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September 17, 2015

As Darkness Descends On The United States First - Is The Black Plague Intentionally Being Given A Trial Run?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As of September 2015 the United States has already seen double the annual average of plague cases, more infamously named "black death,"  that now spans seven states. Since April, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, and Oregon have recorded plague cases with recent reports showing the latest documented case has shown up in Michigan


The plague is rare, with an average of seven human cases reported across the U.S. each year, according to the CDC. However, the western U.S. is experiencing an increase in reported cases of plague in 2015, with 14 human cases, including four deaths reported.

Freep also notes that this is "the first documented case in Michigan’s public health history ."

According to the CDC the mortality rate for the plague has ranged from 66% to 93% if left untreated, which drops to 16% if treated with antibiotics. Bubonic plague, resulting from the bite of an infected flea, accounts for approximately 80%–85% of cases. (Note - The CDC link has not been updated since August 2015 and doesn't reflect the additional three cases reported in the links above.)

WHO reports "People infected with plague usually develop “flu-like” symptoms after an incubation period of 3-7 days. Typical symptoms are the sudden onset of fever, chills, head and body-aches and weakness, vomiting and nausea."

In the midst of these reports, as reported by Stefan Stanford, "Once again, a US military laboratory has had a 'mishap'...this latest one involving the deadly black plague bacteria that has been 'misplaced' or 'mislabeled' or 'improperly stored or shipped' amounting to, whatever way you look at it, apocalyptically deadly bacteria that may no longer be where it is supposed to be, securely confined within the US Army's secure laboratories in Maryland." (More here



As seen below, throughout history the plague and other deadly virus have been developed and used as bioweapons.

During the 6th century BC, the Assyrians poisoned enemy wells with a fungus that would render the enemy delirious. In 1346, the bodies of Mongol warriors of the Golden Horde who had died of plague were thrown over the walls of the besieged Crimean city of Kaffa.

In 1940, the Japanese Army Air Force bombed Ningbo with ceramic bombs full of fleas carrying the bubonic plague. Many of these operations were ineffective due to inefficient delivery systems, although up to 400,000 people may have died.

During the final months of World War II, Japan planned to use plague as a biological weapon against U.S. civilians in San Diego, California, during Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night. The plan was set to launch on 22 September 1945, but it was not executed because of Japan's surrender on 15 August 1945.

In Britain, the 1950s saw the weaponization of plague, brucellosis, tularemia and later equine encephalomyelitis and vaccinia viruses, but the programme was unilaterally cancelled in 1956. (Source)

Via by Kristina Hale - RUSSIA

By the mid 1990’s, it became obvious to the United States government that the threat of biological warfare was more than just hypothetical.  Even though the United States and Russia, among other countries, signed a ban on the development of biological weapons during the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention of 1972, doubts lingered around the intentions embedded in the signatures.  For the United States, these doubts were solidified when, in 1992, Ken Alibek defected to America.  Formerly known as Kanatjan Alibekov in his mother country, Russia, Alibek enabled US intelligence to locate and identify major sites located within Russia which were dedicated to mass production of biological agents designed specifically for offensive purposes (Alibek 1999).  Among the list of more than 50 microorganisms and toxins designed and manipulated for warfare are smallpox, anthrax, cholera and plague.   Biological warfare agents exist.  Among them is one of the most transmissible and deadliest microorganisms: Yersinia pestis. 


During the mid to late 1980’s, Russian scientists at Biopreparat made a major breakthrough.  They had begun to upgrade their arsenal of biological weapons via genetic modification.  One of the first steps of such modifications included making a primitive sort of chimera.  A chimera is a biological organism which has been altered so that the ‘new version’ also has characteristics of another biological organism.  Russian scientists were experimenting with the idea of taking Y. pestis and inserting various other known toxins into the cells.  One day, the announcement was made at Biopreparat that such a design had been successfully made.  They inserted a plasmid containing the gene for myelin toxin into Y. pestis.  The design was simple and disturbing.  If a patient were diagnosed with pneumonic plague in time to be treated, the antibiotics would attack and lyse the plague cells, thereby releasing the plasmid coding for myelin toxin which would cause paralysis, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and changes in behavior.  Heralded as a major triumph for Mother Russia, Alibek explained, “A toxin-plague weapon was never produced before the Soviet Union collapsed, but the success of this experiment set the stage for further research on bacteria-toxin combinations.” (Alibek 1999). 

The next step was initiated by Deputy Director Sergei Netesov who suggested putting Venezuelan Equine Ecephalitis (VEE) into Y. pestis.  The was based on the same idea of treating plague with antibiotics, thereby releasing something else.  This time, however, the result would have more dramatic consequences.  By the time VEE would have lysed from the bacterium, it would have bypassed most of the body’s defenses, allowing it to travel directly to the brain.  The patient, being treated for plague, would be dead from encephalitis within 7 to 10 days.  US intelligence combined with information gleaned from Russian defectors made the picture very clear for the US: Russia was creating superbugs for the purpose of biological warfare and among them were superversions of Y. pestis. 

SIDE NOTE - It is not just the plague, multiple other viruses have been experimented with and some believe even used already right here in America. Such as the New York outbreak of the West Nile Virus, to which the Daily Mail reported the following:

An outbreak of West Nile virus which began in New York City in 1999 rapidly spread to 47 states in North America, killing 654 people and leaving almost 7,000 ill.

