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August 12, 2019

The 'Beginning Of The End' Began When Our 'Republic' Became 'The Empire' & The US Govt Began Rigging Wars, Manufacturing Enemies And Declaring War Upon God & The American People

- Maybe Nothing Can Stop The 'American Empire' From Suffering The Same Fate As Rome 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Since our beginning with the Revolutionary War, America has been at war almost non-stop, counting the Indian wars of past centuries and innumerable almost forgotten foreign misadventures, like our invasion of Russia at the end of WWII at Archangel and Vladivostok for no clear purpose and with no plan, or our war in the Philippines following our Spanish American War. The Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, and our fighting against Filipino rebels were clearly wars of conquest, the beginnings of our American Empire that has replaced our Republic.

The death toll for us, without even considering the soldiers who were wounded and often left permanently maimed, or the deaths of civilians, is considerable. Looking just at some of our more recent wars, 2,446 Americans died stealing Spain’s territories, and 4,196 more fighting the Filipino rebels. The toll for WWI was 116,516; WWII cost 405,399; Korea killed 36,516 of our best; Vietnam wasted 58,209 more; the Gulf war ended 294 American lives; our conquest of Iraq cost us 4,497, and the eternal and pointless Afghan War has killed 2,216 more. This is without even counting our misadventures in Lebanon and Somalia, or Slick Willy’s attacks on the Christian Serbs, who had been our allies in WWII, or the invasions of Grenada and Panama.

The Cold War and our present demonization of Putin provided the excuse for our bloated “defense” establishment; our expenditures on the military are higher than those of any other nation, and exceed the military spending of the next few nations combined. Note that US troops defend the borders of other nations, but not our own against the hordes of migrant invaders who despise us. Here is how the game is played.

The RINOs spend trillions of dollars we don’t have and cannot afford on mostly imaginary military threats, running up our national debt, a very real threat that will destroy us (unless the rabid chairborne commando neocons get us into the nuclear holocaust they seem to want). The Demoncraps let the RINOs do this because the RINOs let them spend trillions more dollars we don’t have and cannot afford on mostly imaginary “social justice” needs. The RINOs get campaign contributions from people in the aerospace and defense industries, and the generals and admirals get cushy, high-paying jobs when they retire, on top of their huge pensions. The Demoncraps get to buy the votes of the multi-generational welfare parasite class they have created. This is a win/win situation, save for the taxpayers and the inner city Blacks whose families have been destroyed.

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The excuse for the Spanish-American War was the explosion on the battleship Maine, which we had sent into Havana’s harbor for no good reason at a time when Cuba was a Spanish territory and the Hearst newspapers (the equivalent of the New York Slimes or CNN or MSNBC today) were clamoring for war. We blamed this on the Spanish, claiming that they had deliberately destroyed our ship with a mine, despite the fact that Spain wanted desperately to avoid war with the US. Later investigations proved that the explosion was internal, as if someone in the Navy Department had planted a bomb on one of our own ships. We won Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines in that war, and the ungrateful Filipinos, wanting independence, began resisting us, leading to our first Southeast Asian war. Our expansion into this area also helped to lead us, years later, into war with Japan.

WWI began when most European nations were connected by several entangling alliances, supposedly for mutual protection (against the other alliances), but which actually got them into war, not out of it. The tragedy was set in motion when a Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, shot Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on 6/28/14 in Sarajevo. This makes no sense, for the Austro-Hungarian Empire controlled some Serbian areas adjacent to the Serbian nation, but Ferdinand was on record as favoring more autonomy for the Serbs. But Princip belonged to a secret society called the Black Hand, and most of us patriots are aware of the sinister role played by various secret groups throughout history and the way they mostly seem interconnected and to have links with the Mason/Templar cult. Austrians were outraged and Austria issued the excessive July Ultimatum to Serbia, and then shelled Sarajevo on 7/28, whereupon Czarist Russia, playing the role of protector of the Slavs, mobilized its reserves.

