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September 2, 2015

Black Lives Matter Patsies Being Used To Create A 'Profound And Acute Crisis In Society' To Start A Civil War


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters chanting "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon," after the murder of a police officer, Breitbart reports that the same type of chant was used by Ferguson protesters following the excecution of two police officers by a killer who used the exact phrase "pigs in a blanket."  Of course publicly, BLM organizer Trahern Crews claims the chant was "playful" in context during the BLM St. Paul march to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

According to Wikipedia, the media refers to the Black Lives Matter movement as "a new civil rights movement," but a look into an organization behind the BLM shows a comprehensive plan by another group who are using the BLM protestors as nothing more than patsies to create a "profound and acute crisis in society,"  with the "goal of revolution and ultimately communism ," as their endgame plan.

In other words.... to start a civil war.

The organization in question is seen clearly on a Black Lives matter sign held by protesters during a march against the New York City grand jury decision to not indict in the death of Eric Garner, in Oakland, California December 3, 2014, shown below:



The website header says "Welcome to the REVOLUTION - The Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA." The quotes above speaking to creating a crisis in society with the ultimate goal being revolution comes directly from their "New Communist Manifesto," which is a 100+ page PDF document found here

The message from the "Chairman" of this so-called party, pushes the basis of a race war by stating "There is the potential for something of unprecedented beauty to arise out of unspeakable ugliness: Black people playing a crucial role in putting an end, at long last, to this system which has, for so long, not just exploited but dehumanized, terrorized and tormented them in a thousand ways—putting an end to this in the only way it can be done—by fighting to emancipate humanity, to put an end to the long night in which human society has been divided into masters and slaves, and the masses of humanity have been lashed, beaten, raped, slaughtered, shackled and shrouded in ignorance and misery."

There stated goal is found in the second paragraph of their "Introductory Explanation," and states the following:

In order to bring this new socialist state into being, it would be necessary to thoroughly defeat, dismantle and abolish the capitalist-imperialist state of the USA; and this in turn would only become possible with the development of a profound and acute crisis in society and the emergence of a revolutionary people, in the millions and millions, who have the leadership of a revolutionary communist vanguard and are conscious of the need for revolutionary change and determined to fight for it. To work for this objective–to hasten while awaiting the emergence of these necessary conditions, with the goal of revolution and ultimately communism clearly in mind–is the strategic orientation of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

In their preamble they clearly state the need "to defeat and dismantle the forces of the old, oppressive order, and establish the new socialist state," further stating the " process and goal which, fundamentally and in the final analysis, can only be achieved on a global scale, with the advance to communism throughout the world," shows us the New World Order they are trying to create, starting with a massive civil war on American soil, then expanding it globally.

Is it any wonder why simple-minded protesters who go on national television to explain why they are chanting "pigs in a blanket" after a cop is killed, sound like they are stumbling and bumbling idiots? They cannot explain because they have no clue they are being used as patsies by others in order to start mass riots and ultimately a revolution and civil war that would rip America in half.


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