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March 30, 2021

An Ebola Outbreak In America Now A Very Real Possibility - With Untested Illegal Immigrants Being Inserted Into Vulnerable Communities, What Could Go Wrong?  

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When I read Stefan Stanford's "Hot Zone" piece, that reported four people from the Congo were being monitored for Ebola in Oregon because they were not even tested coming into the U.S., my first cynical thought was "Are they trying to kill us?"

Then I thought, why yes, they are, that is what the depopulation agenda is all about. 

While over the past many years, America has seen an occasional 'ebola-scare', what's happening now in one state after another hints at what may be ahead, with the state of Washington monitoring at least 23 people for ebola following travel to countries with outbreaks, joining the states of OhioOregon and now Kentucky as states monitoring people following visits to countries hard-hit by ebola. 

With COVID having such a low death rate compared to the death rate of Ebola victims, depopulation proponents would much rather have Ebola here in the U.S. than COVID, but having both would be their dream scenario to bring the numbers more in line with Deagel's predictions.

Remember, the ultra wealthy have been scooping up underground bunkers, and buying up land in other countries, for years now, so they will have someplace to hunker down and wait it all out, but the rest of America will have to deal with life above ground while victims drop like flies.

It is interesting that those with exposure to COVID are being quarantined all across the globe, especially when entering from one country from another, yet illegal immigrants, and people on "terror watchlists" (Four arrested since October) may be held in overcrowded facilities, but are also being flown and inserted into towns in America.


By rescinding actions President Trump took to decrease illegal immigrations, Joe Biden is going to "help them all" (at least that what the illegal immigrants say!), we see a surge on the border which has resulted in a massive crisis, with over crowded facilities, scabies, lice, flu and COVID reportedly an issue, as border agents recount how Biden's border cages smell like urine and vomit.

In fact others have made it clear they were surging to the border because of Biden, making it clear they wouldn't have even tried if Trump was still in the White House.

In another clip, a migrant who traveled from Guatemala with her 10-year-old son tells Raddatz in Juarez, Mexico, that she made the trip now because "Biden promised that we could cross with minors."

By The Numbers: "Law enforcement encountered more than 100,000 migrants at the border in February, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which was a 28% increase from January."

The Biden regime of course denies that the change in policies are responsible for the surging numbers are crisis at the border, while Biden himself attempted to claim there was no surge but rather a regular pattern at this time of the year.

Unfortunately for Biden, even liberal journalists like Raddatz could not hide how the tents on Mexico's side of the border have "emptied" as the borders were thrown open by Biden, as well as halting construction of the wall, proving that Biden's regime alone is responsible for the crisis at the border.


Reports also show that the Biden regime is also flying illegal immigrants across Texas, just to be processed and returned to Mexico, far from where they originally entered, and has previously dumped them in communities, despite pleas from a DEMOCRAT mayor begging him to stop!

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Not only is the Biden regime stuffing hundreds upon hundreds of illegal aliens into plastic rooms and/or cages that are only set up for 80 people, but flying them to other places, or even more egregious, letting them into America to begin with, spreads the sicknesses reported by agents with firsthand knowledge of these border "facilities."

Even far left liberal news outlets are being forced to acknowledge the crisis at the border, with some media, like the AP, ordering their employees to not use the word crisis.

Via ABC News:

There are now 3,889 migrants in the facility that is meant to hold just 250, meaning it is currently at 1,556 percent capacity, according to internal CBP documents obtained by ABC News.


Now add Ebola to the mix and the dozens in different states being monitored after being exposed in countries suffering outbreaks, and you nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

As the people in multiple states are being monitored after being in countries suffering Ebola outbreaks, are flying back home, not being tested, and then let out into the community, one must ask how many that want to enter America illegally, have been exposed and/or is a carrier of Ebola?

It is bad enough the Biden regime is allowing tens of thousands into America over an open border, but then to "safely" (Their claim) move them to different facilities, as well as dumping them in unsuspecting communities, brings the reported scabies, lice, flu and COVID with them into those communities, but add Ebola into the mix and we have a literal SHTF scenario playing out right before our eyes.


Some will claim that  crisis we are seeing now at the border is unintended or unavoidable, but that is an outright lie.

Trump had been doing a good job getting the border under control, deals with Mexico to allow the illegal immigrants to stay on Mexico's side of the border until ready to be processed, the wall which was being built, and other actions to get the border under control, and Biden just halted everything.

This was not something he was forced to do, it was a choice. He made it. Moving them from one town to another. Allowing people into the country with scabies, lice, and flu. Not testing those coming back from countries with Ebola.

All of this and much more comes down to a choices, which means the ramifications, which were known beforehand, were intentional and not accidental.

The Biden regime keeps hyping masks, masks, masks, and then pushing states to stay in lockdown, because of COVID, but they are deliberately letting people into the country with COVID, among other sicknesses and diseases, while not bothering to quarantine those coming from countries with Ebola cases. 

If that isn't intentional, I don't know what is. 

Video below, within the first thirty seconds you hear Biden referred as "O-Biden," in a "Freudian slip."

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