Then Austria and the Kaiser’s Germany, bound by a treaty with Austria, mobilized their forces, and demanded that Russia demobilize. When Russia refused, on 8/6/1914 Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Russia, whereupon France, bound by a treaty with Russia, mobilized, and the fight was on. Had Russia merely sent troops into Serbia to protect them from aggression, on the condition that they agree to some of Austria’s more reasonable demands, the tragedy might have been averted. Grigori Rasputin, whatever history says about his drunkenness and womanizing, wanted Russia to avoid war, and had at least some influence in the Czar’s court, but he was hospitalized after an assassination attempt on 7/12/14. Perhaps he could have persuaded Russia to take a milder tack, or the Kaiser could have tried to compromise with Russia and restrain the Austrians, but it was not to be.

The US had no dog in the hunt, but clearly favored England and France, and shipped arms to them, resulting in a huge bombing of a US armaments factory by German saboteurs. When the British liner Lusitania was torpedoed on 5/7/15 by a German U boat, Americans were outraged, for many Americans were among those who died. But the Germans had warned Americans that the ship was sailing into a “free fire zone,” and, since the war, divers have found that the ship was carrying munitions. At the time, Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty (which sent no escort to protect the ship) and FDR was US Assistant Secretary of the Navy. It is no secret that Churchill wanted the US to enter the war on England’s side, and, years later, at the time of Pearly Harbor, Churchill was British Prime Minister and FDR was the US President. Nevertheless, the US did not declare war on Germany for another two years. Despite Woody Wilson’s assertion that WWI was waged to “make the world safe for democracy,” the US was intended to be a republic, not a democracy, and the war really made the world safe for fascism…in Russia, Italy, Japan, and Germany. It also furnished a rationale for the League of Nations, the NWO crowd’s first real attempt at a one world government.


When a few sane patriots in Congress kept the US out of the League and it ultimately collapsed, it was back to the drawing boards…and WWII. Consider what had to happen to bring this about and ensure Germany’s temporary victory in Europe. The Allies forced a harsh and punitive treaty on Germany at the end of WWI, and then let Germany violate its provisions by rearming, occupying the Rhineland, and annexing Austria and occupying all of Czechoslovakia. Then, when it was too late, England and France declared war when Germany attacked Poland in 1939, but not on the USSR, although Stalin also invaded Poland. Meanwhile, France had built the defensive Maginot Line…but left the area adjoining Belgium wide open, despite the fact that this was where Germany had come through back in 1914 (and would do so again in 1940). This mind-boggling series of incredible “mistakes” was only the beginning.

Even though Germany’s army by 1939 was arguably the best in the world, the French Army was nearly as good, and Hitler, committing most of his forces to Poland, left Germany almost wide open, and German’s defensive Siegfried Line was neither completed nor fully manned. France launched a half- hearted invasion of Germany with but a small portion of its forces, and the French made steady progress. German generals, after the war, were certain that France could have crushed Germany before the Wermacht could finish operations in Poland and return to defend the homeland. Yet the French, acting as if victory was not in the playbook, withdrew. They and the British at least built field fortifications to cover the Belgian border, and it is unlikely that German forces could ever have broken this line.

Then, when German troops invaded Belgium, the French and British abandoned their line and rushed forward in a doomed attempt to stop the German advance. As if this was not enough, they left their right flank unprotected, and, sure enough, the Wermacht drove their tanks through the Ardennes and cut off the Allies’ supply line. Even then they might have managed to get most of their troops back to their fortified line, but, although the troops fought bravely and leadership at lower levels was competent, the Allied Generals (especially the French) made a series of inexcusably bad tactical decisions. England was driven off the continent; France surrendered; and the war would last another five years.

You can only get so much mileage out of mistakes and human stupidity before you realize that something more sinister is involved.

