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June 23, 2020

The REAL Reason Democrats & John Bolton Hate President Trump Should Be A Dire Alarm To All Patriotic Americans As The Left's 'War Upon America' Turns To Mass Bloodshed Upon Each Other

- America Has Entered A Dangerous New Phase As We Rush Towards November

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With much of the mainstream media now drooling all over John Bolton and his new book and the possibility that Democrats will subpoena him to testify against President Trump, one recent story over at Reason and John Bolton's own words from his book tell us all we need to know about this latest round of 'piling on' upon President Trump ahead of the most important election in US history.

With the Reason story titled "John Bolton Is Still Mad That Donald Trump Wouldn't Let Him Bomb Iran", Bolton in his own words drops a bombshell on himself that we cannot ignore and have to examine while looking at the bigger picture at play; the attempt to complete the total overthrow of America and bring on a totalitarian, communist government and a 'boot stamping upon a human face, forever'.

As Reason reports, the incident Bolton singled out as "the most irrational thing I ever witnessed any President do" had nothing to do with Trump asking foreign leaders for political help or cozying up to dictators. No, the worst thing Bolton witnessed Trump do is decide NOT to start a war with Iran.

With that statement alone in John Bolton's own words helping to show US here at ANP why we need to keep fighting as hard as we can to get President Trump re-elected in 2020, just imagine if Hillary were president instead of Trump during the Iran crisis or, God forbid, Joe Biden be the man who is calling the shots when the 'deep state' says 'go to war with Iran or Russia or China' in 2021! From Reason before we continue:

"The moment he cites as the real 'turning point' for him in the administration had to do with an attack on Iran that, to Bolton's abject disappointment, didn't happen," writes Jennifer Szalai in the Times' review of the book. 

"In June 2019, Iran had shot down an unmanned American drone, and Bolton, who has always championed what he proudly calls 'disproportionate response,' pushed Trump to approve a series of military strikes in retaliation. You can sense Bolton's excitement when he describes going home 'at about 5:30' for a change of clothes because he expected to be at the White House 'all night.' (ANP: Sign of a mass murdering psychopath?)

It's therefore an awful shock when Trump decided to call off the strikes at the very last minute, after learning they would kill as many as 150 people." Bolton was plotting to start a war with Iran even before American troops hit the ground in Iraq. 

Trump may not deserve much praise for his foreign policy, but at least he resisted the urge to slaughter more innocent people in another Bolton-backed war.

And we'll argue that President Trump's aversion to killing people is a very good reason why the 'democrat deep state slaughter machine' has been at war with him since he took office, with President Trump already putting an end to several of their 'endless wars' that have drained American blood and resources while they worked their way towards bringing in a totalitarian 'new world order' to America.

While many Democrats are giddy in June, with sugar plums dancing in their heads upon hearing story titles like this via Pollster Nate Silver on June 22nd of 2020: "A Biden landslide is possible", we'd advise them and all of the mainstream media proclaiming 'President Biden a shoe-in' that back on  August 12th of 2016, Silver also had reported "What A Clinton Landslide Would Look Like".

With pollster Silver proving himself to be as out of touch with most Americans in 2016 as the majority of Democrats/globalists are in 2020, this ongoing war upon President that is now stretching into its fourth year is nothing less than the desperate Democrats attempt to complete their long worked towards destruction of 'America', as perfectly exemplified in their destruction of historical monuments nationwide.

Starting with the Russian collusion crime/hoax peddled by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire mainstream media apparatus, as WND reports in this new story titled "'Stunning': Barr scorches media for 'bovine silence' on collapsed Russiagate narrative - Closest to 'organized effort to push a president out of office' since Lincoln assassination", America has witnessed nothing less than a full-fledged coup attempt, completely condoned and ushered in by the msm, and as we'll explore in the next section below, it's now reached an incredibly dangerous new phase. First, from WND.

Attorney General William Barr hit the establishment media in an interview aired Sunday for what he called its “bovine silence” regarding the debunked narrative of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. 

