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November 8, 2018

With America Still On A Very Slippery Down Slope Towards Self Destruction, The War For The Future Of Humanity Is On!

Will New Attorney General Go After The 'Clinton Crime Family'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the mid-term elections now over and talk of Democratic presidential candidates to oppose President Trump in 2020 already being drooled over by the mainstream media, we cannot overstate the importance of the information war that will take place over the next two years for not only the future of America but the future of humanity.

With President Trump having shown Americans and the globalists that he will put America first despite the desperate objections of those globalists resulting in the left breaking down across the political sphere despite their House of Representatives election win as Susan Duclos reported in this story on ANP, America will go one of two ways after the next two years if not breaking out into all out civil war before 2020 with antifa now terrorizing Conservative members of the mainstream media.

And with the left now planning rapid response gatherings across the county allegedly in 900 different places in response to President Trump's 'firing' of Jeff Sessions, we see detailed below that Sessions replacement Matthew Whitaker is an absolute bulldog who has already gone after Hillary Clinton. And as Mike Adams had previously warned, should Hillary be indicted, he'd expect that to be the final trigger and breaking point on the left that launches America into total lawlessness with possibly nothing stopping civil war.


While we'll agree with President Trump that the results of this election were a win for him and Republicans with everybody expecting the Democrats would take the House though their blue puddle hardly measured up to a 'blue wave', as Piers Morgan warned in this column over at the Daily Mail, the Democrats will need to do MUCH better in 2020 or they'll all drown in a massive red Trump tsunami. 

And the election sent a HUGE message to all of those 'never-Trump Republicans' still out there; get on board the Trump train for 2020 or you will be left behind with practically every never-Trump Republican losing

And all of the national level elections that we were paying close attention to went the way of President Trump and Republicans, with communist Andrew Gillum losing in Florida, Ted Cruz winning in Texas and though the Georgia governor's race has still yet to be officially decided as of this story writing, it appears that Republican Brian Kemp will win in Georgia as well. And then came the icing on the cake with President Trump showing Democrats who is President with the firing of Jeff Sessions and installing Matt Whitaker.

For those who don't know or for anyone thinking Whitaker might be a globalist/Hillary pushover, here's some VERY encouraging news! From Slate we learn that Whitaker was the Executive Director of a group called Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) and had several times gone after Hillary. 

Even after Trump’s inauguration, Whitaker was still going on CNN to criticize Clinton, telling the network in May 2017, “The most disturbing aspect of Hillary Clinton’s continued blame game is that she still doesn’t think there was anything wrong with recklessly handling highly sensitive and classified information, intentionally instructing her staff to do the same and then lying to the entire world about it at the United Nations of all places.”

Will Americans FINALLY get some justice? At least finally we have an Attorney General who looks at Hillary the same way we do; as a crook and lying con who'll happily lie to the entire to world to save her own lousy tail. 


And with antifa terrorists terrorizing Tucker Carlson, demanding he leave Washington DC while warning that he's not safe where he sleeps, we continue to get the feeling that this 'incivility war' in America may heat up to a fever pitch with possibly nothing to stop our nation from devolving into all out civil war with elements of the mainstream media insanely pushing for it though such a war in America would instantly be a TEOTWAWKI event.

As Brother Bob mentions in the SQAlert which we've republished below, with everything that we've witnessed during the 2018 election season, America better get it right in two years as we're already on a very slippery slope towards self destruction, destruction that would be assured should somehow Democrats win the presidency in 2020, fully completing the transition of America into a socialist, totalitarian nation. 

BROTHER BOB - Welcome to the Democratic Socialist Surveillance Censorship States Of the New American Transformational Society.

Well, AL——Welcome to, the Democratic Socialist Surveillance Censorship States Of the New American Transformational Society.

While sitting here upon the sofa in the living room area this early morning hour, The Father spoke unexpectedly, "The dollar is now on life support." That was/is a rather strong statement. He showed the dollar tanking, the economy shriveling and sinking into a growing and swirling vortex of overwhelming un-payable debt (National and personal).

Various countries calling in America's debt/note; with what the national and personal debt has purchased with that growing their collateral on that debt.

Hence, what America and Americans think is their own national and personal properties; actually now becomes the properties of other nations as collateral on the unpaid debt.

With the debt being called in, Wall Street implodes and collapses. Both America as a nation and a people immediately become financially insolvent...broke.

America was shown to be like the prodigal son; who awakened to his senses, looking around finding himself in a pig pen, trying to live one more day on, "swine slop." America defeated not militarily; but, overcome by her lust for and greed of, "more please !" Without answering a genuine call to national and individual repentance; the aforementioned will become America's lot in life...impoverishment of soul and spirit, mind and body; dying for The Lack Of The Bread Of Life.

Why?! Think! These mid-term elections have witnessed: An open homosexaul as a state's governor. Two Muslim Women voted to The House of ***Felons [?] being given voting rights in two or more states as of this moment. Youths/teenagers who have not as yet known enough about life and living to vote with wisdom (still trying to decide on what to wear to school that day; or the difference between "puppy love and real love," possibly being given the right to vote.

Our beloved America is on a very slippery downslope of self destruction.


*** I guess that’s Congress


With 2020 clearly in the globalists eyes as their last opportunity prior to 2024 to take back America, their biggest prize, and bring us back under their wings (and likely for good if they ever get that chance), we gear ourselves up for the war that the next two years will bring us. With a recent poll of potential Democratic candidates showing #CreepyJoeBiden leading the field and in a head to head matchup with POTUS at 51%, smashing President Trump's 39% in a hypothetical vote, but leaving POTUS probably drooling at such a matchup.

With Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris also polling behind #CreepyJoe, we fully expect that Hillary will eventually throw her at into the ring once again, wanting fully to be president at one point in her existence and still having a bigger base than any of those potential Democratic candidates.  

And with Sessions gone and someone who has shown he'll go after Hillary taking over, we truly hope that Americans will finally see justice served with Hillary prosecuted and imprisoned for her crimes. Crimes that Whitaker himself had previously mentioned, crimes that left unprosecuted show Americans across the country that there are indeed two justice systems in America, one for the elite like Hillary, who can do anything to anybody and get away with it because of their 'friends in very high places', and one for the rest of us. 

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