Meanwhile, FDR, eager to get the US into another bloody and costly war for Britain, waged an undeclared naval war against Germany. The Germans failed to take the bait and declare war on America, although they did sink one of our destroyers, the Ruben James. But Japan was waging a brutal war to conquer much of China, and the US sent aid to the Chinese. In 1940 FDR moved our Pacific Fleet from its safe base in San Diego to Pearl Harbor, despite the warnings of its commander, Admiral James Richardson, that it would then be within striking range of the Japanese, and they would probably attack it. FDR fired Richardson and replaced him with Admiral Kimmel, a man who had been promoted beyond his level of competence, and the same can be said of General Short, commander of US Army forces in Hawaii, including aircraft.

The Japanese offered to at least stop advancing further against the Chinese, but FDR refused their terms. Prince Konoye, Prime Minister and a leader in the peace faction, offered to meet with FDR…but he refused. On 7/41 FDR imposed an oil embargo on Japan. The US had broken the Japanese diplomatic code, and it was pretty obvious that Japan would likely strike south to get the oil wells in the Dutch East Indies, and might attack US forces in an attempt to prevent our interfering with their plans. That made Pearl Harbor a likely target, and, on 12/4/41, Naval Intelligence warned FDR that Japan was gathering information regarding Pearl Harbor. Army and Navy headquarters warned all Pacific commanders that war with Japan was imminent, but made no mention of Pearl Harbor. The rest, as they say, is history.

In fairness, Kimmel and Short should have foreseen that a surprise carrier attack on Hawaii was likely. Ships’ crews should have been briefed and antiaircraft guns manned during daylight hours. Short should have had some of his planes on alert and all of them armed and he should have set up clear procedures to use his new radar station. But they didn’t, and, incredibly, when the destroyer Ward sank a Japanese midget sub inside Pearl Harbor well before Japanese planes arrived, no warning was passed up the chain of command. In addition, there are controversial claims that the US may have already broken the Japanese naval code, and that the liner Lurline may have intercepted Japanese radio messages indicating that their carrier fleet was approaching Hawaiian waters. We may never know…because many Pearl Harbor records are still sealed. But it all looks very, very suspicious. The war provided the excuse for the creation of the United Nations, a prototype for a global dictatorship that is still with us today, and has not prevented the endless wars and acts of genocide since WWII.


The Allies insisted on the unconditional surrender of Japan and Germany, and by 1944 the Japanese government was sending messages through neutral nations that they were amenable to a compromise. Perhaps they would have agreed to pull out of the Asian mainland completely, confine themselves to their home islands, and reduce the size of their military, and the US could have stopped the bombing and the submarine warfare and supplied them with food and oil until their economy was safely on the road to recovery. We will never know, and the war continued for about another year, with the death of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians, the atomic bombing, and the slaughter of American troops at Iwo Jima and Okinawa, not to mention the deaths of Chinese and other allies and the suffering of Americans held prisoner by the Japanese.

In 1945 we invited the Russians into the war on our side, giving them the opportunity to arm the Chinese communists and to occupy Korea down to the thirty eighth parallel, which they did, setting up a communist dictatorship in the north headed by Kim Il-sung. Then, after Japan surrendered, we downsized our armed forces drastically, resulting in a huge stockpile of surplus arms. So we could easily have given mostly defensive weapons to the pro-American (and relatively democratic) government of South Korea, headed by Syngman Rhee, which would have enabled them to stop any invasion by the North Koreans. And invade they did, on 6/25/50, with Russian T-34 tanks against which the South Koreans had little defense. Perhaps the communists were willing to take the risk because the US had declared that South Korea was not in our sphere of vital influence, implying that we would not help Syngman Rhee. The fighting mostly stopped 7/27/53 with an armistice, and now North Korea is a nuclear power.

