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August 11, 2020

The George Soros 'Color Revolution' In America Is In Progress - Antifa And BLM Are Nothing More Than Soros Minions Trying to Destabilize America

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A recent unscientific poll by Poll King, which emails one political question a day to tens of thousands of subscribers, addresses the question of "Is George Soros behind the recent protests and riots?"

While we rarely take stock in exact numbers and use polling to find trends and patterns, the results of this one were just too astounding to go unreported.

So far, just hours into the polling, 78.3% of respondents said yes, while 21.7% said no.

The most interesting part of the poll, the pattern, is the breakdown between political affiliation where even 89.5% of Republicans answered yes, while a whopping 76.5% of Independents agreed that George Soros is behind these riots, and even 37.9% of Democrats see Soros' hand behind the strings controlling groups like Antifa and a certain violent faction of Black Lives Matter.

Another interesting aspect is that men and women appear to be on the same page in regards to Soros' being the puppet Master and the money man behind these coordinated protests.

The reason I find this poll so fascinating is that just a few short years ago, many Americans knew nothing about George Soros, nor his interference in multiple countries, causing riots, and revolutions and destabilizing the entire nation he has chosen to destroy.

Now, many, many more are awakened. Perhaps not enough, but seeing people wake up from their MSM induced 'zombiism' is rewarding in and of itself.


The clearest description of a "color revolution" was found at the American Sun, by R. Landry, stating that according to foreign sources, a color revolutions "are externally fueled acts with a clear goal to influence the internal affairs that destabilize the economy,[2] conflict with the law and represent a new form of warfare".

Cutting through the verbiage, protests that begin over an event, which start entirely peaceful, immediately get hijacked by groups backed and funded by George Soros, which introduces the violence and rioting in order to attempt to force political change in the country being attacked by Soros puppets (in this case, Antifa and BLM).

In 2015, a piece over at SOTT, by Activist Post did a good job laying out examples across the globe of Soros' handiwork and destabilization campaigns:

Soros is most well-known for playing a major role in the funding and facilitating of the "Bulldozer Revolution" in Serbia that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, Georgia's "Rose Revolution" of 2003, the 2006 push to move Turkey toward a more Islamist governing structure, and even the Occupy movement in the United States among a great many others - none of which brought anything other than greater misery, impoverishment, and police state mechanisms to bear on the general public. The Occupy movement, being the only exception, still brought nothing to its participants except the opportunity to burn off excess anger and energy along with a few cracked protester skulls. It was otherwise an incredible waste of time.

Regardless, the methods being used by the Soros machine in terms of the #blacklivesmatter and other related campaigns across the country are much the same as those used in Europe to usher in greater austerity, police states, and fascism through government-coup and social protest - i.e. a coordinated media campaign to provide the general public with a false perception of events as well as a false narrative, the use of social media and slogans, and the deployment of "swarming adolescents" in the streets.

Sounds familiar, yes?

See the top 5 color revolutions backed by George Soros over at Goulag Bound.

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Antifa and BLM are not the only groups being incited, then aimed at a target by Soros, as his "foundations" have been linked, via funding, to many other groups where we have seen "mass protests," such as the Woman's March protest in January 2017 to protest president Trump's inauguration.

Almost, if not all, groups that have been attacking the very fabric of America from within, has done so using Soros money, some have lists of 187, other reports discuss individual groups funded by Soros' organizations, but the bottom line is damn near everyone that wants to dismantle America, defund police, overthrow the federal government, etc..... are all puppets to George Soros and his American "color revolution."

Looking at the most recent riots, violence, arson, destruction and vandalism, we see an exact roadmap used during other 'color revolutions'.

It begins with an event, in this latest case, the death of George Floyd while in police custody, with horrendous images of a man with a police officer's knee on his neck before he died.

Then come the protesters that want justice. When the cop and his associates are arrested and charged, just as the protesters claimed they wanted, the violence increases rather than decreases, as other groups, such as Antifa, and people that have infiltrated the BLM protests, start rioting and taking the situation from peaceful to deadly in short order.

Ask yourself how all these little thugs can all show up together in different cities and different states across the nation, all at the same time to start rioting?

Someone is organizing and funding these trips, because it is obvious that if they are out there for days, or in Portland Oregon's case, months, then they do not have a paying job that would prevent them from being on the street, rioting, attacking law enforcement officers, starting fires and vandalizing buildings.

Not only are they able to coordinate geographical locations for thousands of so-called "protesters" aka rioters to attend at the same time, but many carry the same professionally made signs, dress similarly, use the same projectiles to attack police and innocent residents, write the same things on buildings they are vandalizing, use the same flammable sources to start their fires, etc.

While much may be seen as chaotic during these riots, much is also scripted and organized. Someone, or some entity or group, is organizing transportation, tactics, weapons, and more, because frankly jobless bums like many of these Antifa members we see running around, don't have the brain power to organize their own wardrobe much less an entire "movement."


As Stefan Stanford pointed out Tuesday, there are 12 weeks left until the most chaotic presidential election in U.S. history, and Soros and his puppets plan to up the ante, create more havoc and push to further destabilize the American economy.

The problem is even after the election, no matter who wins, these anarchists, thugs, domestic terrorists, whatever you want to call them, will not be controllable.

That genie is never going back in the bottle and Americans have George Soros to directly thank for the hell that is coming.

If Trump wins, the liberal left will absolutely lose whatever is left of their minds, and if Trump loses, Joe Biden's handlers, or whoever they replace him with, will hammer in the last nail in America's coffin.

No matter how the election ends, Americans need to stay prepared and be ready to protect your home, your family, and your community.

Because they are coming..........

Colorado Patriots were ready and prepared as seen below (Language alert).

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