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April 16, 2018

One False Flag Away From TEOTWAWKI, Is Covert Underground WW3 Preparation Now Taking Place?

- As Putin Warns Of 'Global Chaos', Mysterious Underground Booms Return To America 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at Zero Hedge that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Monday morning written by Mike Krieger from Liberty Blitzkrieg Mike reports he feels Friday's missile strikes in Syria were the official start of World War 3 and that by the year 2025, America would be unrecognizable. As Quayle wisely pointed out in an SQnote he left while linking to the story, "note the Deagel date". 

As we've reported previously on ANP, for some bizarre reason which hasn't yet been adequately explained, the heavily deep-state-sourced company is forecasting a 2025 population for America of only 54 million, down 270 million from 2016. 

Also forecasting other western nations such as France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK to be depopulated by 2025 (though most nowhere nearly as badly as America), as we pointed out in this March 15th ANP story, the populations of the nations of Russia and China are forecast to be roughly the same by 2025 as they are now.

"Another sign of America losing WW3?" we asked then. 

Does the Deagel website's 2025 forecasts show pre-knowledge of the forthcoming destruction of America? Considering that Deagel's sources for the information seen in the graphic at the top of this story ARE the 'deep state' as seen below, we've got reason for concern, especially with what could be nuclear war coming to America should worst case scenarios come to pass with Russia.

And as we see outlined below, with Vladimir Putin now warning of global chaos should America strike Syria once again while US Ambassador Nikki Haley warns any further chemical weapons attacks will be met by further strikes upon Syria, some might say that the world is now only one false flag event away from nuclear war. And as we also see below, preparation may now be taking place at the very highest levels for such chaos and destruction coming to America. 


In this new story over at the Daily Star which the Drudge Report linked to on Sunday they report that 'mystery booms' across America have returned, sparking fears in those who've heard them that covert underground WW3 preparation is taking place with a secretive underground tunnel system that allegedly links together underground bases, including the Denver International Airport, being carried out as heard in the first video below.  

While Russian television has been educating the Russian people on how to prepare for a nuclear war and the possibility that they may soon have to move to the underground bunkers that Russia has built to house well over 10,000 people nearly 1,000' under the surface of the Earth in Moscow, and Silicon Valley billionaires are preparing for the apocalypse in New Zealand, something is clearly happening underground as our videographer tells us, though it may or may not be what he thinks it is. 

With our planet Earth still going through massive earth changes with the 'Ring of Fire' ablaze and experts warning a massive quake is likely on the way, might these mysterious booms have a perfectly natural explanation? 

While these most recent mysterious booms happened near Cleveland, Ohio, as Newsweek reported back in November of 2017, mystery booms are being recorded all across the country and nobody can explain why. From that 2017 story.:

Loud, booming noises have startled people across the United States, and it was unclear what was actually happening or if the separate events were even related.

Residents in Alabama, California, Idaho, Michigan and New Jersey reported hearing similar mysterious sounds. Most recently, the noises were heard in Colorado, CBS Denver reports.

The Monday sounds left CBS Denver’s meteorologist Chris Spears baffled. The only possible conclusion he could offer was that meteors from the Leonid meteor shower were bursting in the sky, creating the loud noises. Ron Hranac, an astronomy expert, struck down that theory, saying that the meteors produced by the Leonids were way too small for that to happen, according to CBS Denver.


And now a search finds similar such booms have occured in the 6 months since in the San Diego area in March, in San Jose also in March (accompanied by a bright flash of light), again in Denver in February, in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania also in March and in South Carolina also in February just to name the unexplained booms that have been reported. 

With Denver hearing a lot of mystery booms recently, is that another sign that work is taking place once again underneath of the Denver International Airport? Long-rumored to be the future capital of the 'new world order' should nuclear war vaporize Washington DC, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they were doing some last minute work there. 

With the CIA having moved their domestic headquarters to Denver back in 2005, the Denver International Airport has long been surrounded by mystery, from the project being completed years behind schedule to being billions of dollars over-budget to the sinister artwork seen throughout the airport which show apocalyptic scenes and what appears to be the death of Christianity to Naz-swastika shaped runways as even this Denver Post story reports

The theory: Hidden beneath the airport’s underground baggage-transport tunnels is a secret bunker (or series of bunkers) designed to house billionaires and global political elite in the event of an apocalypse. Lizard people (a.k.a. “Reptoids”) and/or evidence of aliens are also thought to be lurking down there.

The history: Contractors who originally worked on the airport, which went over budget and opened 16 months behind schedule, reportedly saw evidence of bunker entrances and unexplained tunnels. A multi-million dollar automated baggage system failed to work as designed, fueling doubts about the intent and scale of the construction. An “alien” drawing has appeared on the walls, and blurry footage of “lizard people” has appeared on conspiracy websites.

The facts: Roughly 1,000 people work daily in the various levels underneath the airport, ferrying luggage among ticket counters, planes and baggage claim areas in a pair of 7,000-foot long tunnels that run alongside the airport’s underground trains — which were not immediately ready to use upon the airport’s opening.

But what else are we not being told? 


And while this April 9th story by 'The Saker' over at the Russian-Insider reports that the mood on Russian prime-time TV is grim and that the Russian people are well prepared for the possibility that they might have to go to war against America, the majority of American people are so ill-prepared for such a war, it's easy to understand why Deagel shows a 2025 America forecast to have only 54 million people living here, down 270 million from our 2016 population. 

However, govt has been preparing. Back on April 21st of 2015, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP titled "MAPS - Underground Tunnels, Unexplained Booms And Mysterious 'Hums' - Has The US Government Been Setting Up Underground Facilities Throughout The United States, Right Under Our Noses?" within which she reported upon the map seen above which is alleged to show what was rumored to be an elaborate underground tunnel system across America. 

Linking the East coast to the West and our southern border to our northern border, we'd strongly suggest that the actual existence of such a system underneath America would be called 'fake news' by those who knew of it simply because of the highly secretive and classified nature of it all. Yet we have absolute proof that 'the elite' are preparing for the apocalypse


And with artificial intelligence experts themselves warning that AI could be even more dangerous than nuclear weapons and could bring about the apocalypse, we're not the least bit surprised that they, too, are preparing for doomsday.

For those reading this story like us who don't have the money to scurry away to New Zealand or hunker down inside of your million dollar bunkers once the bombs start falling or the AI-bots starts slaughtering people as seen in the 2nd video below, M.D. Creekmore from the Survivalist Blog now offers a free, 10-day prepping course that you can get delivered to your email box here

Offering advice on topics such as basic, long term food storage to water storage to bugging out vs hunkering down to defending your home and survival retreat, his free 10-day prepping course offers a step-by-step guide to helping us plan for and live through any disaster with tips to help us better prepare for both short-term disasters as well as a long-term grid down situation.

While the video below is only an enactment, it gives us a great look at what autonomous AI killing machines might be capable of should worst case scenarios warned of by Elon Musk and others play out. Visit ban autonomous weapons here

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