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September 11, 2019

America Would Become A Full-Fledged 'Banana Republic' If This Happens: The 'Sum Of All Fears', This Would Be The 'Final Nail In Our Republic's Coffin'

- Baltimore Workers Concerned About Terror Attack As President Trump Visits Thursday


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While reading this ANP story, please keep in mind this September 10th story at Canada Free Press titled "The Left Threatens The President's Life" that Whatfinger News linked to on Tuesday. As the Free Press bluntly states in their subtitle: "The anti-Trump meme driven from the left has reached the tenor and decibel level where it represents an existential threat to the man Donald J. Trump.

With their story reminding us immediately of that day in November of 1963 that all Americans who were alive then remember so well, their story warns that the absolutely hate-filled rhetoric that we've been hearing from the msm and most of the democratic party and their dumbed-down followers across America has quite literally put President Trump in danger of suffering the same fate suffered by John F. Kennedy, especially at a time when 'Trump derangement syndrome' afflicted leftists are already attacking Conservatives across America while a shocking report finds Christians the most persecuted group in the world, nearing genocide levels

So with President Trump set to go to Baltimore on Thursday, just days after a mysterious van was found in a parking garage carrying a huge amount of diesel fuel that caused a large section of Baltimore to be evacuated as seen in the image at the top of this story, as the Gateway Pundit reports in this new story, the evacuated location was only .8 miles away from where the House GOP is scheduled to host their retreat on Thursday, with hundreds already expected to show up to protest.  

And while the original report of 1,000 gallons of fuel being found in the van was inaccurate according to this story over at WUSA9, and officials are now saying this stolen diesel wasn't a terror threat, as this story over at Gateway Pundit also reports, a 2nd suspicious van allegedly holding 660 gallons of stolen gas has also been discovered in Baltimore, with that van found within a mile of Route 95, one of the main highways both in and out of Baltimore.

And while we certainly don't know what President Trump's route into his retreat may have been, as we see in the maps at the top of this story and below, the evacuated area of Pratt Street in Baltimore is one of the main routes into the city and one that POTUS's motorcade almost certainly would have driven down to get to their retreat location which was less than a mile away. That van could have made it to the GOP retreat location within minutes had it not been discovered.

So with America now having arrived at the anniversary of 9/11, a day that certainly changed America forever and helped launch the surveillance/police state that much of the country has evolved into, we're going to be taking a look at the concern some Baltimore area workers/residents feel that a Baltimore terror attack might be coming at a time when we've never seen hatred of any US President higher. First, from this important Canada Free Press story

All this happened 56 years ago. Ancient history by American standards. But the events did incalculable damage to the nation. While the cause of it all remains…unclear.

Today, though, there’s no lack of clarity concerning the hatred aimed at the current American President.

The behavior of today’s liberal media portends the danger of another November 22nd event.

Meanwhile, we wait to hear any warning, from either political party, or the media, spoken collectively to the left that says:

“Your rhetoric has become incendiary. You owe it to the nation to cease the worst of your vitriolic language, and end the threats that seem designed to incite actions to remove the President by any means necessary. This has all gone too far, for too long. STOP!”

Who is there to deliver this warning to Hollywood and the Democrat Party?

Who among Republican pols will stand and call a halt to the opposition language that walks on the edge of inciting bodily harm against a U.S. President?

Where are the adults in the American progressive political movement—if they exist—able to reign-in their hyper-belligerent allies, both in and out of government?

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As someone who grew up in Md and had been in Baltimore hundreds of times while reading news from Maryland for decades, I had never heard of two such huge gas/diesel thefts within years, much less within 2 days, and even this Baltimore Sun story says they are very uncommon. Yet according to this previously mentioned USA9 story, these discoveries posed no terror threats. Believe that? 

As this story over at reports, many good law enforcement officers and other 'terrorist trackers' raised red flags to their bosses and 'higher up's' prior to 9/11 and they were completely ignored, and we all know what happened after that. From the story.: 

The road to 9/11 was littered with opportunities that the United States missed to cripple al Qaeda and to avert the attacks of September 11, 2001. Throughout the 1990s small dedicated teams of intelligence analysts and FBI agents toiled in obscurity, as al Qaeda and its associates attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, and the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen in 2000, along with several smaller “lone wolf” attacks. HISTORY talked to five intelligence and law-enforcement veterans of those investigations about the challenges they faced convincing others in the government of the threat posed by al Qaeda and other Sunni Islamist groups.

Yet while their focus was on al-Qaeda and overseas terrorism, with what we know now about 'false flag terrorism', might all of those 'missed opportunities' have been 'on purpose'? Even the former President of the Nazi Reichstag, Herman Goering, said during the Nuremberg trials:

“Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”  

With Goering one of the most reviled 20th-century characters in the world, tied forever to one of the most chilling examples of genocide in world history, proving the existence of 'false flags', it's easy to see how government's are more than happy to send their people off to death by 'manufacturing a crisis' that the msm and politicians immediately begin spouting 'threatens national security', allowing more un-Constitutional laws to be created and more opportunities for the 'real fascists' to crack down upon freedom and America. 

