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March 24, 2019

The Radical Socialists Agenda To Bludgeon 'White Men' And 'Conservative America' Into Submission Has Blown Up In Their Own Faces  

- We Will Not Allow The Fully Radicalized Left To Complete Their Destruction Of America


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

The progressive socialists within the Democrat party are forever telling us how they are tireless advocates of the downtrodden in our country. They are the loud voices who seek to assist those who lack power and wealth. They continually tell us that they are working for those who have no voice. It is interesting to see how they square these words with what they are attempting to do to the citizens of this country.

Their agenda is to remove the power of parents to raise their children, to impose the LBGT lifestyle on our children through mandatory indoctrination in our schools. They have spent the years since Obama first election demeaning white cis-gender males, Christians, and the very fabric that had made our country the amazing country that it is.

A new generation of socialist sycophants has been taught within our education system. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is such an indoctrinated parrot for the Democratic Socialists of America.

The lies put forth by the organizations funded by George Soros and other organizations are rife throughout the media who look forward to the socialist agenda. They continue to work towards the destruction of those that disagree with their plan those like Ocasio-Cortez have set for the country.

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The agenda that the socialists are focused on already has shown that the “elites” want nothing more than more power to make demands on how the everyday American must live their lives. They have been taught in their progressive schools that the government must save us from ourselves. They have been taught that, as the best and brightest, with moral superiority and being the chosen ones they must be in control. They must be in control of the walls they build for themselves by refusing the safety and security wall would bring to the citizens. They need the illegal votes to retain power after all. They and the followers of the socialist agenda must be the only ones allowed to speak, they must limit our healthcare so they can assure themselves the healthcare they require that is unavailable to others.

They must continue to further divide the country using the violent rhetoric that they have used for years. Everyone must be a victim, must be taught to hate whites, the wealthy, and all those who refuse to be a victim. They have spent fifty years teaching that everyone must be a victim and must allow the government to take care of them. They have taught that the white man is the most hated group in America. They have taught that the white man is responsible for the negative attitudes, the hopelessness and the fear that the minorities feel. They have taught that the white man must be put down, must be bludgeoned into submission. They have been teaching this in the progressive socialist indoctrination that passes for education. The progressive socialists have pushed the tribalism that they need so much to turn us against one another to implement the agenda they have set for our country.

I can say as an honest white man that I have not spent one minute thinking about how I can keep the minorities down. I have never laid my head down at night wondering what I could do the next day to keep a black or Hispanic or any other minority under my thumb. I have worked with all of them, both in the military and out, to make our country the exceptional country that it has become. The minorities that I have worked with feel the same and here is the important point, they have all refused to become victims. What we do have in common is a respect for our fellow man and the ability to work hard to make our families better and more secure.Ocasio-Cortez wants a world where the government takes 90% of the wealth from those who worked for it and give it to those who won’t work or can’t because robots have taken their jobs. She is mistaken that those without a job are left to dies which she should be aware of as a member of Congress and the outlay of monies used for the purpose of helping these people. Her vision of s country where we all just becomes dependent on the government for all our needs is insane. Most Americans take their jobs, no matter what they are as a mark of pride and purpose.

One such lie is that the socialism that they want to force on the people of this country is a socialism that is more friendly, more like Finland or Norway. Lost in the grandiose statements that the former bartender spews forth is the fact that the Scandinavian countries are NOT, in fact, socialist countries. Most millennials have heard this from her and nods like little bobbleheads. Most of them have no idea of the history of socialism. Most were never taught about the history of such socialist as Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Staling or Che Guevara. Over two-thirds of millennials can’t identify Auschwitz or what brought it about. Most have no idea of the Holocaust. They do understand that Finland’s healthcare system is based on a socialist model, but as we can see, that it is collapsing.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Finland’s coalition government resigned a month ahead of a general election saying it could not deliver on a healthcare reform package that is widely seen as crucial to securing long term government finances.”


Ocasio-Cortez also has proclaimed that everyone must pay a $15 minimum wage. The bar that she says gave her such insight took her advice and promptly closed. The owner, Charles Miles cited the minimum wage law as the primary reason.

Ocasio-Cortez has spent a good part of the past week whining about why can’t we be more like New Zealand and confiscate all guns. Ocasio-Cortez has called for the banning of all semi-automatics, including handguns. That would include about 95% of handguns that citizens have bought for self-defense in their own homes. And of course, being that she is now the shining star of progressive socialism, all must do as commanded because she knows so much more than the average citizen what is right for each of us.

Ocasio-Cortez is thin-skinned when it comes to those who disagree with her. She has claimed that Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity have called her “Cortez” instead of using her full last name. Of course she blamed it on racism, and also, of course, it was found to be a total lie. None of them have been found to have done what she claims happened. Media fact checkers have found that none of these hosts did as she claimed. Tom Elliot of Grabien Media found not such usage of part of her last name, although a Rabbi once did while on the Ingraham Angle. It was a total lie which I am sure played well with her low information followers, but it was, in fact, a complete lie. I suppose we shouldn’t expect any better from a progressive socialist.

Ocasio-Cortez is a divider as well. The Democratic Socialists of America, of which she is a member, has a platform that campaigns on the BDS platform including using slogans that call for the destruction of Israel. Ocasio-Cortez has pushed the lies that the GOP has been against the people of the United States. If that is the case, why are all the cities that are collapsing with areas that look like war-torn countries in the third world and rampant crime run by Democrats and have been for many years.


She has claimed that ICE is dangerous with widespread reporting of rape, abuse of power and of children dying in DHS custody. There is NOTHING to back up these accusations, and even the media has ignored her childish tantrums, but her followers may believe in her garbage. She has even threatened her own party with lists of Democrats who she will turn over to her socialist allies to primary or worse. If she is threatening her own party members, is it hard to understand that the next step will be violence such as the violence that has already be targeted towards those who disagree with the socialists?

Just this last week I must admit that Ocasio-Cortez made me laugh. She stated that old white men always talk about her because she is cute, young, and that old men lust for her. Her opinion of her self shows the narcissism and self-indulgence that makes her who she is. You need a clue. You have no appreciation of our country, the men and women who have made it what it is. You are just a little girl who throws tantrums when you don’t get what you feel you are entitled to. No different than all the other socialists who feel they are owed something. Let me make it clear; this country owes you nothing. If you want something work for it instead of being picked out of a lineup to follow an agenda made up for you.

Everyone from the AFL-CIO to the everyday men and women working for a living sees right through you. You can only demean the Americans working to make a country a better place for everyone so much. The blacks who you so fervently try to keep on the Democrat plantation are leaving. The Jews understand that they can no longer be a part of the anti-Semitism that you and your cronies are bringing forth. Your arrogance and air of superiority reek of condescension. You are in no position to declare how others should live, or speak, or think. You will not steal our constitutional rights, we are Americans, and we are proud of what our country has become. You, little girl, are a failure that will be forgotten in the years to come.

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