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January 17, 2015

America Must Fall For The One World Government To Rise†

By Susan Duclos


There is only one major hurdle left for those promoting a "one world goverment" aka a New World Order (NWO)..... that is America's status and power within the global economy.

In other words, in order for this grand scheme, spoken about by major political forces in America and around the globe, to come to pass, America must fall. To that end there are signs all around us from in-your-face images and symbols, to headlines blared across the Internet, all showing that the final phase of the ultimate game plan, is here and is being implemented.

In the Hagmann and Hagmann show below from Friday, January 16, 2014, titled "Dismantling The United States," we are informed of some of the major news events all pointing to that game plan and the steps being taken to prepare the masses to accept the changes that are about to occur. Once the dollar falls, the economy crashes, these events will rapidly unfold and those that have ignored the warnings will be surprised, others will sleep right through it and follow along like sheeps to the slaughter, but those that have watched, paid attention and prepared, may just survive.

In the video details a set of questions are asked and addressed within the show, including "Who is behind the dismantling of the United States and the West? What forces are at work to take down the U.S. to create a global government? Why are people still believing in the Republican versus Democrat meme? Will we have presidential elections in 2016? How long will it be before the U.S. loses it's status as the power within the global economy? Are we seeing the power elite communicating with each other through images, pictues and symbols? What is behind the doctrine of destrtuction taking place against those who seek the truth?"

One specific point is made by Doug Hagmann that I wish to highlight, and that is a group called Tavistock, which when researched, shows the †nature of those behind the one world government and the NWO and the insidious implementation of an agenda that goes back decades.

Listen below, then go do your own research and if you haven't already...... start preparing.

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