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August 22, 2019

 'Every Day Brings Fresh Horror Stories From A Black Mirror Hellscape' In America's Liberal Run States And Cities Where Homeless Veterans Survive By Eating The Trash Of Billionaires

- Democrats want these 'Dystopian Nightmare' policies to be exported throughout the nation


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the last several years, we've published numerous stories on ANP about the complete collapses of Democrat-run cities across America and we get more evidence of that today in this new story over at Biz Pac Review that Whatfinger had linked to on Wednesday which reports a staggering number of Americans are now fleeing what their story terms "the four states of the apocalypse" yet as we instantly see in their story, they don't even mention what's happening now in states on the West Coast.

Labeling the states of Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York as those 4 states run by radical left politicians and their policies that now see Americans leaving in droves, their story then asked "where are they headed?" before answering "straight to the conservative heartlands of Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and North Carolina."

And while their story reports that one of the reasons many are leaving is because of the very low taxes in those states, as we'll explore within the next section below, one of the biggest reasons people are fleeing liberal run cities and states in record numbers is because their larger cities are turning into drug, trash, crime and homeless infected 'hell-holes'. With many of them full of people suffering from diseases long ago believed eradicated in America, what's happening now in these left run cities and states should give Americans the perfect reason to eliminate leftist politics completely from this country; 'liberalism' is destroying America. First, from this Biz Pac Review story with much more below. 

“This is the big demographic story of our country,” Moore said Tuesday on Fox News. “It may be the biggest political economic story that’s happening in America — the transformation where people are moving out of the high-tax states at a rate of about 1,000 people everyday to low-tax states.”

“We just need an analysis at ALEC — I’m on the board there — of four states that I call the ‘four states of the apocalypse.’ You know what they are? New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and my home state of Illinois just getting clobbered because they have the highest taxes. They actually have huge budget problems, though they have high taxes.” 

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This recent story over at Fox News is a must-read if you want to know what's really happening now in Democrat-run cities in America, uncensored by all of the leftist mainstream media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. 

While most 'leftists' will claim how 'altruistic' they are, actually talking about pushing 'socialism' onto the masses to help the 'less fortunate', this new Fox News story proves just how big of hypocrites most of them are with one of the richest cities in the entire world turning into a cesspit of crime, homelessness, and filth. 

In the summer of 2019, Fox News embarked on an ambitious project to chronicle the toll progressive policies have had on the homeless crisis in four West Coast cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. In each city, we saw a lack of safety, sanitation and civility. Residents, the homeless and advocates say they've lost faith in their elected officials' ability to solve the issue. Most of the cities have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at the problem only to watch it get worse. This is what we saw in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a city of extremes. It has more billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world, but it also has a homeless problem so severe that it rivals some third-world nations. On any given day you can see souped-up Lamborghinis and blinged-out trophy wives in one part of the city, then walk over a few blocks and see piles of human feces, puddles of urine and vomit caked on the sidewalks. The misery of homelessness, mental illness and drug addiction hits deep in San Francisco and has turned parts of a beautiful city into a public toilet.

As the problem grows, residents are finding themselves at a crossroads. The compassion for those struggling is constantly being challenged by a fear for their own safety and quality of life. It never had to get this bad, say critics, who are appalled that it's getting worse every day.

So with leftist cities all across America completely falling apart, why do 'the masses' in those cities continue to vote Democrat, over and over and over again? It's long been warned that the REAL definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". More proof 'liberalism is a mental disorder?' With some of those leftist billionaires being some of the same people who are pushing 'socialism', all we need to do is take a look at their own cities to see what 'socialism', the precurser to Communism, would bring to America. 


As Rush Limbaugh had pointed out in this July 2019 newsletter titled "Liberal-Run Hellholes", while the Democratic National Committee touts “Democrats are committed to curbing the effects of climate change, protecting America’s natural resources, and ensuring the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations. From investing in clean energy to protecting our ecosystems, Democrats are working to address our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a more sustainable America”, their own cities all across America have gone completely to hell with currently no hope of returning to respectability. 

With Democratic politicians allowing their own cities to go to hell giving Americans absolute proof that they refuse to practice what they preach and only care about 'globalist leftist talking points' in 2019 and keeping President Trump out of the White House in 2020 by 'any and all means necessary', if we want to take a look at what 'future America' might look like should a Democratic presidential candidate get back into the White House in January of 2021, all we need to do is take a look at any of many Democrat-run US cities today. 

