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May 11, 2016

BEWARE Bernie Sanders Supporters! Viral 'Bernie Sanders Glowsticks' Recipe Meme Was Made By Someone Who Wants To Kill You! ANP Public Service Announcement And Major False Flag Warning


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The absolutely bizarre story coming to us today from Yahoo News and the 1st video below from†TheLipTV†tells us about a "Bernie Sanders Glowsticks" meme that has gone viral†recently, finding its way on to Tumblr, DeviantArt, Reddit and elsewhere in the past several days, a meme that Yahoo news said was made by 'someone who wants to kill you'.

Telling us that the recipe now found online for 'Bernie Sanders Glowsticks' is actually a recipe originally found in The Anarchist Cookbook for making homemade bombs leads us to ask, is a massive false flag being set up in which Sanders' supporters are either harmed or killed by these 'glowsticks' or charged with terrorism for making them? And what happens now when Sanders supporters show up at the Democratic or Republican Conventions to protest while holding ordinary, non-lethal glowsticks? The GIF photo at the top of this story shows what these deadly glowsticks can do. †

This one has 'something rotten' written all over it and ANP has decided to put out this story immediately as a public service announcement in the hopes that enough people will share this news to make sure that something really sad and really stupid doesn't happen because of this. This 'meme' is as cowardly as they come and the fact that it was being pushed by people on several different popular websites reaks of somebody trying to create 'an event'.†

While it's known that anybody can find this 'recipe' online, we have decided to edit out the contents of it as seen in the screenshot of the meme gone viral below. We also found it interesting that whoever made this meme was clear to point out that all of the needed ingredients can be found at Wal Mart. Think this would impress your friends and family? These glowsticks will only land you a ticket to the hospital or the morgue if not onto the terror watch list.

Much more below including the 2nd video, a new video from Alex Jones with Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog sharing with us one of the signs that the 2016 election in November might not even happen as Barack Obama has succeeded in destroying the US economy, one of the events necessary to happen prior to the introduction of global government. Will the 'nwo' be pulling off a false flag attack to cancel the elections and keep their dreams of a neutered America and a global dictatorship alive? †


Is this an attempt by Hillary Clinton and her globalist 'false flag' supporters or others to bring down Sanders, Trump and the 'revolution' that we're now watching unfolding in America? According to US Uncut, some†of the subreddits were labelled ďLetís trick Sanders supporters into killing themselvesĒ on forums such as†/r/KillThoseWhoDisagree and /r/EnoughSandersSpam.

While Sanders supporters have been known to 'feel the Bern' according to this story from the Inquisitr, the fact that anybody would attempt to trick other people into unknowingly making bombs that could either injure or kill others seems to us like this has been purposely created with an extremely sinister purpose in mind. As of this moment, nobody has been held responsible for creating the deadly meme. From the Inquisitr:

Itís also worth noting that even if the bomb proves non-fatal, people have been arrested on domestic terrorism charges before after making and detonating chlorine bombs.

Itís hard to tell whether this is just somebodyís idea of a truly evil joke, or if someone thought that this was a good way to remove Bernie Sanders supporters from the running. Fortunately, the largest Bernie Sanders page on Tumblr, Bernie Sanders Revolution, quickly picked up on it and spread the word.

If thereís any bright side to this, itís that we would all have heard about it if there were a sudden rash of home-brewed chlorine bombs going off in the homes of Bernie Sanders supporters; itís likely that the quick action of major Bernie Sanders blogs to block and condemn the meme has prevented at least a few disasters. But itís hard to know how many times the meme has been spread on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and a Google Image search produces 16 pages of results.

One other theory, which has gone generally ignored, but bears mentioning, is that this meme could be a false-flag by overly-enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporters; while one hopes that nobody would go this far, we have to remember that this deadly meme might be intended to cast a negative light on those who oppose Bernie Sanders supporters ó of which there are more than a few, and the clashes between the two sides are becoming legendary.


As ANP has reported previously, there is no guarantee that a November 2016 election will even be held considering everything else that we're now watching unfolding. The establishment has lost control on the Republican side of the aisle, causing large numbers of former Sanders supporters to join Trump, while Hillary barely hangs on on the Democratic side.†

Between impending economic collapse that could quickly lead to a nuclear World War 3 to threats of cyber-attacks that could bring down our electrical grid to more signs that the elite have no plans of giving up their power, 2016 could unfold as the year that everything changes in America.

Of course, we also believe that everything can change for the better. While difficult times are clearly ahead for our nation no matter who is voted into office, we see light ahead as the masses of Americans come to the realization that the current system is broken, in many way, and needs to be fixed. Fortunately, through a great spiritual rebirth unlike anything America has seen before, a 'great' America is still within the realm of what's possible for our nation and our people. Though danger remains, we should work towards and expect nothing less.†

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