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June 30, 2021

America Is Now A Mad Max Movie: Lawlessness Reigns After Liberal City Leaders Decided To Defund And Demonize Police - Civilization Is Breaking Down Right Before Our Eyes

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki
is laughably attempting to rewrite history by claiming it is Republicans defunding the police because they are blocking the uber-liberal wish list ironically titled American Rescue Plan with a price tag of $1.9 trillion, while ignoring liberals/Democrats "Defund the Police" mantra over the past years,

Radical liberal Democrats didn't just chant and push the defund the police agenda, but in many cities they did strip millions, and in one case a billion dollars from the police budgets.

Then crime started surging, where data shows massive crime and murder rates spiking in the very same cities that "defunded" the police, or to more accurately phrase it, stripped the needed funding creating an atmosphere of high crime, slow police responses and in some cases ceasing to respond at all to certain crimes.

Some started the process of "re-funding" the police as numbers started to skyrocket, with radical liberals like NY's Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez still asserting the police should be defunded, and claiming the crime statistics are just "hysteria."

Cops are resigning after being demonized, others are taking early retirement and there are not enough recruits to make up the numbers, and especially not the amount of experience the "defund the police" movement has cost.


The only thing missing at the moment is the actual dome used in the Mad Max movies, otherwise, a certain segment of citizens in cities where liberal leaders defunded the police, are becoming more and more like the denizens of the movies where civilization no longer exists as we have known it.

The stories that first made me think that America is fast becoming Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome in reality, were incidents that happened and are continuing to happen in a number of cities that have defunded or demonized the police, or both.

Daily Mail: "Washington Square Park is plagued by illegal boxing matches in latest blow for local residents who have endured months of after-hours raves, stabbings and drug taking at NYC landmark"

One contest appeared to last for six rounds as bloodthirsty spectators cheered on the fighters.

One fighter ended up dislocating his shoulder during the knockabout and had to have another man shove it back into its socket. 

Photographer Angel Zayas said there was no supervision whatsoever, nor did the NYPD attempt to break up the bouts.

'The NYPD did not enter the park to stop the fights there was a large crowd which created a circle making it very difficult for people to get in and even when there was an injury of the man's shoulder being dislocated. No one was called to help nor an ambulance. They fixed it themselves and continued the fight,' Zayas told

'It got a little wild at one point but they kept it pretty much under control it's just a matter of time before someone seriously gets hurt,' he said.

Later, illegal fireworks were also set off dangerously close to the surrounding buildings.  

A few arrests were made with one man taken into custody and charged with two counts of menacing for allegedly threatening two Parks Department employees with a wine bottle and a brick. 

New York City was one of the liberal cities that shifted nearly $1 billion from the police department.

Next we move all the way to California, where Oakland, California’s Department of Violence Prevention Chief Guillermo Cespedes was being interviewed on the steps of Oakland City Hall by a news crew with the Bay Area’s NBC affiliate KNTV. But the interview was interrupted by an attempted armed robbery, as reported by MediaIte

Oakland city council voted to strip nearly $18 million from the police. 

It is noteworthy that while the city council voted to defund the police, Oakland's Democrat Mayor, Libby Schaaf, was not in support of it, and issued a statement very critical of the action.

“Unfortunately, it [the budget] also cuts 50 police officers who respond to Oaklanders’ 911 calls and enforce traffic safety. It also cuts much-needed future academies, which will significantly reduce police staffing and delay response to Oaklanders in their time of crisis,” Schaaf’s statement read in part. “It will force our officers to work even more overtime shifts, which are expensive and unsafe for officers and residents alike.”

We often cite radical liberals and their antics, but in the name of fairness we must point out that while their voices are rarely heard over the screeching of the radical left, there are some Democrats that understand the correlation between cause and effect.

Liberal policies aside, Schaaf deserves credit for speaking out against the shifting of funds from police.

The same goes for Oakland's police chief, heard below explaining why the reallotment of funds is such a bad idea.

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Lets cruise on over to Minneapolis where a group of BLM activist, blocked Minneapolis Council Member Andrea Jenkins’ car, threatening her until she agreed to their demands on video and in writing

Guessing the activist are unaware that actions taken "under duress" are not legally binding.

Minneapolis approved cutting $10 million from the police budget.

New York again. where the list of recent criminal activities appear to be never-ending. 

woman beaten with a belt by a homeless man.

Teens being pepper-sprayed in random Chelsea attack.

A tourist hit with glass bottle in random Manhattan subway attack.

A mob assaults an off-duty cop in NYC - Investigators believe attack was targeted, 

A couple are pepper-sprayed by random attacker as they walk down Manhattan sidewalk amid NYC surge in violence.

Those were just some found on the very first page of search results for random New York attacks... there are many more pages.

Los Angeles is our next example, where even the rich in Hollywood Hills are seeing the crime wave hit close to home.

A deadly shootout erupted in an exclusive neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills early Friday morning in what might have been an attempted robbery of a multi-million dollar home, according to multiple reports.

It is the latest shooting incident in what has been a dramatic surge in violent crime across Los Angeles, which recently voted to defund its police department.

As there are too many examples to list in one article, lets end the examples with Portland, Oregon. The city has been taken over by Antifa/BLM activist so often it almost seems as if crime and riots are synonymous with the very name Portland these days.

Still, they are seeing even more of a rise of crime, after a continuing police exodus, via gang violence, along with a side of surging murders and shootings.

A reminder that the Portland City Council cut $15 million from its police budget.

We see the same type of surges in lawlessness in other cities that "defunded" the police, such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, and Seattle.


As long as radical liberals are in charge of these cities, demonizing law enforcement every time an incident is reported in any city of state, these Mad Max type scenes will continue to increase, not only in frequency, but in violence and death as well.

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