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January 15, 2021 

These Age-Old Tactics Were Used To Complete The Takedown Of America As President Trump Was 'Controversialized', Patriotism Demonized And A 'Veil Of Lies' Put Up To Hypnotize The Blinded Masses

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The top-voted comment on this new story over at the Daily Mail titled "Capitol riot has encouraged extremists fueled by racial division, QAnon conspiracies and fringe views who now pose the 'greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021', intelligence bulletin warns - as FBI probe whether MAGA mob planned siege" was a blunt, 8-word reply: "But still won't classify antifa???? Stop the hypocrisy." And another top-rated comment: "Soooo rioting was okay for nine months? Oh, I get it. It's okay if you are wearing the correct jersey."

With Democrat-instigated Antifa and BLM burning down and terrorizing cities all across America for years completely ignored by Democrats and the mainstream media while they insanely scream 'sedition' in 2021 with Joe Biden days away from office, we're now watching age-old tactics of the 'deep state' used to 'demonize' a certain group of people, or a person, tactics which were absolutely used by the 'deep state' to 'destroy' President Trump.

And with those tactics also used to completely control the mainstream media and turn them into a full-scale anti-freedom 'Communist-style' press, as we'll explore within this ANP story, these tactics were written about in a 2016 book titled "Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood".

Using these tactics to also 'create' the 'fake news' that President Trump often warned about, which is at the same time the 'state propaganda' that we've also long reported about here on ANP, once that 'veil of lies' which has 'hypnotized' most Americans for decades is 'blown to smithereens' via the emergence of 'truth', those holding power and sway over the hypnotized masses will lose that power, but not until

So while calling for 'truth' to emerge in the remaining few days of President Trump's tenure in office by Trump declassifying Democrat crimes upon America, including the Russian collusion hoax pushed by the mainstream media and Democrats for most of President Trump's term, we also need to take a look back at how America got into the mess we're now in, with a 'big tech' coup of our Republic in progress and 100's of millions of Americans completely and utterly clueless that they've long been lied to

First of all, the description of the book "Spooked", called "a searing indictment of our time and 'a concise and convincing essay' on the nastiness of the CIA and the power it wields over American media”.

The American people depend on a free press to keep a close and impartial watch on the national security operations that are carried out in our name. But in many cases, this trust is sadly misplaced, as leading journalists are seduced and manipulated by the secretive agencies they cover

While the press remains silent about its corrupting relationship with the intelligence community—a relationship that dates back to the Cold War—Spooking the News will blow the lid off this unseemly arrangement. Schou will name names and shine a spotlight on flagrant examples of collusion, when respected reporters have crossed the line and sold out to powerful agencies. The book will also document how the CIA has embedded itself in “liberal” Hollywood to ensure that its fictional spies get the hero treatment on screen

Among the revelations in Spooking the News: 

• The CIA created a special public affairs unit to influence the production of Hollywood films and TV shows, allowing celebrities involved in pro-CIA projects—including Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck—unique access inside the agency's headquarters. 

• The CIA vets articles on controversial topics like the drone assassination program and grants friendly reporters background briefings on classified material, while simultaneously prosecuting ex-officers who spill the beans on damaging information.

With what was supposed to be a US government agency prohibited from spying against Americans, in part because President Truman was afraid that the agency would engage in political abuse, and 'the law' not stopping the CIA from spying on Americans and conducting operations on US soil, they first ventured into domestic spying in appropriately named "Operation Chaos" in the 1960's. 

And as we read below in the excerpt from the website Shadow Proof, who interviewed the author of "Spooks", Nicholas Schou, things have gone downhill into more and more chaos since. We've embedded that video interview at the bottom of this story for you.:

The Central Intelligence Agency constantly attempts to manipulate journalism on the global security state. It is part of the DNA of the spy agency to spread propaganda and spur debates undermining the truth. Yet, all too often, establishment media organizations, including their most prominent reporters, are willing accomplices in the CIA’s efforts to prevent certain stories from being told

Nicholas Schou, an investigative journalist for OC Weekly and author of “Kill the Messenger: How the CIA’s Crack Cocaine Epidemic Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb,” returns to the subject of national security journalism in his new book, “Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood.” 

