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February 8, 2019

This Dangerous Experiment Upon The Human Race Could Lead To A Global Catastrophe: 'Death From Above' To Unleash The Worldwide 'Microwaving' Of Our Planet


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at RT they report on a warning issued by radiation expert Arthur Robert Firstenberg who has written the books "Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impace Of The Wireless Revolution" and "The Invisible Rainbow: A History Of Electricity And Life" and who is now petitioning the World Health Organization, the UN and the EU to “urgently halt the development of 5G.

While the petition has over 40,000 signatures at the time of this story writing, Firstenberg warns in his latest appeal that "a global catastrophe" will be the result of the rollout of 5G across the planet, warning the super fast broadband will cause cancer in human beings and wildlife while also increasing the symptoms of people already suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Interestingly, Firstenberg also calls the rollout of 5G a "massive health experiment" with human beings and animals across the world unwilling guinea pigs in a global laboratory with no potentially good results to arise from it. From the RT story.: 

“The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law,” the petition states. The US rollout of the new network has already begun in cities like Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

“This could become a global catastrophe. When the first satellites were launched in the late 1990s for mobile phones, on the day they were launched people sensitive to these things got very sick. The mortality rate rose in the US by 5-10% too and there were reports that birds were not flying,” Firstenberg told the Daily Star.

Firstenberg also claims that, in areas of the world where rollout of 5G antennas has already begun, the local population, including insects and other wildlife, are already getting sick. He claims to have a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which induces symptoms like dizziness, nausea, amnesia, insomnia, tremors, heart arrhythmia, acute and chronic pain, among others though it is not scientifically or medically recognized.


In this January 31st story over at Strange Sounds that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website they reported upon a plan by the big communication companies to deploy 20,000 satellites into very low orbit over the next two years that will beam 5G to the Earth, thus ensuring that practically every square inch of the planet will be covered in 5G death rays. 

We hear more about this plan in the first video below from youtube videographer 'Leak Project' within which he tells us about how 5G will be beamed down from the skies upon us, saturating every living thing. From the Strange Sounds story.: 

Satellite based 5G implementation

The first two 5G test satellites were launched by SpaceX in February of 2018. Hundreds of other satellites are expected to be launched in 2019. The full set of 20,000 satellites could be put in orbit during the next two years.

To put this into perspective, as of September 2017 there were 1,738 operating satellites into orbit around the Earth. This means the number of satellites will be 11 times greater than the current number.

And from the Strange Sounds story we also get this explanation from Firstenberg about why 5G is so dangerous despite what we're being told that the 5G wave is too short to cause damage to the human body.:

When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow.  

But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body (5G), something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetized field and sned it deeper into the body.  

These re-radiated waves are called brillouin precursors.  

They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough.  

5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the the reassurance we are being given - that these mllimeter wavers are too short to penetrate into the body - is not true. 


In this February 4th story over at Natural News they ask if modern communications have been fueling a global fertility crisis with birth rates lower in the US than in ages and birth rates overall across the world down according to this November of 2018 story at The Week which claims the world is now in a 'baby bust'. As the Natural News story points out, experts from various fields are warning that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) exposure may be damaging health, particularly fertility.

In April 2018, an international consortium called for a moratorium to be made on the potential health hazards of 5G (fifth generation cellular technology) in the European Union. The declaration, which appealed to both the government and several health institutions to look at how RF-EMF from 5G technology could damage health, explained that it would be “unethical to ignore the available evidence waiting a possible ‘a posteriori’ demonstration of health damages in the presence of a present and potentially manageable risk for public health.”

In particular, the members of this consortium (which included several organizations from 27 countries), noted the potential health hazards 5G may have on fertility. While several studies were referred to, one study published in Cell in 2015 was highlighted. Here, scientists from Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in Zanjan, Iran, found that 2.45 GHz radiation (the postulated amount of frequency people would be exposed to under 5G technology) radically changed the sperm parameters of the tested mice. Animals that were constantly exposed to this radiation displayed histomorphometric changes in their testicles, effectively decreasing the quality of sperm produced. This, in turn, made it more difficult for the males to impregnate females (who, the researchers noted, may also have experienced changes in their reproductive systems.)

And birth rates and fertility aren't the only health aspects negatively influenced by 5G. Let's take an extended look at this story from Electric Sense which spells out for us in great detail the dangers of cell phone radiation and specifically 5G.

#1 – A DENSER SOUP OF ELECTROSMOG We’re going to be bombarded by really high frequencies at low, short-range intensities creating a yet more complicated denser soup of electrosmog.

