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September 17, 2021

A Huge Wake Up Call: The Globalists Just Showed Us Their Cards, Normalizing Americans To Seeing The Military Upon The Streets Of America, As Despotism Is Rushed In

- Incrementalism Has Turned America Into A Frog In Simmering Water, Just Before The Deadly Boil

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We've recently published several stories on ANP about the massive labor shortages hitting industries across America as an entire police department in Missouri has resigned at the same time, nurses are stepping down from long held jobs rather than taking the mRNA injection (that is quite literally killing people) and a huge school bus driver shortage is hitting America as drivers step down rather than taking the jab, and now we see how the globalists will handle this unfolding mess.

With NPR reporting back on September 1st that a national survey had determined that there was a severe school bus driver shortage happening across America, largely due to 'vax mandates' that were being imposed and the unwillingness of many drivers to take it, that survey found a full half of student-transportation coordinators described their school bus driver shortages as either "severe" or "desperate."

So what are states going to do to deal with this unfolding mess? As CBS News reports in this new story, the state of Massachusetts (and now New York) are now both calling in the National Guard to drive the kids to school in attempts to 'fix' that labor problem. 

And in so doing, they're taking their next 'incremental steps' to bring in tyranny while attempting to 'normalize' American children to seeing men and women wearing military uniforms every day, just like any once free nation being transformed into a communist, totalitarian nation would do.

Also hinting that should truck drivers hauling food and supplies across America 'go on strike' against vax mandates in the near future, they'll also put members of the National Guard into those very crucial positions as well, we'll be taking a look within this story at just how tyrannical regimes historically have used incrementalism to usher in tyranny, just like the 'new world odor' is doing right now. From this CBS Boston story first

As a bus driver shortage sweeps across the nation, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has deployed National Guard personnel to address the problem in his state. 

Beginning Tuesday, up to 250 Massachusetts guard members were made available to drive students to and from school to address the lack of staff. "The safe and reliable transportation to school each day is critical to our children's safety and education," Baker wrote on Twitter Monday. 

National Guard personnel will drive students in special school transport vans called 7D vehicles, and they will undergo vehicle training before becoming temporary drivers, the governor's office said in a statement. On Tuesday, 90 guard members began preparing service for school districts including Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell and Lynn.

The Guards' assistance will not hinder their duty to respond to and assist in emergencies. The mission's cost will be reimbursed by the federal government, Baker said. (ANP: aka 'by the American taxpayer!' No wonder they're raising taxes so dramatically in 2021!)

"We are grateful and thankful that somebody was definitely thinking out of the box," Chelsea School Superintendent Almi Abeyta told CBS Boston. "When I got the call, I was like 'oh, that's an interesting solution, yes, OK!'" 

Days before the school year began, the Boston School Bus Union called for in-person classes to be postponed altogether, saying that the overlapping problems are "transportation chaos."

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Like sand passing through an hourglass, we must all stay mindful of 'the tyranny of incrementalism'. As Mike Adams had warned all the way back in April of 2020 in this Natural News story, government tyranny is far more dangerous than any virus, with government's historically the biggest mass murderers ever

While this August of 2021 story over at far-left Salon had reported, incorrectly, "Republicans claim to fear left-wing authoritarianism — but there's no such thing. Yes, dictators sometimes cloak themselves in "socialism." But tyranny, here and elsewhere, is always right-wing", does that mean Joe Biden and 2021 Democrats are actually pushing 'right wing' politics? 

Of course as we've reported on ANP previously, it doesn't matter if it's the left boot or the right boot stomping upon one's face, either way, it's a boot where it's not supposed to ever be in free societies! And incrementalism is used to bring that tyranny in. 

Like a frog that would quickly jump out of a boiling pot of water but boils to death when the temperature is very slowly raised to the boiling point, when governments use incrementalism to impose tyranny, every small decision feels rational to those who don't see the 'big picture', putting themselves and their families in peril like the frog lounging in the nice warm water, unaware of what's to hit it.   

Similar to what recently happened in the nation of Venezuela, where their switch from an economy and political structure based largely upon Capitalism that completely collapsed once 'socialism' was slowly ushered in, as this 2020 story over at The Atlantic had reported, Venezuela is nothing less than the 'eerie endgame of modern politics', where citizens of that once-prosperous nation now live amid the havoc created by socialism, illiberal nationalism, and political polarization. Though that Atlantic story blamed President Trump for what the globalists have long been working to transform America into. 

With huge food and supply shortages one of the hallmarks of not only what we saw in Venezuela but most other socialist/communist nations as well, we'd argue that 'the great reset' the globalists are unleashing upon the world is also a huge reason why we're now seeing such shortages here in America. 

