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June 1, 2021

Armed Black Supremacists: 'We Must Bury Them (Whites), Dig Them Up And Kill Them Again. Bury Them. Dig Them Up. And Kill Them Again'

Armed black supremacists threaten to "kill everything white in sight."

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Imagine an armed group of white men at a a Second Amendment March, with many in the group exercising their right to bear arms and open carry, preaching to cheering crowd that "White Americans will kill everything black in sight."

The media would lose what is left of their minds. There would be wall-to-wall coverage. Suggestions from radical liberal Democrats would be to "get those people some white hoods." Jim Crowe would be cited ad nauseum as screams of violent racism would be screeched all over every TV network and in all liberal newspapers.

They would be calling these people out every single day, and the media would be stalking them to dox them by revealing all their personal information to the world.

The point is there would be a national uproar, and rightly so, when any group threatens to massacre any other group collectively.

Well, it happened, only the "White Americans" were actually "Black Americans," and they were preaching that they will "kill everything white in sight."


Via BizPac Review: 

“We’re pushing death to white supremacy. Death to capitalism. Death to imperialism. And death to fascism,” the unidentified man with a bullhorn said. “We are pushing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a head for a head and a life for a life.”


“Because that time will come when there’s a rat-a-tat-tat,” he said. “Black Americans will kill everything white in sight.”

He ranted on about a “black nation” and giving “crackers hell, from the cradle to the grave.”

Listen below:


Americans' Second Amendment rights are there to defend against tyranny, protect our lives and the lives of our families, and our homes. 

When we first saw the news about the National Black Power Convention in Oklahoma, and that it would include a Second Amendment march, it was not anything to write about other than to encourage all Americans, no matter their race, to celebrate and protect the right to bear arms, until their rhetoric and threats became public and were caught on video.

Other red flag statements include the following:

“Once they die, we must understand that we can never give them the pain that they gave us,” he continued. “So once they get buried… once they are buried, we must bury them, dig them up and kill them again. Bury them. Dig them up. And kill them again.”

Someone, or from the crowds reaction, a lot of someones, need anger management, like PRONTO!

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I go back to the beginning of this article, and wonder where is the outrage that would undoubtedly be unleashed against white Americans had it been white supremacists making those threats against blacks, rather than blacks making those threats against whites.

It isn't there. A search shows that exactly zero mainstream sources even bothered to write about it or report it.

Search engines generally start their results pages with top news websites or outlets, yet a search for "kill everything white in sight," only brings up Independent Media sources, nothing from NYT, Wapo, CNN or other comparable news outlets.   

The media silence is deafening, and part of the reason that a race war is being stoked all across America.


As we see a constant litany from the media and by Democrats from moderate to the most radical about how "White supremacy" is a danger to society, democracy and our Republic,  the Biden regime is completely ignoring the dangers of "Black supremacy.

Again, had these statements been made by white men, and reported with video evidence provided,  the "toxic white masculinity," theme would have been shoved down all our throats, while liberals insisted on commissions and full investigations into how dangerous "white supremacists" are, yet not a word on the violent threats against whites by "black supremacists."

By attacking only whites while ignoring, downplaying or excusing black supremacists, even when caught on camera, the Biden regime is encouraging an all out race war.

When a specific group of Americans are left unprotected, they are left to protect themselves, which again, is the perfect example of why the Second Amendment is so important. 

The occupant in the White House, Joe Biden, is still trying to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights via "gun control."


As will be seen in the longer version of the video below, not only are these people threatening to "kill everything white in sight" in the future, but they also encouraging going to the "hood" and teaching the black gangs the same violent mindset about war with whites. 

Next time you see someone say they think a race war is coming or is close, remember the words you hear below and understand, it is not coming, it is already here.  

Keep your powder dry and stay prepared to defend yourself, your family, your homes and your communities.


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