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March 18, 2018

Is California's Governor Preparing To 'Wage War' On Conservatives In California? 'Be Careful What You Wish For, Jerry'

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Not satisfied with being dead last among the states, based on things like educational standards, poverty, and homelessness, the glorious leaders of Jerry Moonbeam’s People’s Republic of Fruits and Nuts (formerly known as California) are forging ahead to new depths. California’s major urban areas have declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities” for “undocumented immigrants,” which is leftist newspeak for illegal aliens. In fact, Moonbeam has declared the entire place to be a “sanctuary state.” Of course, there is no sanctuary for the dwindling number of working class US citizens who still live here.

The large cities, the Legislature, and the Governor’s office are all dominated by Demoncraps, meaning communists, meaning fascists. Recently, the State even appointed an illegal alien “Dreamer” to head (paid for by the few remaining taxpayers) something called the “California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.” Wow. That’s a mouthful. The leftists do have a way with words. Let me guess…this agency will probably give huge educational grants to illegal aliens.


Aside from the lying clowns in the Legislature, the critters we can thank for all this enlightenment include, of course, Moonbeam himself. He is an 80 year old White male (sort of) elected by radical feminists who hate the patriarchy of old, White men. Like most leftists, he was born rich into a kind of political dynasty; his late father, Edmund “Pat” Brown, was also Governor and also a Demoncrap. Of course, Moonbeam has never worked at anything like a real job, even a white collar one, and, like most of his class, he has never dirtied his delicate hands with physical labor…that’s for the deplorables, don’t you know.

Most of his life has been in politics; he has been Mayor of Oakland and was previously Governor for a few years before taking a break and then returning to the office…he has, thus far, spent 16 years as Governor and can take credit for much of the (downhill) progress the state has made. Moonbeam had his ticket punched at Yale Law School, like so many of our betters, has fathered no children, and did not marry until age 67. He may or may not be a homosexual, but he is anything but mainstream, and has virtually nothing in common with the little people he rules.

He supports the sanctuary state idea, and he and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra have threatened businesses with hefty fines if they cooperate (as required by federal law) with ICE by reporting illegal alien employees. It’s not clear that the state law the business owners would be violating (the Immigrant Worker Protection Act) is even constitutional, but leftists have never let the Constitution get in their way before. Moonbeam has even implied some sanction against any local law enforcement agencies that cooperate with ICE.


Moonbeam’s prime henchman in all of this is Xavier Becerra, who is himself Hispanic, because diversity is so important (as long as it isn’t a diversity of thought and opinion). Becerra has announced that he is committed to “protecting California’s immigrant communities” and “vulnerable, undocumented youth.” He just oozes compassion, and supports abortion, including sex-selective abortion (killing girls). If killing babies isn’t compassionate, what is? Needless to say, he has announced his adoration of Glibetts (GLBTs). And that’s about the extent of his tolerance. He mostly lives in Maryland rather than in the “paradise” he has helped create in California.

Of the many Demoncrap mayors, Oakland Mayor Elizabeth “Libby” Schaff, a 53 year old attorney (aren’t they all), stands out for warning illegal aliens of impending ICE raids since 2/18 so they can escape or ambush and murder the federal agents. It’s not clear who has leaked the information to her.

So all these leftists are bravely standing up to the federal government over the one issue that truly is the prerogative of the feds…immigration. There has been an incremental federalization of laws and law enforcement, all of it championed by the left, despite the fact that our Founding Fathers believed in state sovereignty, meaning that most laws and law enforcement should be left to the states. Not satisfied with violating the federal law that truly should be federal, some of California’s heroic leftists are even championing secession of the state from the US…the Calexit movement.

The leader of this movement is one Louis Marinelli, who was born in New York and lives in Russia, which makes about as much sense as Becerra living in Maryland. If we get really lucky, perhaps Moonbeam will move to Central Africa. The Calexit movement has little support, mostly from leftists…despite the fact that leftists have always supported a stronger central government (eventually leading to a world government) and opposed state sovereignty. Like they say, if leftists didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.


But if Moonbeam and his cronies can disobey federal law, why should California counties and individual citizens obey California law? Already Tehama and Siskiyou counties have voted to disobey Moonbeam and cooperate with ICE. What is Moonbeam going to do…send in the National Guard and wage war against the sheriffs and citizens in those counties?

People forget that there is a whole other California away from Sacramento and the coastal urban areas and the extreme south of the state (already in effect conquered by Mexico). Much of the northern part of California, the Central Valley (save for the Capital), and the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains are rural and conservative, inhabited by farmers and ranchers, loggers, miners, and fishermen…you know, people who are actually productive.

For many years there has been a movement by people in northern California and southern Oregon to break away from those states and create the new state of Jefferson. Oregon and Washington are both as leftist-dominated as California, but those states, too, especially away from the coast, have many counties inhabited by normal human beings.

Why shouldn’t they be free to defy Moonbeam and his equivalents in Oregon and Washington? Why shouldn’t individual citizens in California defy the state’s unconstitutional gun laws? Why should citizens pay taxes to support aid for illegal aliens and cushy salaries for leftist politicians, judges, and bureaucrats? And why should the idea be limited to California and the West Coast? If Trump betrays us or is overthrown, why shouldn’t Texas secede, or, short of secession, simply refuse to obey many federal laws?

Maybe Moonbeam is on to something. Be careful what you wish for, Jerry. 


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