As one former employee of Apple told Fox News in the story mentioned in the previous section, "It's not as though we don't see the problem, there's no way to escape it." So how do all of these leftist politicians think that their very own cities will 'escape' the messes they've been transformed into under their liberal politics? 

And as that Fox News story also pointed out, while 'liberal politicians' attempted to 'fix' the problems their big cities face via using 'liberal policies', their 'fix' quite literally blew up in the own faces. From Fox News.: 

"It's impossible to buy a home here," resident Doug Stall told Fox News. "You've got these ridiculous housing prices, crime and these people crapping on the streets. Why would anyone want to stay?"

But to say the city hasn't tried to address the problem would be wrong. It has. The problem is that it has backfired spectacularly.

One of the biggest statewide blunders is Proposition 47. Supported by the California Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the referendum was passed by a wide margin in 2014. The idea behind it was to reduce certain non-violent felonies to misdemeanors in order to free up resources for cops and prosecutors to go after serious, violent offenders. This included downgrading fraud, forgery, shoplifting and grand theft as long as the total value of the stolen property was less than $950.

It also included illegal drugs.

"The goal was to be more helpful to society, helpful to the homeless issue, helpful to the police department and the court system. But as we saw, it's a total failure at this point," Richie Greenberg, a former mayoral candidate, told Fox News.

He added: "The intention was to help, of course, but what it really wound up doing is that it made San Francisco more attractive to those who are both homeless and those who are drug addicts to move here. We are now finding that homelessness is increasing. Drug addiction is increasing and the number of people here -- the numbers are increasing, as well."

The Fox News story conclusion.:

A few frustrated residents say it might be time to cut and run.

"The city is running out of strategies," Anna Suarez told Fox. "I'm moving to Austin."


So we'll wrap up here before several videos below which take a look at what is happening to America with 'liberal' cities all across the nation turning into 'dystopian nightmares' with an excerpt from this important story over at GOP USA titled "Democrat rule has brought trash heaps, rats, typhus and more to California cities" which echoes our own conclusion.

One glance at the formerly Golden State is a frightening embarrassment. The latest indictment of liberal leadership is the trash heap of Los Angeles. Literally. Despite the emergence of louse-borne typhus, Los Angeles can’t seem to get its act together.

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times reported on the obscene condition of downtown Los Angeles, “A mountain of rotting, oozing, stinking trash … stretching a good 20 yards along a skid row alley. Rats popped their heads out of the debris like they were in a game of Whac-A-Mole, then scampered for cover as a tractor with a scoop lurched toward them. … The trash problem is not confined to any one street, but this particular location on the 800 block of Ceres Avenue is surrounded by food distribution companies that sell to shoppers, vendors, stores and restaurants. I counted seven within a block, so you have to wonder — given the colonies of football-size rats — about the potential contamination of the food supply chain and the spread of disease.

This is the idiotic disaster brought to you by unrestrained liberal leadership as it creates problems, then births a bureaucracy that will never deal with it. 

It’s so bad in California, even The New York Times deigned to allow an opinion piece decrying the growing instability of the state.

In “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals,” opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo wrote, “The basic problem is the steady collapse of livability. Across my home state, traffic and transportation is a developing-world nightmare. Child care and education seem impossible for all but the wealthiest. The problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives … the streets [are] a plague of garbage and needles and feces, and every morning brings fresh horror stories from a ‘Black Mirror’ hellscape: Homeless veterans are surviving on an economy of trash from billionaires’ mansions.

And yet most 2020 Democratic candidates for president want you to believe that President Donald Trump is the problem, and the Democratic policies creating the dystopian nightmare in California should be exported throughout the nation. Yeah, no.

In the 1st video below, we get an update on Los Angeles from Paul Joseph Watson who shares with us a video compilation showing us just how far LA has fallen, just one of several leftist-run big cities on the West coast and all across America which have descended into filth, decay and utter madness due mostly to leftist political policies. 

In the 2nd video below from videographer 'The Real Side' we hear more about California's 'rapid descent quite literally into the toilet' with the homeless defecating upon the same streets that people use to get to work every day and the inability of 'leftist politics' to find a 'solution' since 'leftist politics' are 'the problem'. 

And while Democratic politicians and the mainstream media across the nation quickly melted down after President Trump pointed out that the city of Baltimore was a 'rat-infested dump' just a few weeks ago, actually calling POTUS a 'racist' for his very correct remarks, as our videographer points out in the 3rd and final video below, there is nothing 'racist' at all about pointing out how Democrat-run cities all across America have completely failed their own people, but 'truth is treason in the Democrat's empire of lies'. 

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