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August 16, 2015

America In Bible Prophecy, Destroyed By Fire! Nuke? EMP? Planet X? - Woodward  Interview- Compelling Arguments Support The Theory That America Is 'Mystery Babylon'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine 

Author S. Douglas Woodward joins videographer FaceLikeTheSun for a fascinating interview providing examples taken directly from scripture that indicate America is the daughter of Babylon and the reference to "Mystery Babyon" in the bible.

Via FLTS in the video description: "I speak with author S. Douglas Woodward on the question of whether or not America is in Bible Prophecy. I find this as an important discussion, and while I personally don't entirely believe that Mystery Babylon is America, I am open to the possibility, and think that there are some compelling arguments to support the claim."

Woodward delivers those arguments by pointing out there are over 60 attributes that indicate America is the "last empire." A very valid point made, which we have heard in multiple other discussions regarding this topic, is the description of the Mystery Babylon matches no ancient location and perfectly describes America as it is today in relation to the rest of the world.

The discussion then turns to how the Daughter of Babylon is described as being "destroyed by fire" and whether that could mean a nuclear attack by Russia, an EMP attack against America or even the approach of Planet X, delving into the different theories as to what will usher in the destruction of America.

Woodward then highlights the theory he and others are working on now, saying "there is real reason to believe that Russia itself could be the means by which America, the Daughter of Babylon" is judged."

This is a fast-paced and intensely interesting interview.


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