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March 24, 2020

Body Bags Don't Lie - People Are Dying While Pelosi And Company Try To Hold The Nation Hostage With The Coronavirus Relief Package 

- Pelosi Wants To Demand $300,000,000 For 'Migration and Refugee Assistance'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is using the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to attempt to hold America hostage by insisting on billions of dollars for items unrelated to the coronavirus to push her liberal agenda by basically blackmailing Republicans.

How is she blackmailing them?

By refusing to pass any bill to help Americans get through the pandemic, especially those that are under stay-at-home orders, those losing or who have already lost their jobs,  the sick, the healthy trying to stay that way, and every single other resident in the nation, unless a number of utterly ridiculous demands are met.... things that have absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic or COVID-19.

In a wonderfully fact-filled thread, with screen shots of the portions of the bill being referenced we see the following ransom demands by Pelosi and company. Here are just a few items in Pelosi's recently unveiled plan.

• $33,200,000 for new facilities for the NOAA

•  $100,000,000 for NASA and $100,000,000 for “Construction and Environmental Compliance”

• $278,000,000 for the Internal Revenue Service

• $35,000,000 for the JFK performing arts center

• $90,000,000 for an HIV program

• $36,000,000 for the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

• $7,000,000 for one specific DC charter school, Gallaudet University

• $23,000,000 for Howard University gets a $23,000,000 (Howard’s Endowment: $647,000,000)

• $300,000,000 for the Corporation for public broadcasting

• $500,000,000 for the Insitute of Museum and Library Services

• $1,000,000 for the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate

• $300,000,000 for “Migration and Refugee Assistance”

I think that is enough to make the point that Pelosi and company, claim they want to help American families, yet are willing to allow countless people to die unless she gets her pets projects funded. None of which has anything to do with coronavirus or pandemic related issues.

To top it all off, Pelosi is also claiming that if the deal in the Senate doesn't get reached, on a  bill that already had bipartisan support until she stuck her filthy, crooked paws on it,  that it would be Republican "poison pills" that collapsed the deal Senate Democrats and Republicans spent time previously hammering out.

Lies, lies and more lies.

While Pelosi is busy lying her butt off, people are dying.

Each person or company stepping up to the plate to help are doing so to help save lives. Not only is Pelosi and company not stepping up, but they are actively preventing any type of relief to the American people because they want to push their agenda in a time of crisis.

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People are dying.  There are so many sick right now that hospitals are running out of ventilators and respirator masks, with car companies starting to produce life saving medical equipment to try to save lives, yet Pelosi and company are dithering around for things like $300,000,000 for “Migration and Refugee Assistance”?

There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

I understand politicians will be politicians, and there are horrible pols from both side of the aisle, but there is something truly evil about refusing to help the American people during a pandemic, where body bags are being filled faster and faster as COVID-19 continues to spread at a very rapid rate, all because Pelosi and company wants a slush fund for everything but coronavirus-related issues?

America has gone from being low down on the sick map showing the global spread, to now being behind only China, where it originated, and Italy which had to go into complete lockdown.

(Daily increases of coronavirus in the US)

(Corona confirmed)

Too many Americans are simply not taking this seriously, which in turn has caused the spread to increase even faster. One doesn't have to listen to the media, or the even Independent Media who warned two months ago that what we were seeing was the rise of a deadly pandemic, to understand how serious this truly is.

Just look at the reactions from world leaders.

Look at the death toll globally in just six months, and those are only the numbers we know about.

Look at the things like the Olympics being postponed.  (The Olympics historically has only been cancelled previously during World War I and World War II).

Look at how countries, such as Italy, are handling this pandemic. They are already in lockdown and are now threatening "heavier fines" for coronavirus "violations." France, Australia, Austria, Spain, The UK, Netherlands, South Korea, Germany, South Africa, and others, have all taken actions they hope will help stop the spread within their countries.

Those are just a small sample of things every single American can look at to understand the severity of this pandemic, without having to "trust" the media, establishment or Independent.


Whether the coronavirus relief bill passes the Senate and House and President Trump signs it, or not, the very fact that Pelosi unveiled a bill showing the Democrats were, and are, willing to hold the entire nation hostage for her liberal pet projects, should finally show, even fellow Democrats, just how evil she is.


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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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