At the time, there were even unproved suggestions in the American intelligence community that the outbreak was a case of bio-terrorism and that the disease had been let loose deliberately by the Iraqi government.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that shortly before the New York outbreak, the Mail published an exclusive account by Mikhael Ramadan - who acted as one of Saddam Hussein's 'doubles' - which suggested the dictator had bragged that his secret laboratories had developed a strain of the West Nile virus 'capable of destroying 97 per cent of all life in an urban environment'.

Also note the U.S. fascilitated the use of Iraq's chemical weapons, as reported by CBS News in 2002: "The newspaper says a review of a large tranche of government documents reveals that the administrations of President Reagan and the first President Bush both authorized providing Iraq with intelligence and logistical support, and okayed the sale of dual use items — those with military and civilian applications — that included chemicals and germs, even anthrax and bubonic plague."



A British Special Air Service (SAS) here, Chris Ryan, whose predictions in the past have been eerily accurate, has issued a dire warning regarding a "nightmare scenario" of Islamic extremists infecting people and launching a biological attack," using the Bubonic plague as a 'weapon of war."

Speaking to, he said: "I was speaking to a doctor over dinner and he broached the subject, saying it would be a huge problem if ISIS got hold of viruses like the plague.

"It could happen in the near future because of how they are changing the face of terrorism and it's changing at an alarming rate.

"They're trying to come up with different ways to kill people and also how to shock people. It's a real possibility."

In reading Mr. Ryan's statements I was reminded of reports from August 2014, where a "laptop of doom" was recovered from an ISIS hideout. That ISIS laptop contained a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals.

Abu Ali says the fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which have since rebranded themselves as the Islamic State, all fled before he and his men attacked the building. The attack occurred in January in a village in the Syrian province of Idlib, close to the border with Turkey, as part of a larger anti-ISIS offensive occurring at the time.....

This is not an ISIS pipe dream either, as even the CDC, under their FAQs for the Emergency Preparedness and Response page explains "Why are we concerned about pneumonic plague as a bioweapon?"

Yersinia pestis used in an aerosol attack could cause cases of the pneumonic form of plague. One to six days after becoming infected with the bacteria, people would develop pneumonic plague. Once people have the disease, the bacteria can spread to others who have close contact with them. Because of the delay between being exposed to the bacteria and becoming sick, people could travel over a large area before becoming contagious and possibly infecting others. Controlling the disease would then be more difficult. A bioweapon carrying Y. pestis is possible because the bacterium occurs in nature and could be isolated and grown in quantity in a laboratory. Even so, manufacturing an effective weapon using Y. pestis would require advanced knowledge and technology.

It is noteworthy that Barack Obama plans to allow up to 100,000 "refugees" into the US - Via Bloomberg:

The Obama administration is preparing to announce a plan to admit more refugees over the next two years, but at this point the numbers being proposed are too small to relieve the crisis streaming out of Syria.

Wednesday at the White House, the most senior national security officials will discuss raising the limit on the number of refugees from around the world allowed to enter the United States -- from 70,000 this year to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in fiscal 2017...

That is noteworthy because those credited with recovering the ISIS laptop were  US supported Syrian "moderate" rebels, many of which have now joined ISIS according to reports from December 2014.

Abu Ali, a commander of a moderate Syrian rebel group in northern Syria, proudly shows a black laptop partly covered in dust. “We took it this year from an ISIS hideout,” he says. 



From Prince to Pope and a number of high profile leaders and personalities in between, we know there is an ongoing push to "depopulate" the earth, seen and heard in quotes over the last decade, which gives an ominous tone to the facts presented above. (See 22 of the most egregious depopulation quotes here)

Smugglers interviewed have already admitted that ISIS members are using the Syrian refugee crisis in order to infiltrate and plan attacks against the west, and the FBI has admitted there is no way to vet the influx of Syrian refugees.

We know conclusively weaponized plague and other bioweapons have been developed and used throughout history, with some believing one of those instances using West Nile Virus occurred in New York in 1999. It is also clearly been established that the ISIS terror group has been working on a bioweapon which utilizes the plague. 

Now we have at least double the cases of Bubonic plague in the U.S. documented in the last few months, than the national annual average, which first started in Yosemite park, and now reported across the country in Michigan from a man that had traveled to Colorado, another area where infection has occurred.

Is it not possible, given what we know, that we are seeing an intentional trial run, a test by ISIS or another entity, to see the effectiveness in using weaponized plague as a bioweapon against America?

I'll leave you with the data provided by John Hopkins back in 2001, showing if this is a test run, then the follow up could be exponentially worse.

The size of a pneumonic plague epidemic following an aerosol attack would depend on a number of factors, including the amount of agent used, the meteorological conditions and the methods of aerosolization and dissemination.

A group of initial pneumonic cases would appear in about 1–2 days following the aerosol cloud exposure, with many people dying quickly after symptom onset. Human experience and animal studies suggest that the incubation period in this setting is 1 to 6 days.

A 1970 World Health Organization assessment reported that, in a worst-case scenario, a dissemination of 50 kg of Y. pestis in an aerosol cloud over a city of five million might result in 150,000 cases of pneumonic plague, with 80,000–100,000 people requiring hospitalization and 36,000 expected to die.

There are no effective environmental warning systems to detect an aerosol cloud of plague bacilli, and there are no widely available rapid diagnostic tests of utility. The first sign of a bioterrorist attack with plague would most likely be a sudden outbreak of patients presenting with severe symptoms.

The Plague could be used, very effectively, as a depopulation tool.

Authors Note- I would like to thank Steve Quayle, author of "Breathe No Evil- Tactical Guide to Biological and Chemical Terrorism" for generously allowing me to pick his brain for this article and headline.


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