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March 16, 2021

A Woman's Perspective: Joe Biden Is Feminizing The U.S. Military After Obama Decimated It  

- Women In The Military Cannot Keep Up With The Men Physically In Combat

(Flashback 2016 - Military cadets in high heels)


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Let me begin by being very clear and reiterate my own stance regarding women in the U.S. Military. 

Women do not belong in physical combat. Not because they are not competent, and there are many positions within the military that women are highly qualified for.

On the ground combat is not one of them.

Contrary to what folks on the left seem to believe, men and women are different, as men have thicker bone density and are generally physically stronger. Of course there are exceptions but as a general rule, men are more fit for combat than women.

The proof is shown in recent reports which find that women in the military cannot keep up with the men in physical testing, so rather than acknowledge the differences between the two genders, the U.S. military is considering lowering the physical standards for women by rethinking about reversing their "gender neutral physical testing." 

“Research showed that the Army Combat Fitness Test [ACFT], which is the same for male and female soldiers, was leading to lower results for women with a knock-on effect for promotions,” The Telegraph reported. “An early Pentagon study showed that women were failing the ACFT at a rate of 65 per cent, while only 10 percent of men did.”

So rather than say, "okay, there are plenty of critical military jobs that women can and do perform without weakening the U.S. military by lowering the physical standards required for combat, the U.S. military under Joe Biden has decided weakening the testing standards, therefore weakening the military as a whole, is better because......(checks notes)...yes, DIVERSITY!!!!!

Tucker Carlson recently pointed out how China is "cultivating masculinity" in their military, while America, under Biden, is "feminizing" the U.S. military, and making a "mockery" of our military. 

Watch below before we get into soap opera that has become the U.S. military.

Boy did Tucker open a can of worms, but he also exposed the politicization of the U.S military and the Department of Defense as they immediately, and publicly attacked Tucker Carlson in print and on social media from official military verified accounts, for speaking the truth.


First they tried to claim he was anti-women and anti-pregnant women, then they doubled down, and then once Senator Ted Cruz blasted the U.S. military in a public letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Immediately after the letter was sent, the tweets were deleted, but the article written attacking Carlson remains online., the official website for the U.S. Department of Defense, titled their attack against Tucker with "Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military."

They misrepresented Tucker's point, but really with a titled like that, is anyone surprised?

 Tucker wrote a rebuttal against the attacks against him, partially quoted below:

Thursday, the Department of Defense launched a large and coordinated public relations offensive against this show. Pentagon brass issued hostile statements. People in uniform sent out videos on social media. The DOD even issued a news release attacking us: "Press Secretary Smites Fox Host". (Smites! Like we’re a hostile foreign power.) We suspect this is one war they might actually win. They’ve got a manpower advantage.

We could play you a lot of the tape from this today -- it took up most of their day -- and we could marvel over it. Since when does the Pentagon declare war on a domestic news operation? We can’t remember that ever happening. But we’re going to pass on that,  because this is bigger than a feud with some flack at the Pentagon. This is genuinely worrisome.

The Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political. There are, at present, 2,500 American troops stationed in Afghanistan. They remain there to prevent the fall of Kabul to extremists. Simultaneously, there are 5,000 troops in our own Capitol, also as protection against "extremists," meaning people who voted for the losing candidate in the last election. Judging by those numbers, the Pentagon is twice as focused on controlling our own citizens as it is on controlling the Taliban.

Read the entire article he makes excellent points that still have not been addressed because Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his department were too busy trying to distract from Biden's focus, during a live TV address, being not on the strength of our military but how they plan to change the rules on women's hairstyles.... maternity flight suits..... and other nonsense.

Using the II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group's Twitter account, the first attack went out against Tucker via a politicized video, while in uniform. Then the same person doubled down. 

Following that, another user responded to the attacks against Tucker by replying "Please focus on China and not Tucker Carlson."

The snarky answer, by an official military account, to an American citizen telling them to focus on actual enemies, was "Come back when you’ve served and been pregnant."

After being annihilated by conservative Twitter users, and direct letter from a sitting Senator highlighting the unprofessional attacks by an official military account against a American cable TV pundit, (not to mention just an everyday American), all of a sudden the video, and tweets attack Tucker have been deleted.

They also offered their reasoning in two separate tweets:

BLUF: We are human and what was intended as a tweet in support of our female Marines and sisters serving in uniform was clearly not aligned with our standard practices or an appropriate representation of the Marine Corps.

 We are human and that tweet was intended to support our female warfighters. We can do better and we will collectively take a knee, review our procedures, and get back in the fight. Our focus is to train, fight, and win.


They are collectively taking a knee..... seriously, you cannot make this level of stupidity up.


During the Obama presidency we  saw at least 200 of career military men forced out of the servicecadets forced to wear women's high heel shoes to show solidarity with women, and a general weakening of our entire military complex.  

Via American Thinker:  


Obama, who, Hasson says, took pride in his lack of military knowledge and experience, made widespread changes to personnel policy, budgetary expenditures and resource allocations that harmed readiness, training and troop safety.  Obama’s transgender policy of “mixed genitalia in the bathrooms,” took precedence over established military culture.  Soldiers were judged by the gender they wished to be rather than their biological sex.  Obama essentially used the military to lead social change in American society rather than preserving time-honored traditions that emphasized troop cohesiveness and readiness. 

The author explains that the cornerstone of every military policy is its impact on combat.  The military is most concerned with physical outcomes, the determinant of ultimate success.  That focus was weakened by the transgender policy instituted by the Obama administration allowing soldiers to serve under the sex that conformed to their gender identity even without sex reassignment surgery or other physical changes.  This practice had a profound effect on fitness, performance, and deployability.  Hasson recognizes that transgender soldiers have served in the military in the past but according to the physical fitness, grooming, and housing regulations that conformed to their biological sex. 

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Anybody remember the outcry after the images below, along with others went viral?

Obama made a joke of the U.S. military and Joe Biden is now delivering the punchline.


Tucker was 100% right. As nations across the globe, including China and Russia, are beefing up their military, America, under Biden's Defense Secretary and other military appointments, is weakening, and indeed, feminizing the entire military as a whole.

I have listened to the entire Tucker Carlson commentary, read his article responding to the  military misrepresenting his entire point, as well as his response on cable TV, and as a woman, who has had a child, I will say without a doubt, pregnant women should not be anywhere near combat situations.

More importantly, the feminization of American men, and now the entire military under Biden, weakening our ability to defend ourselves if necessary, is a national security threat.

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