politicians And World Leaders Are Using 'Young Blood' To Slow Down Physical Aging
* Scariest Map Ever! Quarantine Camps In America And After Watching Other Countries Forcefully Incarcerate Their Citizenry, We Should Prepare For Covid Nazis To Show Up At The Door
* Fully Weaponizing Weather To Attack The US Power Grid Would Completely Obliterate Our Critical Infrastructure, Sow Protracted Chaos And Attack Our Psychological Achilles Heel
* 'Women Belong In The Kitchen' Sign Triggers Female Student As Multiple Preachers In Different States Get Physically Attacked On Campuses - Colleges Treat Students Like They Are In Daycare And Students Act Accordingly
* The Pod People Are Here - Vax & Mask Social Engineering Has Turned Liberals In America Into Screechers That Stalk And Harass Strangers For Not Toeing The Line
* The Across-The-Board Attacks Upon Americans Are Accelerating Rapidly And Include These Multi-Tentacled Facets - Surviving The Onslaught Of Satanic-Driven Madness
* Antifa Terrorists Convicted Of An Attack On U.S. Soil And The MSM Completely Ignores It As They Continue To Protect The Far Left's Carnage And Destruction
* It's 'Waiting Like A Ticking Time Bomb': Why This 'Great Mountain Burning With Fire Thrown Into The Sea' Would Cause The Worst Natural Disaster Of Our Lifetime's - Quake Swarms And Magma Rising At Cumbre Vieja Are Signs Of A Biblical Catastrophe Ahead
* People Are Acting Very Strange As Shown In Road Rage Violence , Public Brawls, And Bloodthirsty Crowds - Yet Another Reason To Stay Away From Large Outdoor Gatherings
* Food Shortages Hitting A Critical Crisis Point In America - Visual Evidence That Things Are Far Worse Than What The Media Is Telling You

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* A Deadly Combination Has Been Unleashed Upon America: As Joe Biden And Democrats Continue To Dismantle Our Nation, They've Set Into Motion A Scourge Of Epic Proportions
* Censored! Joe Biden Played 'The Leading Role' In The 2001 'Dark Winter' US Senate Report On 'Exercises' Featuring A Bioweapon Attack On America To Usher In Despotism And Martial Law - Absolute Proof They Knew In 2001 Just How They'd Be 'Cracking Down On America'
* How The World Is Uniting Against Tyranny: As Nukes Drop On The Globalists 'NWO via Vax' Agenda & Arguments For Passports Are Blown To Smithereens, America Needs A Newspaper Like This
* This Atrocity Of Biblical Proportions Is The 'Final Solution Of The Illuminati': They Censor Effective Meds While Pushing Deadly Ones, 'Like Using Gas Chambers To Exterminate People In Germany'
* These Charts Say It All: The Depopulation Agenda Is In Full Swing As More And More Americans Are Being Killed And Injured By 'The Vax' Being Heavily Pushed By The Genocidal Eugenicists
* The Data Proves It! The Pandemic, 2020 Election, Defund The Police Movement And A Contentious Transfer Of Power Have Led To Skyrocketing Ammo Sales The Past 18 Months
* As Globalists Push For Submission, Free People Are Saying 'NO WAY' Across America And The World - Imagine This '10-Minutes To Comply Or Else Scenario' Happening In Your Home Town
* A Huge Wake Up Call: The Globalists Just Showed Us Their Cards, Normalizing Americans To Seeing The Military Upon The Streets Of America, As Despotism Is Rushed In - Incrementalism Has Turned America Into A Frog In Simmering Water, Just Before The Deadly Boil
* The Speech Bill Gates Urgently Needs To Make, But Never Will, To End Mass Murder By 'Vaccine' And Medical Tyranny
* When The Communists Control Everything, Voting Becomes An Exercise In Futility And An Elaborate Crowning Of Their Dictators - There Are No 'Free And Open' Elections In America When The Outcomes Are Determined Beforehand!
* They're Going Door To Door In Washington DC, Looking For 'The Unvaxxed', Knocking On Doors 4, 5, 6 Times A Day If Necessary!
* Hold The Line, America! Entire Police Dept Resigns In Missouri City As Report Warns Entire Companies Quitting At Same Time Over Mandates, Causing Breakdowns In Businesses Nationwide - There's Never Been A More Important Time To Be Prepared Than Now

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