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August 27, 2018

So Eager To 'Cull The Heard', Big Pharma & Modern Medicine's Stubbornness To Recognize Alternative Medicine Ensured The Death Of John McCain 

-  The Cruel Truth Is, 2007 Study Found Highly Effective Alternative Treatment For Brain Cancer

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With much of the nation now talking about the life and death of Arizona Senator John McCain, this new story over at Daily Mail today titled "The Cruel Truth About Glioblastoma: Doctors Still Have No Way To Treat The Most Aggressive Type Of Brain Cancer That Killed John McCain, Beau Biden And Ted Kennedy" is sadly, 'fake news'. 

While medical doctors describe glioblastoma as a 'highly malignant' form of cancer because it has the ability to evade all forms of treatment that 'modern medicine' has to offer, 'modern medicine' is frightened to death to take a look at natural, alternative treatments that are much less expensive and as we see in this ANP story, medical studies done by doctors all the way back in 2007 actually offer what appears to be a very viable weapon against glioblastoma. 

As the Daily Mail story reports, unlike some of the more treatable kinds of tumors, glioblastoma cannot be  contained and actually 'melts' into the rest of the brain.

And while brain surgeons can try their best to remove as much of the dangerous cancerous tissue as possible through surgery or radiation therapy, doctors claim that there is no way to eliminate the tumerous growths entirely from one's brain and generally, those diagnosed with glioblastoma are given a future life expectancy of only 14 to 16 months.

Yet with glioblastoma taking down political heavyweights Ted Kennedy and now John McCain with Beau Biden's death in between, why hasn't what some have called a very promising natural treatment received more publicity from the medical community and the mainstream media?

Certainly if a cure for cancer was discovered, those seeking to impose the depopulation agenda upon the masses would lose a potent weapon to 'cull the heard' and 'big pharma' and those who practice 'modern medicine' would lose out immensely financially should Americans find out one of the most potent weapons against cancer and particularly glioblastoma is as close as the nearest grocery store. 


While glioblastoma has been called 'untreatable' using modern medicine, all the way back in September of 2007, National Health Service in the UK put out this news release reporting that a study done all the way back then, more than 10 years before John McCain died from brain cancer, had determined that eating raw garlic had relesased specific organic compounds that killed brain tumors, and was specifically successful killing glioblastoma. 

While those in big pharma and within many 'modern medical practices' would call such a claim 'heresy' to 'modern medicine', even the US National Institutes of Health put out this article in July of 2014 reporting upon a study that found a garlic-derived compound to be successful against glioblastoma. From that NIH article.:  

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most common brain malignancies and has a very poor prognosis. Recent evidence suggests that the presence of cancer stem cells (CSC) in GBM and the rare CSC subpopulation that is resistant to chemotherapy may be responsible for the treatment failure and unfavorable prognosis of GBM. A garlic-derived compound, Z-ajoene, has shown a range of biological activities, including anti-proliferative effects on several cancers. Here, we demonstrated for the first time that Z-ajoene specifically inhibits the growth of the GBM CSC population. CSC sphere-forming inhibition was achieved at a concentration that did not exhibit a cytotoxic effect in regular cell culture conditions.

And for those of us who don't have a scientific background, we get this non-scientific explanation from Natural On about a Journals of Cancer study which also found garlic a deadly weapon against cancer.: 

The Journals of Cancer recently published a study which found that a number of chemical agents in garlic produce both reactive oxygen and free radical cells which kill certain types of brain cancer cells. Cancer cells have increased metabolism because they divide rather quickly, which means that in order to continue to maintain that metabolism, they have high energy needs. Both of the kinds of cells in garlic are known to deprive cancer cells of energy, causing them to die.

No doubts that garlic is one of the true gifts from nature as the reactive oxygen found in garlic is very toxic to cancer cells. People who live in the Mediterranean have used copious amounts of this plant in their diet and through the ages they have shown much lower rates of both heart disease and cancer as a result. Researchers have been studying garlic for years attempting to explain and understand its benefits.

The most invasive and common type of brain cancer is called glioblastoma. This type of brain tumor starts in the glial cells within the brain and found in about 20 percent of all head tumors and 52 percent of all brain tissue tumors diagnosed.

Since glioblastoma is a high invasive surgery it is not always possible or sometimes it is just not the best answer. Radiation and chemotherapy is generally recommended by doctors but both of these choices will cause damage to the healthy cells of the brain, as well as the cancer cells. Studies have found that most patients die within 15 months of diagnosis without treatment, and even those who submit to chemotherapy and/or radiation find that 90 percent of all subjects die within 10 years after treatment.

Your doctor will probably not tell you that garlic contains compounds called organo-sulphur compounds which cause damage to the glioblastoma cells but have no effect on healthy cells. These compounds in garlic give scientists new hope that garlic might be able to do what chemotherapy cannot: Treat glioblastoma without causing damage to healthy brain cells.


According to Healthline, to obtain wanted health benefits from garlic it can't be consumed in just any standard fashion and in fact, the amazingly healthy compound allicin is released only when garlic is chopped, crushed or chewed and overheating garlic will kill the allicin compound that is released from garlic. 