As Schou notes, the CIA has a long history of “spooking the news.” Schou picks up after the late 1970s, when “systematic media manipulation” was exposed and the CIA created an Office of Public Affairs, which purportedly was to handle the press in a more “transparent” manner. His book examines the varying methods the CIA has developed to influence public perceptions of the agency through “pressure, seduction, and deception” of reporters, filmmakers, and television writers and directors.

With his book also helping to explain why it seems like ALL of the mainstream media and ALMOST ALL of Hollywood hated President Trump and his 'America-first agenda', even the television show 'Homeland' had an episode describing exactly how one such 'tactic' used by the 'deep state' is used to demonize anyone at all, (including the United States President), any anyone who stands against them. 

One of the methods that is a popular favorite of the CIA to use is “controversializing” an individual. 

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Reporting that Bob Parry, who was then a reporter at the Associate Press and later Newsweek, had been forced out of the Associated Press for covering Iran-Contra and for digging up stories about the CIA’s involvement with drug traffickers, Shadow Proof reports that Parry would have meetings with people like Robert Kagan, who was a State Department official at the time who jokingly told him, you keep writing stories like this I’m going to have to “controversialize” you

The dialogue excerpt below comes to us from this transcript for the episode titled 'Game On' of the show "Homeland", a show which painted the CIA as 'a mess' and featured a bi-polar CIA agent who had fallen in love with a US Marine who was held as a prisoner of war for years, only to be 'turned' by the 'terrorists' who were holding him captive.

You familiar with the term "Controversialize"? 


Well, that's what they're doing to you. They're turning you into the story

They started by leaking your relationship with Congressman Brody. Next it was Saul Berenson's testimony in front of the Senate Select Committee, then they had you committed. 

Pretty soon, it's not a story about a terrorist attack anymore or how the people meant to protect us screwed up. It's about you

It's about sex between a bipolar CIA officer and her brainwashed boyfriend.

And that's almost exactly what 'the Democrat deep state' did to President Trump and his Patriotic supporters all across America! Turning him into a national pariah before the entire nation by the mainstream media lying about him, calling him a 'white supremacist' and worse, and using them to spread the outright lies that all of his supporters were 'deplorable' and even 'Russian propaganda', half the nation then and still believed the mainstream medias lies, being fed them their entire lives, and not bothering to research things themselves.

So with Hollywood and the 'entire mainstream media apparatus' owned and controlled by 'the deep state', and that incredible power crushing practically anyone and everyone it is yielded against as, despite its failure, it's still a mighty big 'stick'. And as the Shadow Proof story continued, while the 'deep state' tries to 'propagandize' stories to the American public, anyone who goes against their 'story line' is crushed.  

Whereas the CIA, as I explained and as the book documents, used to be able to directly control stories and plant stories in the news media, now the government had to come up with another manner of doing this. So, it involved very specific targeting of specific stories to specific demographics in the country, and using relationships with different reporters and news agencies that were considered reliable to try to get those stories out. 

Anybody who didn’t play by that script, anybody who was considered too independent, was then subjected to what was called “controversialization,” whereby their editors all of a sudden wouldn’t be running their stories anymore. This is exactly what happened to Bob Parry after that conversation with Kagan. His editors just refused to print what he was writing and made his job impossible. Ultimately, he quit the AP and ended up at Newsweek, but even there, it became even worse.

So with the American people 'en masse' being lied to and 'propagandized' for decades and decades with the msm completely controlled by very few corporations and 'the deep state', and the 'dumbed-down masses' having no idea they are even being lied to, those like President Trump who try to expose the lies the American people have long been fed are 'controversialized' to the point where the 'Trump derangement syndrome' inflicted Democrats have 'impeached him' twice yet he's still in office. 

So as long as Democrats and 'the deep state' remain in control of 'the flow of information to the masses', the future will be very bleak though 'truth' remains the 'kryptonite' to the lies and disinformation. But with President Trump now almost out of office, and he running out of time to declassify absolutely pertinent information, we may never find out the 'truth' that has been hidden from 'the masses' for a very long time, with those coming in to power specializing in propaganda and secrecy. 

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