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September 20, 2020

As The Clock Ticks Down, This Nuclear Election Script Has Been Written And Is About To Be Unleashed Upon America, With Nothing Less 'Total Chaos' The Democrat End-Game If They Don't Win

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While this important new story over at Zero Hedge titled "Nuclear Scenario For Markets Emerges In 'Jaw-Dropping' SCOTUS/Election Plot-Twist" focused largely upon what might happen to the stock market in the coming months should the 'nuclear election scenario' they warn of unfold, we have to look at it from a socio-political perspective considering the 'political nuclear bomb' that was just unleashed across America with the death of Ruth Ginsberg so close to the election. 

With Democrats heads already exploding following President Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize following his historical Middle East Peace deal that Barack Obama was never able to accomplish during his 8 years in office, and now leftists vowing to take their protests/rioting to an entirely new level (of crazy), as the ZH story reports, imagine the election in November being contested and going to the US Supreme Court, where a 4-4 split decision (without a judge to replace RBG) leaves the nation in chaos. 

And with that scenario being a very real possibility in 2020, especially with Democrats now vowing 'nothing is off the table' while promising to attempt to pull out every trick in the book to get President Trump out of office and Joe Biden (actually Kamala Harris) into it, the ZH story concludes

"And now to all this add the potential "nuclear option" for markets of a contested election AND a deadlocked 4-4 SCOTUS (as Roberts again makes a "surprise" flip) failing to declare a winner, unlike the Bush v Gore 2000 election. What happens then? For the presidency, for the economy, for geopolitics, and for the stock market?"

The script - as bizarre at it appears - has now been written and stocks just have to start "weighing" the risks more efficiently; Sunday night futures open will be fun to watch.

And with the results of this election sure to bring chaos and unrest to America no matter who wins, with Democrats stirring up their followers to a fever pitch as November approaches and they continue to demonize President Trump while numerous warnings have emerged that even if Biden wins, the far-left will continue to burn down US cities, some have warned this election has come down to nothing less than 'Communism' or 'freedom' for America. 

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In the first video at the bottom of this story from Brighteon, Mike Adams from Natural News warns us we're now just slightly over 40 days away from the post-election CHAOS that's already being announced by the radical left-wing terror organizations like Antifa and BLM

And with an attempt upon the life of President Donald Trump as announced on Saturday as was reported in this Fox News story after ricin was sent to the White House, and that 'event' hinting at what many Democrats want and what we'll see more of ahead, as Adams warns within the video, we should all be preparing to defend our families, loved ones and country in the days ahead. 

As Zero Hedge also reported in this Saturday story (giving us a little look into the mindset of Democrats ahead of the election!), "absolutely terrified Democrats" are demanding the Department of Justice launch an emergency probe into the investigation of John Durham, meaning the chance of an 'October surprise' is growing every day. 

And while we definitely won't be holding our breaths for Attorney General William Barr and Durham to rightfully 'take down the enemies of America within' that lied to the American people about the 2016 election and 'Russian interference' (a large part of the cause of 10's of millions of Americans having 'Trump derangement syndrome'), if Democrats really are terrified as was recently announced by the House GOP Judiciary Committee, maybe Americans will finally get some truth about this fiasco that has gone on for far too long already and completely 'stained' US politics and our Commander in Chief. 

Yet that revelation itself also gives us another reason to prepare because we all know about what happens when a wild animal is backed into a corner as Democrats appear to be now. 

With Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently telling her 6.6 million Instagram followers that Democrats should ‘radicalize and fight’ after the recent death of a woman whose decisions upon the Supreme Court helped lead to the deaths millions of unborn babies, with many arguing her actions have led to nothing less than 'infanticide', the words out of the mouth of one of the most radical leftists in Washington DC are another reason why the rest of us should all be prepared for November/December madness.

“Let this moment radicalize you,” she said. 

“Let this moment really put everything into stark focus. Because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives.” 

 "I need you to be ready,” she added.

Yet with tens of millions of Americans also feeling a similar way about the need to get President Trump re-elected and keeping Joe Biden out of office, as we certainly DO NOT WANT socialism/communism to fully take hold in our free country, the continued all-out censorship we're now watching from the mainstream media and Democrats as we approach November are also continued warnings of where America is headed should Biden win in November. 

With Kamala Harris clearly just 'waiting in the wings' for Democrats and a Joe Biden presidency potentially bringing an 'end game' scenario to the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendment as had reported in this recent story republished on ANP, just sit back for a moment and imagine this very real possibility unfolding within less than 40 days. 

President Trump appears to win the election on election night. Joe Biden refuses to concede. With Democrats heavily pushing mail-in ballots in this 'age of coronavirus', ballots that flood in over the next 2 to 3 weeks tilt the election lead back in the favor of Joe Biden. The mainstream media then announces Biden has won, leading to leftists across the country melting down in joy rather than 'screaming at the sky'. President Trump, acknowledging the fraud of such mail-in ballots, refuses to concede. The 'contested election' then goes to the US Supreme Court. Without a replacement for RBG yet sworn in, the case deciding the election becomes a 4-4 tie. 

As Susan Duclos had warned within this September 19th ANP story, anybody who thinks that we've seen 'crazy' in US politics over the past 4 years will see something on an entirely new level should that very real possibility and scenario unfold in America. So as Mike Adams warns us within this 1st video, we all should take our preps to an entirely new level as the clock ticks down, especially with the 'script already written' and Democrats needing 'mass chaos' to get them out of the mess they appear to be in.  

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