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October 17, 2021

'The Politics Of Starvation' And Cascading Consequences Playing Out Now As Weapons Much Mightier Than Missiles Are Used Upon America To Complete Our Transformation Into A Socialist Hellhole

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While we've been reporting on ANP for months and months now about the unfolding supply chain crisis hitting America under #BareShelvesBiden, much of the mainstream media is suddenly being forced to play 'catch-up' with the truth, with outlets from Newsweek to the Daily Mail to Yahoo News to CNN to MSN all recently putting out stories warning of a supply chain disaster. 

With the story Steve Quayle linked to on his website Friday morning from the Daily Mail titled "Frustrated shoppers share photos of bare aisles in stores across the country and #EmptyShelvesJoe trends on Twitter as the Biden administration's response to the supply chain crisis is slammed as 'too little, too late'" showing a number of photographs from people of stores in their own necks of the woods having empty shelves, this Yahoo News story titled "Price pinch: global economy caught in perfect storm" also contained the kind of empty-shelves pics that ANP readers have been e-mailing to us for months, since Steve asked us if we could have our readers email us such photographs. 

With the still-unfolding crisis now impossible for the msm to deny being largely blamed by Americans on Joe Biden, as the owner of the restaurant Redneck Riviera recently pointed out on twitter, it's "Hard to mess up a country any faster than #EmptyShelvesJoe but I have to say, he's brought unity to much of the country by way of getting the majority of Americans to give the big thumbs down and chant #LetsGoBrandon from coast to coast...In that respect, Joe is a unifier".

Yet with Joe's chief of staff, Ron Klain, recently angering many Americans by claiming in remarks that inflation and shortages were 'high class problems', we remind you that many survival experts have long warned that only 9 meals separate a civilized society from total anarchy, and with the working poor among the first to feel the rising food prices and shortages, how will the Biden administration spin all of this once 'the masses' are unable to find their next meals without spending an arm and a leg?

ANP once again wants to thank all of our readers who've been emailing us photographs of the empty store shelves in their own hometowns over the past several months as seen in the energy drink section of one store below. You've definitely allowed us to stay way ahead of the msm reporting on this front. And if you're out and about doing your shopping and run into a situation where the meat is all gone in the meat sections or other supplies/food you are planning on purchasing are met by empty shelves, please email us any photos you might get to 

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As we learned back in school, a 'chain reaction' is a series of events so related to each other that each one initiates the next, with a number of events triggered by the same initial event. Also, in chemistry, a self-sustaining reaction yielding energy or products that cause further reactions of the same kind, America's now going through a series of 'cause and effect' chain reaction events moving us towards  utter implosion. 

While Joe Biden's deputy secretary at the US Treasury recently put Americans on notice saying the only way to end the plague of empty shelves around the country is for every resident to be vaccinated, with Wally Adyemo's frank warning during an ABC interview sounding like a threat and nothing less than public blackmail, the grim reality they're avoiding is the fact that THEIR 'vax mandates' are leading to millions of Americans to stand up for their rights while leaving 'vax pushing' companies, 'resistance' that's absolutely necessary for America to stand any chance against medical tyranny.

Ignoring the effects of THEIR own 'causes', aka 'mandate orders', we're further cast into that vicious and seemingly unending circle of labor shortages leading to product/food shortages leading to price hikes leading to angry consumers raging at the politicians leading to those tyrants who made the original horrific decisions blaming others for the effects that we're now seeing across America. 

So while Biden and his administration claim that the supply chain issues plaguing so many US retailers are an 'international issue' and only enough people getting vaccinated will help clear those issues up, setting us up for an endless supply chain crisis because 10's of millions of Americans will never fold to tyranny, what we're seeing in Germany now where German food stores will be allowed to 'ban' the unvaccinated hints of what's to come here to America.

Can you imagine what might happen then all across America when people who have very good reasons never to take what is still an experimental mRNA injection are told they cannot eat unless they take it? We'll suggest here again that all of this unfolding now is part of the globalists overall end game war upon free people globally, with food long used as a weapon, 'mightier than missiles', as mentioned by globalist Henry Kissinger decades ago while even this document over at the National Institute of Health warning of the 'politics of starvation'

So with govt blaming unvaccinated Americans for the fact that their own decisions have been horrific and are leading to rapidly cascading consequences, we should all take a look back at how quickly Venezuela collapsed economically, transformed quickly from one of the crown jewels of Latin America to a socialist hellhole. And as we saw in Venezuela and have seen in other places, once it all falls to pieces, it's difficult if not impossible to get what such a country once had back.  

So while ‘Empty Shelves Joe’ is mocked across the twitter-verse and America, and photographs go viral showing thousands of cargo ships lined up at the Port of Los Angeles ready, but unable, to unload their goods, and thousands of empty shelves across the country, the fact that the Biden regime is blaming the supply chain issues plaguing America on the unvaccinated speaks volumes. Like an abusive spouse or parent blaming their victims for the abuse. 

And remember, when Venezuela fell, it wasn't just foods and other supplies that they were shorted on but electrical power as well, leading to more cascading consequences, water shortages to many after the power was cut off in numerous villages. And we see the 'political angle' with the interior of the country, think 'flyover America', having more shortages and losing more services, political warfare. 

Hundreds of protests have erupted across Venezuela in the past few days as anger mounts over frequent power cuts and shortages of fuel and drinking water, a non-governmental organization monitoring social conflict says. 

The protests started in Yaracuy but have since spread to other states in the country's interior. Residents accuse the government of neglecting the interior. They say it diverts supplies to Caracas, where the government is based.  

The grievances protesters cited as their reasons for taking to the streets were many, and included frequent power cuts and long spells in which the water supply to homes is cut, as well as shortages of petrol and gas used for cooking.

So with the very real possibility that as more and more shortages spread across America, they'll begin to redirect their remaining supplies to the big, liberal run cities that have already been transformed into crime-ridden hellholes while, like in Venezuela, limiting supplies to the 'red states', being completely prepared to ride out the coming storm, especially with winter now on our doorsteps, has never been so important. 

With food and water something that none of us can ever do without, we've gone ahead and put in links to numerous food items still available, focusing here on canned goods as my own Grandmother, who survived in America during the Great Depression, always had a huge bounty of in the cupboards as we were growing up, making sure we never went hungry. 

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