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March 20, 2016

3 Scenarios That Could Start A World War 3 That Leads To The 'Elimination' Of A Billion People As Russian President Vladimir Putin Sends Chilling New Warning To The West


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story on Saturday from the UK Express tells us that a European nuclear war appears imminent after relations with Russia have become even more strained according to new threats from a Russian foreign minister. Telling us that the risk of a nuclear war is higher than at any time in the 1980's, Igor Ivanov also warns us “The paths of Europe and Russia are seriously diverging and will remain so for a long time, probably for decades to come.”

Referring to Russia’s Baltics territory, Mr Ivanov added: “It can be assured that once the US deploys its missile defence system in Poland, Russia would respond by deploying its own missile defence system in Kaliningrad.”

Mr Ivanov showed further aggressive rhetoric over the situation in Ukraine, saying Europe and Russia have little chance of a broader reconciliation, despite European and NATO diplomats seeking a political solution to the separatist conflict in Ukraine which has slaughtered more than 9,000 people since April 2014.

Russia could not be the eastern flank of a “failed greater Europe”, he insisted.

Ivanov's warning comes a day after Vladimir Putin also issued what some call a 'chilling warning to the West' after Russia pulled their troops out of Syria, explaining that the 5 1/2 month campaign was 'perfect training for war' while also warning he could build up Russia's military presence in Syria within hours if necessary. Putin also told us that Russia's military forces are 'now prepared for all-out war' as also shared in the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network. As Franchi also tells us: "Everyone's doing war games....everywhere."

Speaking in the Kremlin at a medal ceremony for military personnel who served in Syria, Putin also sought to dampen any talk of a rift with Damascus, saying Moscow's partial withdrawal from Syria had been agreed with Assad.

He said: "If necessary, literally within a few hours, Russia can build up its contingent in the region to a size proportionate to the situation developing there and use the entire arsenal of capabilities at our disposal."


In the 1st video below, YouTube videographer C. Ervana breaks down for us the 3 scenarios that could kick-start World War 3 that could possibly lead to the 'elimination' of 1 billion people or more around the world. As our videographer tells us, and has been previously reported on ANP, the website is forecasting a population drop around the world by 2025 that totals approx 1 billion people with 'Western' nations Australia, the UK, Canada, Israel, the US and others showing very sharp drops. America's population alone is forecast to drop by over 250 million people from 319 million in 2014 to 65 million within less than 10 years according to Deagel. Why? 

As Franchi tells us in the 2nd video, according to Putin, Syria was merely their training ground for a bigger 'future' war and this time in Syria was better preparation for real war than any 'wargaming' could bring. With more and more nations doing war games across the planet, and many of them trying to keep these wargames 'under the radar', is all of this more proof country's across the world who are preparing for a 'stealth' World War 3, including here in America and one which they hope to pull off before the American people can awaken and put a stop to their madness? As we've previously reported on ANP, Russia has warned that any future global conflict could come to American soil. 


The three scenarios outlined here in the 1st video include the Saudi/Sunni caliphate vs Russia/Iran, the allegiance between Turkey and NATO vs Russia and a possible 'Asia cataclysm' featuring China, North Korea vs South Korea and the West. Our videographer previously told us about 120 nations that had been preparing for war under a nearly total media blackout as shared in the final video below, a video that went viral with over 335,000 hits on YouTube in just weeks. 

If somehow America and the world can dodge these three scenarios over the next year, we're clearly still not out of the woods as 'Dr. Doom,' economist Marc Faber, recently stated as shared in this new story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan, if Hillary Clinton wins in November, she'll "destroy the whole world". Faber reminds us of just how successful Clinton's 'nation building' has been in the Middle East that has been largely responsible for the messes we see there now.

For the future of all of humanity, we pray that those who are in the positions of power to make these decisions keep in mind what is at stake....the future of all of humanity. As we have previously warned on ANP, according to some experts, a thermonuclear world war 3 that goes full-scale global might be over before most people even knew it had begun...and by then, it would be far too late to prepare for what follows. 

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