In an interview on “Fox Sunday Futures,” Barr also asserted that the various government investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Kremlin were the “closest we have come to an organized effort to push a president out of office” since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Barr has long questioned the FBI’s decision to open a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign in July 2016. He appointed John Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, to conduct a review of the investigation and other surveillance conducted against Trump campaign associates. 

He said in the Fox News interview that Durham’s probe will yield some results “hopefully before the end of the summer.” 

Barr leveled his most pointed critique against the establishment media, which he accused of pushing the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin. “It’s like not even a ‘Whoops,’ and they’re just on to the next false scandal,” Barr said in the interview. 

“It’s been stunning that all we’ve gotten from the mainstream media is sort of bovine silence in the face of the complete collapse of the so-called Russiagate scandal, which they did all they could to sensationalize and drive,” he said. 

"So that has been surprising to me, that people aren’t concerned about civil liberties and in the integrity of our governmental process.”

As we've reported previously, ANP and many other independent, pro-America news websites were actually slandered by the Washington Post following the 2016 election, with the Post calling us a 'Russian propaganda effort'. With the Post story from 2016 quoting a shadowy and likely deep state run website called 'Prop or Not' (which labeled ANP and websites such as Natural News, SHTFPlan, Zero Hedge and many others as 'Russian propaganda'), should Democrats/deep state who've perpetuated this hoax and attempted coup upon America not be held accountable for their crimes, Americans will have absolute proof that the 'rule of law' no longer exists in America, only law based upon lies. And such 'law' is null and void in the eyes of God

With Democrat run cities in America going up in flames as riots pick up, and them clearly being the 'canary in the coal mine' as Susan Duclos had warned in this June 22nd ANP story, we'll continue to urge preparation for utter insanity and leftist lawlessness in 2020, especially with summer just starting to get heated up and democrats sure to fall to the lowest depths to try to get President Trump out of office.

As the Daily Mail reports in this new story titled "Weekend of bloodshed: Wave of gun violence sweeps America as at least 39 people are killed in major US cities including New York and epicentres of Black Lives Matter protests Minneapolis and Seattle", all of these 'protests' are quickly getting out of hand, enabled by Democrat politicians, so the wise will watch what's happening and get prepared.

And we shouldn't be the least bit surprised about what's now happening in New York and Seattle and Democrat run cities across America because all is going just according to plan according to one scientist who warned 10 years ago of this happening to America as was reported in this recent story by Paul Joseph Watson over at Summit News.

A scientist who accurately predicted back in 2010 that 2020 would be “mayhem” now says that a “civil war” in America could be coming next. 

Professor Peter Turchin, whose expertise lies in cultural evolution and historical dynamics, said ten years ago in Nature that after the start of 2020, we would see the beginning of “a period of major social upheaval” marked by “mayhem” and “widespread civil unrest”. 

"They had no reason to believe I wasn’t crazy,” back in 2010, he told Time. “People did not understand that I was making scientific predictions, not prophecies.” 

Turchin had looked at data from both violent and peaceful anti-government protests stretching back 230 years before 2010, noting that periods of widespread unrest occur roughly every 50 years and that we were due another in 2020. 

The professor said that there were “many signs” chaos would begin in 2020, and that a lot of it relates to the instability caused by “declining wages, wealth inequality and exploding national debt.”  

“As a scientist, I feel vindicated. But on the other hand, I am an American and have to live through these hard times,” he said. 

 Turchin’s track record of accuracy doesn’t provide much comfort given what he is predicting comes next. Due to the dreadful state of the economy as a result of coronavirus and regular violent disorder, the professor warns that the situation “may escalate all the way to a civil war.” 

“Things are not as bad as they can be,” Turchin concluded.

So with Professor Turchin's warnings in mind, we should all make sure we're prepared for the madness that will be unfolding over the rest of this year, especially with leftists now being urged to tear down statues of 'white supremacist Jesus' according to radical leftist terrorist Shaun King as was reported in this Breitbart story; especially with Democrats proving they could care less about 'the rule of law' unless it is tilted heavily in their favor; and especially with John Bolton a neocon relic who would happily manufacture WW3 and mass human deaths upon the Earth if he had his way. 

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