We aided France in the Indochina war, which ended with Vietnam being partitioned into communist North Vietnam and the relatively democratic South Vietnam. The North aided the communist Vietcong rebels in the South, and we aided the South Vietnamese government, even sending advisors, some of whom died in combat. On 8/2/64 the US destroyer Maddox fired at three NVA torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin when they approached too close and appeared threatening. They launched torpedoes, missing the Maddox. On 8/4/64 the US claimed that the NVA attacked our destroyer again…but it has since been proved that this second attack never happened. But it served as an excuse for bombing the North, and, in 1965, sending US ground troops to aid the South Vietnamese. In the end, we lost the costly and prolonged Vietnam War, partly because the US government virtually tied the hands of our troops with absurd rules of engagement and a half-hearted bombing campaign. Note the pattern of suspicious (and the Gulf of Tonkin incident was beyond suspicious) naval incidents being used as a pretext for our wars.

Iraq was ruled by the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, who, by Middle Eastern standards, was a typical ruler. There is no evidence that, prior to the Gulf War, he supported terrorism, and he served as a counter to Iran, a nation that today is seemingly on the verge of war with the US. We had even aided Saddam in his bloody war with the Ayatollahs. Note that we helped bring the Islamists in Iran to power; France had provided Khomeini with a home in exile, and Jimmy Peanuts (Carter) forced the Shah to “compromise” with the Islamists. The US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, had assured Saddam that the US “had no special defense or security commitments” in the region, which Hussein apparently interpreted as a green light to invade Kuwait…rather like our pronouncement that Korea was not in our sphere of vital influence.

In 1990 Iraq did invade Kuwait, a nation where huge crowds celebrated and cheered in the streets on 9/11/2001. Iraq had some legitimate complaints against Kuwait, accusing the Kuwaitis of slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields near the border. There is no evidence that Iraq planned to invade Saudi Arabia (a nation we pretend is friendly but that is a major supporter of terrorist groups and of Islamists here in the US), but the US and its allies pretended that the threat was real and that it was somehow our duty to defend our dear friends the Saudis, and so the war began on 8/2/90, lasting until the cease fire on 2/28/91, leaving a now truly hostile Hussein in power. If it was somehow vital to us to protect the brutal Saudi regime, why not just sell them more arms or station a force there without actually attacking Iraq? But that is not the neocon way.


The Second Iraq War began when, claiming that Hussein was developing nuclear weapons, we invaded on 3/9/2003, overthrowing Saddam and eventually capturing him so the new Iraqi government could try and hang him. It was later revealed that our claim about a nuclear program was yet another lie by “our” government. We swiftly won the initial campaign but then got bogged down into an endless guerilla war, and the government we installed turned out to be friendly toward Iran, a nation we now claim to be our true enemy. A small number of US troops are still there, and President Trump has intervened in Syria as well, where we oppose Assad, a leader who is relatively moderate by Middle Eastern standards.

Meanwhile, we had invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, pretending that the magical airplanes that made three buildings collapse straight down (and the one that hit the Pentagon seemingly had no wings, and vanished after impact, leaving no wreckage) were controlled by the minions of a mad Arab in a cave in Afghanistan. Our initial campaign in that country (dubbed the “graveyard of empires”) was masterful, making effective use of Special Forces and precision guided weapons. But then we got bogged down in eternal guerilla warfare, after installing a government controlled by homosexual child rapists and opium dealers. We still have a small force there.

Of course the Trump implied during his campaign that he would end our foreign wars, but then he also implied that he would improve our relations with Russia, and reconsider our membership in the UN and in NATO. He outright promised to investigate the Witch and to stop illegal immigration. None of these things have happened, and now he threatens to infringe our Second Amendment rights, and his Bureau of Prisons allowed Jeffrey Epstein to be “Arkancided.” Meanwhile, he has twice hit the wicked, wicked Syrians with missiles and is aiding the wonderful Saudis in their war in Yemen. The US has become an empire like Rome and we are about to suffer the same fate.

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