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September 13, 2014

2 RADCON 5 Alert’s – Texas – HAWK – Are ‘Loose Buckets Of Sunshine’ Coming Up Through Our Southern Border? 

By Live Free or Die

The screenshot below videos shows 2 RADCON 5 Alerts in Texas from the linked Facebook page of Mid America Land Restoration / Microbes / Probiotics, also detailed in the 2nd video below from chuggkole CK. The 1st video below just released by HAWK ties together the ‘why’s’ behind the RADCON 5′s, what HAWK calls ‘loose buckets of sunshine’, and our wide open southern border.

HAWK ties everthing together, including a large contingent of black helicopters in Lubbock, Texas days ago and a military chopper mysteriously landing in downtown Dallas (See pictures of both below videos.)

HAWK makes it clear that what he is saying is ONLY SPECULATION, but the facts he shares behind his words paint a clear picture as our southern border is completely porous, this linked video proves, even ‘Osama bin Laden’ could make his way through them, and ‘loose buckets of sunshine’ (loose nuclear weapons!) COULD be making their way up into America, resulting in RADCON 5′s and Apache’s mysteriously landing in Dallas, Texas. This video gets hot at the 6 minute 40 seconds after HAWK’s intro remarks.




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