And while some on the left might argue 'what shortages?', and we've definitely seen that not everybody is seeing the same shortages that many ANP readers have sent pictures in to us showing empty shelves in their own home areas, as the website Stuff in New Zealand pointed out in this recent story, 'the supply chain grinch will probably steal Christmas again'

Consumers could face the prospect of empty shelves, or much higher prices for Christmas presents this year, as things continue to get worse at the world’s ports. 

Freight Right Global Logistics chief executive Robert Khachatryan is the grinch of Christmas to come, issuing stark warnings about the likelihood of everyone in the world getting presents this Christmas. 

Speaking to an industry webinar in July he tells them that if they wait till September to get their product onto a boat to the United States, then they probably aren’t going to get any of their goods under a Christmas tree this holiday season

His clients have been putting their holiday stock on ships since May and next year they will probably be getting it on the water even earlier.

So once again, being absolutely prepared for anything is in the American people's best interests right now. Because with Americans still not getting 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth' from our mainstream media nor government, who really knows when 'the water will be a-boiling'

And proving the absolute reversal of truth and Orwellian nature that we've fallen into in 2021, what do the Democrats do about their own unfolding authoritarianism? Of course, they blame the Republicans of doing exactly what they're doing! From this September 15th story over at Mediaite titled "Dr. Peter Hotez Blasts Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham for Vax Disinformation: ‘Authoritarian Effort to Discredit Science’". 

Dr. Peter Hotez, a regular Covid-19 commentator on MSNBC, blasted Fox News for vaccine disinformation on some of their top shows. Tucker Carlson has continued to cast doubt over the effectiveness of the vaccines, and this week he eagerly touted Nicki Minaj’s tweet alleging an unproven side effect of the shot. 

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace expressed disgust with Carlson for still “disseminating disinformation,” amid the news that 1 in 500 Americans have died of Covid-19. She asked Hotez, “Are you discouraged by how much heat and energy is behind the right-wing disinformation campaign being waged all day, every day?” 

Hotez responded by saying the U.S. is likely to reach 675,000 Americans dead of Covid-19 next week, a significant number because that’s how many people died of the flu pandemic in the U.S. 100 years ago. “So we’re about to exceed that.” 

He went on to blast Fox News, particularly hosts like Carlson and Laura Ingraham: 

This is death by anti-science. And a lot of this has been coming out of the nighttime Fox News anchors, this disinformation. You know, I’m often asked about Tucker Carlson or the others, Laura Ingraham, I don’t know. What I say is, look, I don’t think this has anything to do with the individual Fox anchors. This is coming from the top. This is a war of aggression against science and scientists coming out of Fox News as part of a larger authoritarian effort to discredit science and scientists. I don’t really know what the motivation is, but it’s having just a devastating effect.

Yet as anybody who's been paying attention to the real news, and not just the authoritarian propaganda long being peddled by most of the mainstream media knows, what we're witnessing around the world is nothing less than genocide, 'death by science,' and the full implementation of the 'depopulation agenda'. 

With it a long held strategy of Communists, fascists and totalitarians to blame others of doing exactly what they're doing, hence the full-scale leftists attacks upon President Trump and his supporters as being 'fascists' and pushing a totalitarian political philosophy when its actually been the Democrats/globalists that are fascist and have been pushing an evil mix of fascism/totalitarianism/communism upon the country for decades, if America keeps going in this direction, we soon won't recognize our country anymore. 

Yet if the globalists had unveiled all of this tyranny all at once, most people would have noticed it. Showing us how incrementalism is used to slowly bring on something that most people would never, ever accept if it were all to be unveiled at once, what we're seeing now in Australia, where 'freedom passes' are being brought out for the 'vaxxed' to 'allow them to be free' goes completely against the US Constitution. But more and more it appears that we're not far behind them if the leftists get their way. 

As Fox News had reported in this new story, it's already happening now in Los Angeles, Commiefornia, where people who seek to go into large sporting events, nightclubs, bars, etc will have to show proof of being 'vaxxed'. Think that the rest of America ISN'T far behind with the left pushing this agenda to the hilt in 2021? We're rapidly closing in upon when the day arrives in America where 'papers please' will be the rule of law and people in the future will never know 'real freedom,' but will be more than happy to 'bend over' and accept their 'next jab' in order to get a small taste of it. 

In the first video below, Steve Quayle joins Mike Adams and warns us about the imminent, catastrophic collapse of America as we know it, ushering in an age that nobody should have to go through but an age repeated time and again through history. As Steve warns us, what we've been witnessing in Australia and elsewhere should a huge wake up call for Americans who haven't already 'awoken' yet most continue their zombie-like descent into oblivion. 

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