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February 28, 2019

Staggering New Poll Finds Record High Number Of Americans Believe 'Government' Is The Biggest Problem America Faces

- Would 'Government' Deliver A Monstrous False Flag To Bring In The 'End Game'?†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While President Trump is still hugely unpopular with Democrats at a 5% approval rating according to Gallup while remaining hugely popular with an 89% approval rating among Republicans according to the same Gallup poll, another new poll by Gallup finds Democrats, Republicans and Independents strangely in great agreement on one thing: 'government' itself is the biggest problem facing America. With 35% of Americans finding 'government' the biggest problem Americans face, that number is above terrorism, 'climate change', student debt and job security as this new Zero Hedge story reports.†

As Zero Hedge also reports, that is a record high number of Americans who feel government is the biggest threat facing us according to the pollsters who've been tracking those numbers since 2001. And while Congress continues to attempt to slam President Trump, calling him 'unpopular' because of†his overall 44% approval rating according to Gallup's February poll, a different Gallup poll taken from February 1st through February 10th finds Congress's approval rating at only 21%, showing that POTUS is more than twice as popular as those who are attempting to drive him out of office.

And while this latest Gallup poll isn't specific about what part of the government Americans don't trust and finds 'a problem' that must be somehow solved or dealt with, only labeling the category as 'Government/Congress/Politicians', the graph below shows a huge spike in the number of Republicans who find government the biggest problem America faces, jumping from a mere 14% in November of 2018 to 36% in February of 2019, while nearly the same number of Democrats think the same way.


And while the Democrats numbers of 37% finding 'government' the biggest problem America faces point directly at President Trump, the Republicans rising numbers clearly point at a Democratic Congress and Democratic state capitals all across America that have suddenly in January and Feburary of 2019 shown their true colors by embracing infanticide, nothing less than the brutal murders of our societies most helpless human beings who should be coddled and loved rather than ripped apart with their tiny little bodies harvested of their organs while Planned Parenthood profits.

Any government that funds the murders of the unborn and just-born, giving over $1.5 billion of the American taxpayers dollars to agencies to commit infanticide, is a government that SHOULD face the wrath of the American people and be voted out of office. Yet these rats keep getting voted back in again and again and again despite their overall 21% national approval rating.

And although all of the talk of 'draining the swamp' that has gone on for the past 2+ years hasn't yielded as many results as many, including myself, had hoped, as Susan Duclos recently mentioned to me, large swaths of that 'swamp' have been around for over 100 years, dating back to the establishment of the Federal Reserve back in 1913 as well as the establishment of the income tax that same year. If President Trump wants to 'clean house' real quickly, he might want to start there.†

And we've also got to remember, while long called 'conspiracy theory', history has now proven that the globalists have long been planning and working towards this 'global government' and 'new world order' despite what the msm will say. And whether you like him or not, the Presidency of Donald Trump has absolutely exposed a sinister 'deep state' that has been working behind the scenes, planning, concocting, creating...false flags? Operation Northwoods says 'absolutely'.†


So with 'government' as unpopular as ever and now†wars and rumors of wars picking up all across the planet as nuclear armed India and Pakistan go toe to toe with India building 14,000 bunkers for their people along the Pakistan border while Russia accuses the US of preparing to invade Venezuela, how long will it be unti one of these 'events' goes 'red-hot'? While we'll never put dates on potential future events that are totally out of our control, it sure feels like the 'end game' is a matter of 'when?', not 'if?'†

For many decades, the globalists have been putting all of their pieces into place for their global government/new world order and while nationalism and populism have taken hold in America with President Trump and around the world in numerous Western countries, we've seen the globalists fighting against POTUS and America and Brexit and the 'Yellow Vest' revolution every step of the way.†

With a huge part of the Demonrats 'Trump derangement syndrome' pointing directly at Russia and Russian TV recently announcing the location of numerous potential nuclear targets in America as we read in this Fox News story and hear in the 1st video below, all eyes and ears should be open for 'incoming' with the globalists continually poking the Russian bear.†

And with the deep underground bunkers at Denver International Airport likely fully stocked and prepared to house a 'new world order' government that the globalists have long been seeking to bring in to America, would anybody put it past the globalists to launch their 'final false flag', their 'endgame' being World War 3, to fully bring in tyrannical government here?


As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reported in this story on Wednesday on ANP titled "Conditions Are Ripe For Mass Destruction In America That Will Exceed 9/11 - With Americans Divided To Distraction Among Ourselves, Will The 'Next 9/11' Be 'Nuclear Terrorism'?", with Americans now more divided then at any time since possibly the civil war, might this distraction and distrust amongst Americans lead to an event we can never come back from? And while Dr. Pry looked at Yemen's 'Houthis' as potential 'deliverers of doom' to America, we can never forget the 'enemies of America within'.† ††

Make no mistake about it, the globalists have made it clear they will stop at absolutely nothing to stop President Trump and his agenda for America as it is completely opposed to their's of open borders, global wars and the endless printing of US money to finance their globalist projects. Even President Trump warned via the tweet seen above from back in July of 2018 that here in America, some would rather have war with Russia than a peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship.†

And as we hear in the 2nd video below, according to the videographer discussing the unpopularity of 'government', even President Trump would likely agree with the opinion that 'government' is the biggest problem facing Americans. And with 'government' more unpopular than ever before possibly suggesting in their minds that their time as 'wanna-be-tyrants' may be coming to an end, we remind you that tyrants often seek to cement their power within the iron fist of war.††

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