#2 – EFFECTS ON THE SKIN The biggest concern is how these new wavelengths will affect the skin. The human body has between two million to four million sweat ducts. Dr. Ben-Ishai of Hebrew University, Israel explains that our sweat ducts act like “an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths,” meaning that we become more conductive. A recent New York study which experimented with 60GHz waves stated that “the analyses of penetration depth show that more than 90% of the transmitted power is absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layer.” The effects of MMWs as studied by Dr. Yael Stein of Hebrew University is said to also cause humans physical pain as our nociceptors flare up in recognition of the wave as a damaging stimuli. So we’re looking at possibilities of many skin diseases and cancer as well as physical pain to our skin.

#3 – EFFECTS ON THE EYES A 1994 study found that low level millimeter microwave radiation produced lens opacity in rats, which is linked to the production of cataracts. An experiment conducted by the Medical Research Institute of Kanazawa Medical University found that 60GHz “millimeter-wave antennas can cause thermal injuries of varying types of levels.

#4 – EFFECTS ON THE HEART A 1992 Russian study found that frequencies in the range 53-78GHz (that which 5G proposes to use) impacted the heart rate variability (an indicator of stress) in rats. Another Russian study on frogs who’s skin was exposed to MMWs found heart rate changes (arrhythmias).

#5 – IMMUNE SYSTEM EFFECTS A 2002 Russian study examined the effects of 42HGz microwave radiation exposure on the blood of healthy mice. It was concluded that “the whole-body exposure of healthy mice to low-intensity EHF EMR has a profound effect on the indices of nonspecific immunity”.

#6 – EFFECTS ON CELL GROWTH RATES A 2016 Armenian study observed MMWs at low intensity, mirroring the future environment brought about by 5G. Their study conducted on E-coli and other bacteria stated that the waves had depressed their growth as well as “changing properties and activity” of the cells. The concern is that it would do the same to human cells.

#7 – EFFECTS ON BACTERIA RESISTANCE The very same Armenian study also suggested that MMWs effects are mainly on water, cell plasma membrane and genome too. They had found that MMW’s interaction with bacteria altered their sensitivity to “different biologically active chemicals, including antibiotics.” More specifically, the combination of MMW and antibiotics showed that it may be leading to antibiotic resistance in bacteria. This groundbreaking finding could have a magnum effect on the health of human beings as the bandwidth is rolled out nationwide. The concern is that we develop a lower resistance to bacteria as our cells become more vulnerable – and we become more vulnerable.

#8 – EFFECTS ON PLANT HEALTH One of the features of 5G is that the MMW is particularly susceptible to being absorbed by plants and rain. Humans and animals alike consume plants as a food source. The effects MMW has on plants could leave us with food that’s not safe to consume. Think GMOs on steroids. The water that falls from the sky onto these plants will also be irradiated. Indications are that 5G will be particularly harmful to plants – perhaps more so than to humans.

#9 – EFFECTS ON THE ATMOSPHERE AND DEPLETION OF FOSSIL FUELS Implementation of the 5G global wireless network requires the launching of rockets to deploy satellites for 5G. These satellites have a short lifespan which would require a lot more deployment than what we’re currently seeing.

#10 – DISRUPTION OF THE NATURAL ECOSYSTEM Since the year 2000, there have been reports of birds abandoning their nests as well as health issues like “plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship and death,” says researcher Alfonso Balmori. Bird species that are affected by these low levels, non-ionizing microwave radiation are the House Sparrows, Rock Doves, White Storks, Collared Doves and Magpies, among others. But it’s not just the birds. The declining bee population is also said to be linked to this non-ionizing EMF radiation.

#11 – MOST 5G STUDIES MIS-LEADING 5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves. This is important because research on microwaves already tells us how pulsed waves have more profound biological effects on our body compared to non-pulsed waves. Previous studies, for instance, show how pulse rates of the frequencies led to gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.


As we had reported on ANP back on January 10th, one of the main functions of 5G will be to power the 'internet of things' within which our 'smart machines' will be able to communicate with each other and artificial technology will grow and 'live' and now as we hear in the 2nd video below from RT, 5G is bringing with it huge potential security issues with a new vulnerability found as ZD Net also reports within this new story

As RT reports, there are now 7.5 billion people living on the planet and a whopping 5 billion of them have cell phones but with the advent of 5G, an unforseen privacy nightmare comes along with it that will allow third parties to steal private information from the 5G airwaves. As they also report within this video, with every machine that is hooked up to the 5G network monitored and tracked, the potential of our own refrigerator's or microwave ovens spying upon us is very real.  

With scientists, doctors, environmental groups and every day citizens across America and the world screaming to put an end to the 5G madness as Strange Sounds reported in this recent story, the fact that the globalist corporations are still going full speed ahead with their plans to spread 5G and what comes along with it all over the world speaks volumes. Especially with 5G using the same pain inflicting waves as the US military and law enforcement active denial systems

In the 3rd and final video below also from RT called "5G: A Dangerous Experiment On Humanity" we hear all about those environmental groups, doctors and citizens around the world who are appealing to all governments to halt telecommunications companies’ deployment of 5G (fifth generation) wireless networks, which they call “an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.”  

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