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March 19, 2016

Are They Preparing A Massive D.C. False Flag? A Look At A Denver International Airport 'Conspiracy' Theory That Could Be Coming True


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the years there have been a large number of conspiracy theories regarding the Denver International Airport, from the odd and creepy "one world"  and genocide murals to the underground space many believe house bunkers and tunnel systems, to the theory that Denver is slated to be the new U.S. Capitol after Washington D.C is destroyed.

Via WhiteOut Press from July 2014:

The suspicion and rumors that Denver is the secret alternate US capitol has been around for decades. Your author has written numerous articles on the subject going all the way back to the late 1980’s. So it’s curious that the rumors, whistleblowers, photos and leaks persist to this day. They’ve even grown to include the sprawling recently built Denver International Airport (DIA).

Now, the decades-old rumor that Denver is the secret underground US capitol has been married up with the more recent accusations that Denver Airport is the main hub of an entire multi-city underground nation, creating one of the most interesting and widespread conspiracy theories going around right now.....

While many of those theories are fascinating, the one that I was reminded of this morning was definitely the one about plans for Denver to be the new U.S. capitol and the One World Hub because of an article at Washington Free Beacon, which reveals that Congress just "cancelled funding for an advanced missile defense system that has been deployed across the D.C. area during the last few years to prevent against a rising threat from cruise missile strikes."

Congress officially cut funding this month for JLENS, or the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor, a high-tech radar system that casts a wide-ranging protective net across the region to detect and intercept missiles or enemy planes before they reach American soil.

What truly captured my attention was the end of that article which states the following:

Lawmakers are jeopardizing U.S. security to save a relatively small amount of money, Nagle said.

“While under-informed journalists and politicians make statements detrimental to the safety of America’s defenses, our potential adversaries are busy,” he said. “The speed of cruise missiles is being increased to the point where existing missile defenses, say those on Aegis-equipped cruisers, will be overwhelmed before they can detect and destroy the incoming missile. The Russians, already threatening us routinely, are a perfect example.”

There are a number of ways to cut "wasteful" spending for the U.S., but to take away Washington's main line of defense against a missile attack, leaving D.C., our nations capitol,  the location where the president of the United States of America lives, where Congress conducts its' business.... basically defenseless against total destruction,  simply doesn't make any sense. 

Unless of course we consider that there may be some truth to those conspiracy theories and they are planning a false flag attack against the U.S., specifically Washington D.C., to be blamed on another country (perhaps Russia?) in order to move forward with the agenda in where Denver would be the "One World Order" hub.

Just something to consider.

Below are two of the more recent video explanations of the multitude of conspiracy theories surrounding DIA.





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