Also having the ability to lower blood pressure, help prevent heart attacks and strengthening the immune system, we also learn from Health On how eating raw garlic can attack cancer and has been called a very real breakthrough against the untreatable form of brain cancer that John McCain had. 

Another study, published in the American Cancer Society Journal revealed that three of the garlic compounds – DAS, DADS, and DATS – can enter glioblastoma cells and interrupt their growth. It was found that among those three compounds DATS are the most powerful.

Garlic also contains sulphone hydroxyl ions, which can enter the brain itself, something that many compounds cannot do. This study can be viewed as a true breakthrough in the treatment of brain cancer. It appears that finally scientists admit the importance that plants can play in the treatment of many diseases, including this terrible brain cancer.

Allyl Sulphur compounds that are found in garlic can induce selective toxicity to malignant cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone. This leaves the patient with minimum or no side effects. Allyl Sulphur also interferes with the metabolism of a type of DNA based protein called histone. These organic Sulphur compounds have low molecular weight, they easily pass through the cell membranes and enter the brain tissue directly. Natural compounds, such as the ones found in garlic, are much better tolerated by the body than any artificial or chemical formula man can invent.

How can YOU use garlic? For optimum effect, start with fresh, organic garlic. Peel off a clove and allow it to reach room temperature if you have been keeping it in the fridge. Remove the dry, paper skin and then crush the garlic slightly. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. It is during this time that the garlic is releasing a powerful enzyme called alliinase. This enzyme is what causes the formation of the brain protecting, cancer killing organo-sulphur compounds.

Eat two of these cloves each day and add more to your meals for best results.


While big pharma and most in modern medicine refuse to recognize the wisdom of Hippocrates himself, that food is indeed a medicine and many different 'medicine's' can be found in food, a look at the cancer rates in India compared to the United  States finds a huge difference with American men 23 times more likely to get prostate cancer than men in India. 

With health experts blaming the huge disparity on the heavy consumption of the herb turmeric in India, the numbers from this May of 2015 Nutritional Facts story are absolutely mind-boggling: 

Population-based data indicate that some extremely common cancers in the Western world are much less prevalent in regions where turmeric is widely consumed in the diet.

For example, “overall cancer rates are much lower in India than in western countries.” U.S. men get 23 times more prostate cancer than men in India. Americans get between 8 and 14 times the rate of melanoma, 10 to 11 times more colorectal cancer, 9 times more endometrial cancer, 7 to 17 times more lung cancer, 7 to 8 times more bladder cancer, 5 times more breast cancer, and 9 to 12 times more kidney cancer. This is not mere 5, 10, or 20 percent more, but 5, 10, or 20 times more. Hundreds of percent more breast cancer, thousands of percent more prostate cancer—differences even greater than some of those found in the China Study.

While this 1990 story from the NY Times archive was titled "After 4,000 Years, Medical Science Considers Garlic", the story goes on in an attempt to debunk the health benefits of garlic though they also report:  

Their enthusiasm stems largely from a series of tantalizing findings concerning garlic's possible role against heart disease and cancer, among other disorders. The scientists reported that in laboratory animals garlic or one or more of its active ingredients can do these things:

* Block the ability of chemical carcinogens to transform normal cells into cancer cells and in some cases inhibit the early growth of transformed cells.

* Stimulate various immunological factors that may help the body combat cancer as well as stubborn fungal infections, like Candida albicans, a yeast that plagues millions.

* Protect cells against damage by oxidizing agents and heavy metals that are widespread in modern industrial environments.

Studies in China and Italy

But even more intriguing were the findings of a few studies in people, which lent support to the laboratory observations and aroused the interest of organizations like the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. William J. Blot of the institute said recent large studies of people in China and Italy produced the unexpected finding that eating a lot of garlic and related vegetables like scallions and onions was associated with low rates of stomach cancer.

Large differences in cancer rates were seen between regions of high and low consumption of these allium vegetables. Those living in high-consumption areas had less than half the risk of developing stomach cancer as people who lived where little or no garlic-type foods are eaten. And while frequent consumption of other fresh vegetables and fruits was also linked to a reduced cancer risk, garlic seemed to multiply the benefit, providing even more protection than would be expected from simply adding on its separate benefits.


And while we'll probably never find out if John McCain was made aware of the potential golden bullet that could have possibly killed his brain tumor before it killed him, we hope that this story finds the eyes and open minds of somebody or anybody who might now be going through a similarly tragic situation as McCain was, searching for a potential miracle without any hope, well hope is here for you. 

And while we're not medical doctors, we firmly believe in President Trump's 'Right to Try' bill that makes alternative treatment's and drugs available to those suffering from deadly, terminal diseases. Yet if that potential miracle can be purchased at the nearest grocery store, without a doctor's prescription, and without costly and deadly chemotherapy and radiation therapy, why would 'big pharma' and 'modern medicine' get behind it?  

In the first video below, medical doctor Dr. Leonard Coldwell tells us how every cancer can be cured in a very short period of time because cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment while the 2nd video below asks, if garlic can kill 14 different kinds of cancer, why aren't doctors prescribing it? Finally, for those who doubt that garlic can repel cancer, please watch the absolutely bizarre final video below which shows a real life experiment of garlic at work. You will be stunned.  

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