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November 27, 2020

A Free Nation To An Abomination: Mass Civil Disobedience Is The Only Response To Nazi Wannabe Governors - Tell Them All to 'Go To Hell'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Governors from one end of America to the other seem to think Americans are imbeciles that cannot make choices for themselves as to what is best for each individual, so these governors are implementing draconian decrees and trying to control everything from where their citizens can go, who they can see and more recently ahead of Thanksgiving, how to eat their food.

Yes.... that last one shows how fast America went from being a free nation to this abomination of what once was a free nation.

You see, according to California Governor Gavin Newsom, those who planned to dine out for Thanksgiving should wear their masks in between bites of food.


After extreme mockery from social media users, Newsom then claimed the tweet was "overblown," and besides he claims a staffer issued the tweet.

This is not normal. Every thinking individual knows this is not normal, pandemic or not.

From curfews to business closures to decreeing how many people you are allowed to have in your own private residence, overreaching Nazi-like governors all across the nation are pushing, and pushing, and pushing to see how far they can go before "we the people" stand up and say "go to hell!"

That time is here.

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The counties and sheriff's departments that immediately stood up to the governors aka dictators that issued executive orders that violates the civil rights of the Americans living in their state, should be a lesson to us all.

They reacted swiftly, many publicly announcing that they would not enforce unconstitutional mandates.

The most recent comes from Colorado, where in Denver,  Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock, informed his constituents they needed to stay home, not travel for the thanksgiving holiday.  

An hour later he jumped on a flight to travel to see family for Thanksgiving.

Colorado is issuing orders that include a stay-at-home order, closing indoor dining and restaurants, and restricts businesses to 10% capacity. Gyms are also set to 10% capacity. 9News also states "People are also encouraged to avoid any gatherings outside of their households, and capacity is limited at places like churches."

Note: After the Supreme Court recently ruled against New York governor Andrew Cuomo's mandates against religious services, allowing church and synagogue services as an essential, that last mandate about limited capacity at churches, most likely will be struck down in Colorado as well. 

Weld County, in the northern part of Colorado, issued a statement Friday saying they will not enforce the newest restrictions.

“The county will not enforce a rule confining individuals to their homes for an undetermined length of time;

the county will not enforce a rule that states residents cannot have personal gatherings;

the county will not tell the school districts how to provide education to their students;

the county will not enforce a rule requiring a reduction of attendees in places of worship;

the county will not enforce a rule demanding restaurants close their indoor dining areas;

the county will not enforce any rule that forces a business to shut down or impedes their ability to operate.”

Weld County’s defiance came just days before news broke that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “furious” because a Brooklyn synagogue reportedly held a secret wedding earlier this month “with thousands of unmasked guests” in attendance. 

If the county commission, along with multiple sheriffs across America, can stand up as they have been doing and saying "we will not enforce" these decrees against our citizens, then the citizens themselves should stand side by side with them saying "we will not comply" with these mandates.

Note: If one is at high risk, common sense would dictate they do what is best for them to avoid catching not only Covid, but even the flu, but they should be the ones making that decision for themselves, rather than any state official mandate, and threatening people should they not allow government to dictate what they can do, what they can wear, who they can see and how many people they allow into their private residences.

Dr. Scott Atlas, who has been tasked under President Donald Trump to help determine coronavirus policies and practices, recently tweeted "The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters. #StepUp."

His tweets came after Michigan’s resident-in-tyranny Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced new crackdowns on freedoms due to, sigh, sigh, once again, the coronavirus. Specifically, she announced a three-week ban on indoor dining; on in-person learning in high schools and in colleges and universities; on in-person working “when work can be done from home;” on organized sports; on theater, movie, stadium, and arena attendance; on bowling, on ice skating, on indoor water park play; on bingo-ing in bingo halls, on gambling in casinos; and on going to the gym to take group fitness classes.

Atlas followed by clarifying that he was not talking about violence, but rather civil disobedience, a form of protest where, unlike the recent protests by Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM), doesn't include violence, nor vandalism, destruction, nor verbal harassment.

From New York all the way to California, Sheriffs' departments and counties are all refusing to comply with the overreach of their individual governors and their unlawful and in some cases ruled unconstitutional mandates.

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As for CA governor Newsom's curfew orders, mandating his citizens stay indoors from 10 pm to 5 am, not only did some residents of CA refuse to comply, but almost all the sheriffs in CA also refused to enforce.

As stated at the in the bullet point, Americans need to stand with those law enforcement departments and counties, and tell these Nazi-like governors to "go to hell!" 

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As we watch this all play out, some "zombified" Americans follow unconstitutional mandates blindly, with the mindset of "the government knows best," but the majority of Americans do not blindly follow anyone, and are determined to make decisions for themselves as to what is, and what isn't best for them.

The point here is: If we allow them take more and more of our freedoms, they will all be gone before we realize how much we have lost.

We have gone from a free nation to an abomination and it is time to seize our freedoms back from tyrannical governors. 

Tell them all to go to hell and go about your life in a manner that is consistent to what is best for you, which only you can decide. They cannot arrest every single one of the half of America that refuses to blindly follow these governors straight into dictatorship.

Especially since most of that half....are armed.


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