With 9/11/01 helping to rush in the surveillance state in America as Wired had reported in this September 11th of 2011 story while ushering in the American Police State as John W. Whitehead had reported in this September 8th of 2016 Counterpunch story, imagine what would happen to this country should another massive terror attack take place here, especially one that somehow involves President Trump. 

So while we'll pray that these two vans found in Baltimore containing mass amounts of stolen fuel are merely what authorities say, no terror threat at all, with the hatred of President Trump being spread by the leftists and msm as if it were Halloween candy coming at a time of mass leftist insanity across the land, largely induced by the msm, all eyes and ears should be wide open in the days ahead.

Coming back to this Canada Free Press story, we're warned that the kind of hatred we're now witnessing in America may be unlike anything since the Civil War, with a huge warning of what may still be to come.

Hollywood “A-listers” and wannabees. Democrat Presidential candidates, including the single-digit group and their acolytes. Media outlets and their pundits who traffic in diatribes that feed the Trump-hatred of their readers.

Who stands up to them?

These and others have raised the decibel level of their cacophony of distain for the President of the United States to a menacing level not witnessed since the days before and during the American Civil War.

Do they not know that We the People see and hear all this? For we are neither collectively blind, nor deaf.

The anti-Trump meme driven from the left has reached the tenor and decibel level where it represents an existential threat to the man Donald J. Trump.

And, God forbid, should the old drum that sounded November ‘63 beat again, this time we will know why.

And, God forbid, should anything happen to President Trump in the days ahead, America might be forever cast into a downward spiral that quickly goes completely out of control, leading to Civil War. And if something were to happen to POTUS, does anybody believe we'd get the truth from the 'talking head msm'? 


With democrats and the msm continuing to demonize President Trump as if he were satan himself, driving countless leftists to madness, this new story over at the website "I Love My Freedom" which Whatfinger News had linked to Wednesday morning reports that the NY Times had just put out a story that should tell us everything we need to know in 2019: The New York Times Praises Communist Mass Murderer Mao As “Great Revolutionary Figure”.

While the Times came to their senses and later deleted the tweet which was promoting their story, claiming that it lacked 'historical context', as this new story over at the Washington Examiner reportsthe NY Times attraction to murderous dictators continues apace. Why would the 'Grey Lady' praise a REAL murderous dictator who slaughtered 45 million while calling President Trump a 'wanna-be dictator'? From the Washington Examiner story.: 

Never mind the fact that his disastrously conceived (and named) “Great Leap Forward” killed an estimated 45 million human beings. Then there were the political purges, the labor camps, the exterminations, the execution quotas, etc. In all, Mao is suspected of killing an estimated 70 million people with his brand of genocidal totalitarianism. But other than all of that, yes, he was “one history’s great revolutionary figures.”

It was not long before social media users noticed and took exception on Monday to the Times’ weirdly glowing description of the 20th century’s most prolific mass murderer. The pushback became such that the paper deleted the tweet eventually, issuing a sort of half-hearted mea culpa.

“We’ve deleted a previous tweet about Mao Zedong that lacked critical historical context,” the account tweeted Monday.

Which is to say, 'Ah, yes. The murders. We forgot about the murders.'

To the Times’ credit, its stupid Mao Zedong tweet lasted for roughly three hours before it was deleted and disavowed. That's a massive improvement from the nearly 60 years it took for the Times to disavow Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty and his efforts to obscure and cover-up the brutal realities of Stalinism.

With the Times praising one of the worst mass murderers in history giving us a look at the mindset of the mainstream media that continues to peddle leftist/democratic propaganda, we should all be prepared for absolutely anything to come with any kind of mass terrorist attack or an attack upon President Trump surely being the 'sum of all fears' and the 'final nail in America's coffin' that would leave us a full-fledged 'Banana Republic'. 

And as this story over at Trade For Profit reports, while 'officials' say that there was no terror threat involved in the discovery of a van containing a huge amount of explosive liquid in Baltimore, many who work in the area were shook-up at what they believed could have been a possible terrorist attack either just ahead of or during President Trump’s visit. Even Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton tweeted, “So somebody ditched a truck packed with 1000 gallons of gasoline in a parking garage adjacent to Baltimore’s main downtown thorofare, a couple days before the president is due to arrive. Coincidence?” So we prepare for anything and everything in the days ahead. 

Both the 1st and 2nd videos below take a look at what happened in Baltimore recently ahead of President Trump's visit from an 'alarmed perspective' and while authorities claim that no 'terror plot' is in the making, we hope that they remember all the signs that were missed, or purposely ignored, prior to 9/11/2001. The 3rd and final video below was a local news stations broadcast of when 'the evacuation event' was ongoing. 

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