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January 5, 2022

We're Now Witnessing A Confluence Of Insanities As This Latest Alarming News Proves The Globalists Are Carrying Out Genocide: 'This Is Nothing Less Than Depopulation On A Grand Scale'    

By Parker Beauregard of the Blue State Conservative for All News Pipeline 

Among the many Covid-related stories emanating from New York (mayor-elect Adams maintaining the vaccine passports, AOC bailing on her locked-down constituents for the free state of Florida, etc.), another alarming piece detailed how health officials are prioritizing Covid testing based on race. 

Quoting from leaked emails, the New York Post writes: “New York City health officials have been using race to help decide how to allocate precious coronavirus testing resources.” The article goes on to point out how testing centers are purposefully erected in known minority communities while also purposefully avoiding known white communities. At no point was any of this an accident. 

Now, intentionally offering unequal testing based solely on the racial makeup of neighborhoods is bad enough, but more news out of Minnesota shows how even more illegal and medically unethical maneuvers by state health officials are taking shape. A blog of Minnesota lawyers, Powerline, had the story

“It takes a score of 4 or more (on the MASSBP, per the MDH website) to be somewhere on the list to receive monoclonal antibodies, the best treatment we have for covid, and being “Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color” gets you halfway there, counting as much as being over 65, having diabetes, and so on. Being white gets you nowhere. The Minnesota Department of Health, apparently with a straight face, calls this an ‘Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.’” Translation: If you’re BIPOC and need treatment for Covid, come on in. If you’re white, go screw yourself. 

Obviously, the most outrageous feature of both stories is how race plays a prominent role in medical intervention. In terms of how society is handling the legacy of slavery, this is not new, as affirmative action has likewise granted special privileges to some races over others for generations. For anyone that suggests Critical Race Theory is not taught in schools, we only need to point out how it is not just taught but practiced. 

There are real-life consequences to race hustling; in these cases, white people must perform better academically, must outperform others in work interviews, and now apparently have to treat Covid symptoms themselves now that race essentialists operate in all of our societal and cultural institutions. 

The commentary on race-based preferences needs little further expounding. Overt racism should have no part in a decent, civilized society. For all of the talk about “being in this together,” leftists and Democrats once again go out of their way to make sure we are anything but unified. First, it was the scientifically unsound charge of the unvaccinated prolonging the pandemic, and now these same people are making sure that some people, based on nothing more than immutable and meaningless physical traits, are allowed to cut ahead in a life-or-death line. 

There are several glaring ironies to be gleaned from this aboard Minnesota medical protocol. Chief among them is that despite calls for hospitals to turn away the so-called ‘un-vaxxed,’ they also provide primo medical service to the largest ‘un-vaxxed’ populations in America. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (and as of December 13th, the most recent date available on their server), white Americans were vaccinated at one of the highest rates by demographic. 

The lowest racial group to be vaccinated is black Americans. On the one hand, then, the leftist mindset is that there should be no access to hospitalization without the jab; however, on the other hand, there should absolutely be preferred access to the groups of people with the lowest jab rates. I have not yet heard anyone address this conundrum. 

Another major medical irony is that the best known treatment for Covid (monoclonal antibodies) is being distributed to the people with the most severe and preventable co-morbidities. This highlights Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment’s stranglehold on practicing holistic and preventative medicine. Rather than promote Vitamin D (Bret Weinstein leads a fantastic interview here showing how Vitamin D deficiencies alone can explain most of Americans’ poor reactions to Covid) or promote a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise, our self-described experts ignore medicine and common sense in favor of expensive and otherwise unnecessary treatments. 

Among the MASSBP criteria, morbid obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory disease are the main medical areas of focus for rewarding points. While not a panacea for inevitable human ailments, it is not a stretch to imagine a world where the habitual consumption of processed foods and excessive carbohydrates, as well as the experience of a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, were reduced to the point that most of the conditions listed on the MASSBP flowchart were also significantly reduced. 

How can it be medically or ethically justified to promote (or at least, ignore) eating unhealthy foods, drinking alcohol, and using tobacco products and not exercising, and yet at the same time make sure equally deserving people have access to the same great treatments? It hardly seems fair that a healthy father of two young kids, for example, would be denied the chance to heal, simply because he had white skin and made better life choices. 

The confluence of Covid insanities with the much-desired race essentialism of modern-day leftism is a frightening prospect. Under the one-two punch of these new real-life policies, even fully vaccinated whites will still be prevented from participating in a fair future. Lovers of truth, justice, and fairness should all be appalled at what is happening.

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