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July 12, 2021

Black Community Faces Off With Antifa 'Defund The Police' Cop Haters in Oakland As Group Heckles Families Of Black Violent Crime Victims

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When White House press Secretary Jen Psaki publicly made the claim that it was Republicans that wanted to "defund the police," to which she received three Pinocchio's from the Washington Post, conservatives knew right then, the liberal movement to defund or abolish, or reallocate funds from police departments across the nation, had backfired bigtime against Democrats, so they tried to rewrite recent history.

So, before going any further into a recent event in Oakland California,  lets take a quick look at a compilation by DC Shorts, of media liberals and Democrat politicians pushing the whole defund the police movement.

Americans know who has pushed for defunding or otherwise limiting the authority of law enforcement to enforce the laws, and who hasn't, and a small portion of the documented proof is shown in the video compilation above.

They can try to rewrite recent history, but it doesn't work when people can see with their own eyes and ears, the comments made above.   

While we rarely put much stock in actual polling percentages, since organizations can, and do, phrase questions or use specific demographics to get the numbers they want, we do look for patterns, such as a variety of polling groups, all showing a specific direction of public opinion.

With that said, nearly every poll conducted on the topic of defunding the police, has shown that the position is one not preferred by the majority of voters, including Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Blacks and Whites.

The more crime surges in cities and states that did defund or take funds from law enforcement, the higher the numbers become in police support.

The entire movement backfired, as was predicted.

Politicians attempted to use race as a reason for defunding the police, yet the latest polling, by a Democrat polling firm, had some extremely interesting results in response to violent crime, which has been running rampant throughout liberal cities.

The one exception? Violent crime. For the first time, crime ranked ahead of the pandemic as the top issue for all voters. Even more surprisingly, it was an issue that voters of both parties ranked highly: 57 percent of Republicans called the issue a major crisis while 52 percent of Democrats concurred. Most significantly, 70 percent of African-American voters called violent crime a major crisis. ......

Going back to June 2020, before the surge in violent crime in areas where law enforcement budgets were decimated by liberal anti-cop politicians and councils, the Black community opposed the "defund the police" movement by more than a 20 percent margin, which has now risen considerably and the Black community, just as every other community, want it stopped.

Within two months from those surveys, over 80% of Blacks said they wanted the same level or more police presence in their areas to prevent the rising violent crime numbers.

The fact is, the majority of those publicly pushing to defund the police, have been Democrat politicians, and white Antifa cop-haters.

Which brings us to a recent event in Oakland, California.


Police and members of the black community, along with others, rallied together to protest the rising crime and gun violence in Oakland, California, which had "defunded the police," by $14 million, then despite homicides increasing by over 300% in 2020, they cut another $18.4 million

As usual, young, white, Antifa cop haters, showed up.

Here is a description by an Intercept reporter, Lee Fang

Surreal moment in Oakland. About 200 mostly black families rally with police to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence. Mothers at the stage mourning recently murdered children. In the back, less than a dozen mostly white antifa protesters assembled to jeer them.

Along with his report he attached a few images, of the event, the Black community speakers, mostly victims' families, and the people jeering and heckling those Black community members.

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Amazing how often white liberals attempt to force what they think is best on the Black community under the guise of doing it in "their best interest."

Well, some of the attendees decided to confront the Antifa group.

One of the best responses to the nonsense seen in Oakland comes from a Twitter user, Will.Power-dragon, who stated the following:

Rational minded Black people, who don’t spend all damn day on Twitter, know we need police in our communities more than ever…

So sad they are drowned out on the daily by the dumb ass “defund the police”, “police are targeting us” types..

More reactions at Twitchy.



For decades Democrat politicians have attempt to distance themselves from their origins, including movements like the KKK, and to suck up to the Black community at each election cycle, just to ignore their wants and needs after the election, to push for what said Democrats think is "best for Blacks."

The hubris and arrogance of that stance is being noticed by more and more Americans, especially within the Black community.

When Democrats jumped on the defund the police movement, claiming it was to help the black community, they didn't count on the fact that those communities would push back, hard, because like all other communities in America, they want lower crime, safety on the streets for their children and the ability to live a life without constant fear of violent crime.

Now that Democrats have realized just how badly their "defund the police" movement has backfired, they are trying to claim they were never for it to begin with.

Share the videos, the direct quotes and refuse to allow them to deny the undeniable. 

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