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January 1, 2022

As Omicron Pushes The Globalists Overthrow Of America To Its End Game,†Stock Up On The Essentials Now Because Emerging Signs Show Soon There Won't Be Enough To Go Around

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While it's often quite difficult in our present day world to get an accurate representation of how 'the masses' are really thinking, especially with the mainstream media sure to push their own 'propaganda' in attempts to 'manipulate' people into doing what they 'believe everybody else is doing', I've found that visiting the comment sections of websites that bring in commenters from the left and the right is a great way to see what we're not being told.

For example, while the comment sections of websites such as Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, Infowars, Michael Snyder's 'The Economic Collapse Blog', Mac Slavo's SHTFPlan, ANP and many other 'prepping-type' and 'independent news websites' will bring in heavy Independent and Conservative-leaning comments, and far-left websites such as Raw Story, Mediaite and others will bring in vastly far-left comments, a website such as The Daily Mail brings a heavy dose of readers from the left and the right.

So as I've done many times previously, I'll go to the comment sections of websites such as the Daily Mail that bring in people from all political viewpoints and spectrums and read through their 'top voted' and 'worst voted' comments to see what people are REALLY thinking, unedited and un-propagandized by the MSM. And it seems like those comments always give us a much better view of what people are really thinking, overall, the 'big picture'†becomes much more clear.† †

So when I saw this Thursday story at the Daily Mail titled "US sets WORLD record 489,267 COVID cases in 24 hours as country risks grinding to a HALT: 'Incoming viral blizzard will make it hard to keep everyday life operating'", I immediately had to take a look at the comments to see what people were really thinking about everything being reported in that particular story.†

And jumping out immediately, the top-voted comment on that story by a nearly 15-1 margin, was the following gem.:†

I wonder how many people are still not aware the 'PCR' test that the whole pandemic was based on.......Is being discontinued at the end of December 2021 because it is NOT fit for purpose......It was never designed to identify a Virus or infection.......and yet people have succumbed to this CONvid Tyranny.......based purely on the PCR Test.....

With two of the worst-voted comments, also by huge margins, on that story being....:

We need a complete notional lockdown to save lives. (ANP: Their spelling error, not ours!)


We need an immediate national lockdown, this is a state of emergency. Anyone still unvaccinated needs to be arrested. (ANP: Well, at least that one spelled 'national' correctly!)†

....we see where America is headed if the radical leftists get their way, into full-scale tyranny.†

Can you imagine being thrown away forever for NOT taking a 'vax' that ISN'T WORKING! The CDC admitted as much recently when they told Americans to stay away from cruise ships, 'no matter what your vaccination status,' as was†reported in this NBC News story. The CDC should have just bluntly stated the truth: 'the vax isn't working'.†

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So with every day that brings us new potential of an 'America grinding to a halt' if 'Dr Michael Osterholm', a former advisor to President Biden's transition team, who said he expects a 'viral blizzard' to exacerbate the situation in the coming weeks and who went so far as to proclaim he†'expects it will be hard to keep America running and everyday life operating', we'll next be taking a look within this story at many signs recently seen at numerous businesses that indeed,† some places are already grinding to a halt.

And with Americans having proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and the American taxpayer funded 'gain of function research' that went on in Wuhan, China, ensuring that eventually there'd be a 'bioweapon' emerging from this mess that would be spread much more quickly than some of the others such as 'Omicron the moronic' (if we are to believe a word that they tell us!), as this NPR story tells us, "The omicron surge is making it hard to staff stores and restaurants. Some are closing." From that story before we continue.

The surge in the number of people testing positive for the coronavirus is making it harder for business owners to staff stores and restaurants during the holidays. Omicron is forcing many to close.†

If you've been out shopping or dining this holiday week, you may have noticed fewer workers at some businesses. The omicron surge is making it harder to staff stores and restaurants. And as NPR's Hansi Lo Wang reports, some businesses have had to make the hard choice to close their doors.

In New York City, Sarita Ekya shut down her restaurant for the week. It's called Sarita's Macaroni and Cheese, or S'MAC for short. While there's a lot of S'MAC jokes out there, it was no joke when one of her employees tested positive for the coronavirus a few days ago.†

Ekya and her staffers decided to give themselves time to line up for PCR tests, wait for results and try to figure out when it's safer to reopen.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that we had the shot. I did feel very defeated. It just felt like, oh, God, here we are again, you know? And it's just exhausting.†

Other restaurants and stores are also feeling it. With COVID surging as the world heads into a third year of a pandemic, that has put service workers' health and safety especially at risk and kept many small business owners in survival mode.

With businesses not only in New York but now St. Louis and other places also closing up shop due to alleged 'Omicron surges', and those early runners hinting of much more of that to come in the days and weeks ahead, in the final section of our story below we're going to be taking another look at stocking up on just the 'necessities' and 'essentials', especially with the previous COVID lockdowns already bringing America a massive supply chain crisis.

So while the left is trying their very best to demonize anyone who has refused to take the shot as 'unpatriotic' or 'not following science' or 'putting everyone else at risk', we'd love to ask them:†"why again are there so many so-called 'COVID outbreaks' at so many so-called 'fully vaccinated' places?"

A question that is surely making 'the vaxxed' heads explode all across America, such as the very interesting conversation I had with my fully vaxxed Mother on Friday who told me about other family members who recently got their boosters and so won't be visiting her as was planned because they themselves are now feeling ill, we'll argue here that the still unvaccinated overcame the biggest and most expensive and elaborate propaganda campaign in the history of the world.†

With them trying to bribe us with free beer, free donuts, cash and other 'free things' to 'take the shot' that has failed, using celebrities and politicians and the like to pose for selfies with 'the jab', pushing that line we've heard so much from Hollywood and the msm, "everyone else is doing it, you should too", those who stood their ground against the propaganda deserves a brief congratulations.†

Also overcoming their threats against our lives and livelihoods, with 'Joe Brandon' unveiling 'vaccine mandates' which caused hospitals to insanely let go of good employees during an alleged pandemic, to the US military launching a purge upon those who refuse to 'get the shot', we can see so clearly where this is all leading to if we stay upon the path that we're on, and we ourselves cannot help but being driven to 'prepare'. Many food, water and other 'essential' items still available now include:†


Kansas City Sampler Steak Set - 2 Filet Mignon and 2 Strip Steaks

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And in a very worse case scenario, should the grid go down for an extended period of time, having a generator or an alternative way to create power could become the difference between life and death.††


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Each of the videos below take a look at where America is galloping towards in 2022 if the globalists get their way.†

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