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July 28, 2016

The Biggest Story Of The Election Year? Bernie Sanders Leaves Democratic Party, To Run As Green Party Nominee? Would Destroy The Democratic Party 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We may now be watching the biggest story of not only the 2016 election year but the last 100+ years of US politics now unfolding before our very eyes. According to Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein in the 1st video below, we are now witnessing the breakup of the Democratic Party. 

The announcement tonight that Bernie Sanders has left the Democratic Party has barely raised an eyebrow though the ever eyes-open Drudge Report had their eyes firmly on the story.

The fact that Green Party nominee Stein recently announced that she would 'step aside' if Bernie Sanders would 'truly embrace revolutionary politics' should be sending shivers down the spine of every Hillary Clinton crony, especially in light of Bernie's announcement tonight that he's kicking the Dem's to the side.

If the 'Berners' really want 'revolution', they may still have their chance afterall. Bernie Sanders may soon be the nominee of the Green Party if we are reading these 'tea leaves' correctly. While Bernie recently publicly suggested to his voters that voting 3rd party if the candidate can't win probably wouldn't be the best way to stop Trump, we have to wonder if Bernie has had a change of heart watching the implosion of the DNC and Hillary Clinton soon after the Wikileaks bombshells the Dems dropped upon themselves while blaming the Russians and Trump and belittling Bernie himself.  


While some might say we're going out on a limb, after what the DNC did to Bernie, we can say we strongly believe that Hillary and her crooks over at the DNC probably have it coming. If Bernie believes that he and Jill Stein can defeat 'crooked Hillary' AND Donald Trump, will Bernie take Stein up on her offer and continue their 'revolution'? 

Wouldn't a Bernie Sanders move to the Green Party destroy the Democratic party by splitting the vote straight down the line? As it's going now, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Bernie and Dr. Stein pull in even more votes than Hillary if he decided to run with her candidacy rapidly imploding. As Trump recently said, "she's a mess".

From the story at Politico:

PHILADELPHIA – Bernie Sanders has another presidential nomination available to him if he wants it.

Jill Stein, the presumptive presidential nominee from the Green Party, said Monday night that she’d cede her spot atop the White House ticket to Sanders if he was willing to flip his allegiance and join her cause.

I myself would be perfectly happy as far as I’m concerned to step aside and allow him to run for that position if he truly became a proponent for revolutionary politics inside the Green Party,

Stein told a small group of reporters Monday night sheltering under I-95 during a heavy storm that swept across Philadelphia. 
Stein said she’d be willing to forgo a second consecutive Green Party nomination and let Sanders take over the group’s leadership mantle.

“If Bernie Sanders had a change of heart and he saw the light, the green light, that the greens are the way forward for his revolution,” Stein said. “If he truly became a proponent for independent third party politics I think there’s no end to what we could do with Bernie running the green party.”

The Green Party of the United States is set to meet Aug. 4-7 in Houston for its national convention. 


Will Sanders take Stein up on her offer to take US politics to a truly 'Revolutionary' level? As Susan Duclos just told me, what we are watching possibly unfolding is Hillary Clinton's absolute worst nightmare come to life. A Democratic party, completely and totally fractured, with the left being given an alternative to vote for that some believe has a very real chance to upset the status quo forever. 

While at this moment, we have received no clear indication from Sanders that he is heading in this direction, the fact that he stepped down from the Democratic Party is clearly the very first step that he has to take to make this happen. 

As we hear and see in the 2nd and 3rd videos below, the Green Party is heavily 'courting' the left that Hillary and the Democratic party have foresaken and those voters that the Democratic party have forever lost have begun their 'love affair' with Dr. Stein. As we hear below, Stein actually led a walkout from the Democratic Convention of delegates upset that Clinton had clearly stolen the election from Sanders with the 'super delegates'. 

Will this latest possible turn to the 2016 political season be the one that forever ends the presidential dreams of Hillary and catapults Trump into the White House or will we soon watch a 'real' political revolution take place with the election of a 3rd party candidate? Not since Ross Perot crashed the Republican party have we seen such division unfolding before our very eyes within a major party. We all know how that turned out. Will 2016 turn out the same way? 

We're going to hold on to our looks like the fun in 2016 may just be getting started. It's beginning to look like the rest of the year might be one heck of a ride. 


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