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January 8, 2020

Iranian Bounty On President Trump's Head Gives Perfect Cover To The 'Enemies Of America Within' To Carry Out 'Final False Flag' 

- Rogue, Anti-Trump 'Sleeper Cell' Discovered Operating Out Of US State Department 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While looking for a news story to write, quite often the 'breadcrumbs' that become the 'main course' are laid out steadily before us and this story is no exception after a whole bunch of stories came out in a row over the past day+ from msm and independent news sources that lined up ominously and screamed of danger ahead.

The first story from Darrin McBreen over at Infowars titled "WARNING! STAGE SET FOR TRUMP ASSASSINATION: Could the Deep State use threats from Iran to complete their coup against President Trump?" laid out a scenario that 'the establishment' may very well be planning to use right now to carry out 'the perfect false flag' to 'bury President Trump', quite literally, with an $80 million Iran bounty allegedly now on President Trump's head

While we'll explore that story much further in the next section below, the 2nd story also at Infowars reports that a network of 'deep state moles' has been discovered, STILL working out of President Trump's State Department, working not only to undermine President Trump and his 'America-First' agenda but putting ALL Americans in danger by continuing to use a Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton era group and program designed to fight 'disinformation, propaganda and fake news' across the globe, a group that was 1st used to foment dissent and Civil War in the Ukraine in 2013.

With Hillary Clinton running the US State Department under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013, during the time when that Obama-era group/program called 'TechCamp' was being used to push Democrat/Hillary propaganda, and that 'rogue group' still being active within the US State Department today, we get 
absolute proof of 'enemies of America within' President Trump's government as we'll also explore more below.

And with leftists here in America joining Iran in calling for President Trump's head, labeling President Trump's actions in killing Soleimani 'war crimes' and further giving sympathy to our enemies as John C. Velisek pointed out in this January 4th ANP story, Darrin McBreen's warning shared below takes on greater urgency with so many who truly hate President Trump now in such close proximity to him, having access to classified/restricted information and desperate to stop their own treasonous activities from being exposed. 

As Red State reported in this January 7th story that confirms our warning above, Elizabeth Vaughn reports that in a July of 2018 speech, now-dead Iranian General Qassam Soleimani bluntly stated to President Trump: "‘I’m telling you that we are close to you, exactly where you wouldn’t think that we are’". How about the US State Department? Are they even closer? It's clear the 'enemies of America' are within. So please join us in praying for God's protection of President Trump and America in the days, weeks, months and, hopefully, years ahead. 

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And as J.D. Heyes reported in this story over at Natural News, while President, Barack Obama gave 2,500 Iranians US citizenship as part of the nuclear deal with Iran. "Sleeper cell President?" Heyes asked. With Iranian sleeper cells long embedded across the country according to testimony by experts before Congress, did Obama set America up for a fall?  

As we mentioned briefly in the section above, with many who truly hate President Trump likely still having high level security clearances and Soliemani having confirmed that Iranian 'assets' were even close to President Trump, and now an $80 million bounty on President Trump's head being placed by Iran, the absolutely perfect false flag scenario has been presented to the Democrats/globalists to take down President Trump, blaming it upon Iran, to get America into World War 3. While getting themselves out of the mess they are in! And all in one fell swoop? This must-read extended excerpt from Darrin McBreen's important story over at Infowars as also heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.:

Here’s the scenario.

We all know the evil Democrats would love to orchestrate a JFK-style coup to get rid of Trump, but fear the repercussions would mean another Civil War in America.

Normally, the criminal elite would not be opposed to a Civil War as long as they were able to maintain order out of chaos.

However, the assassination of Trump would not work in their favor.

American patriots on the streets and within the military would rise up and destroy the Democratic Party and their brainwashed supporters with a vengeance.

Enter the enemy within the Trump administration: the neocons.

The recent decision to authorize a U.S. airstrike that barbecued Iran’s top general Qasim Soleimani was a bold and justified response to Iran’s terrorist campaign throughout the Middle East.

Nobody mourns the death of Soleimani, may he rot in hell, but the action could very well set the course for a much larger conflict in the Middle East and might have sealed the fate for President Trump here at home.

Now, both sides of the establishment (left and right) have the opportunity they’ve been waiting for; the ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president!

Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.

Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran and the American media will fully support that narrative.

This will ultimately prevent Civil War and divert the people’s anger away from the treasonous Democrats.

The death of Trump would mean no indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy elites like George Soros and criminal operatives within the mainstream media.

The establishment would regain total control of the White House, the American public would be duped into another war and the Military-Industrial Complex would once again be satisfied.

And while some might call that scenario a 'long shot', as McBreen points out, it might work out perfectly for the deep state and Democrats who hate President Trump, hate American patriots, hate the independent media and might soon have their own treason exposed as it would allow them to escape full exposure and their own prosecutions and allow the 'deep state' to crack down here in America like never before.


With all of this on the global stage also happening at a time when tensions are building here in America, with the Democrats 2020 plans for America clearly seen in what's happening in the state of Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam and the Democrat Virginia legislature may be preparing to terrorize law-abiding citizens of the state he governs, we remind you that historically, 'gun confiscations' lead to genocide

Which probably helps to explain the guns and ammo now flying off the shelves in Virgina according to this Daily Wire story. With Democrats insanely pondering 'confiscation', nothing less than a feminized society of Communism and the total destruction of the 1st and 2nd Amendment's and the US Constitution await America if Democrats win in 2020. The two excerpts below come to us from this Daily Wire story as well as this one over at The Son's of Liberty.

Gun retailers in Virginia say they’re seeing sales of weapons and ammunition skyrocket as the now fully Democratic Virginia legislature moves closer to passing strict gun control within the state — including a provision that allows the state government to confiscate so-called “assault weapons” if citizens who own them don’t register the weapons.

The Washington Examiner reports that at least one gun retailer has seen sales rise more than 200% year over year. Cash sales are way up, especially amid news that Democrats in Virginia and in Congress want to use credit card information to track gun purchases.

“This is the largest Christmas and November, December that we’ve had, basically, since Trump has come on board. The only other person that was a better salesman right now is when we had President Obama,” one retailer told the Examiner.

From this Son's of Liberty story we see why this all could end very, very badly.:

As the Democrat governor of Virginia threatens to use the Army National Guard to seize weapons from its citizens, I call upon those officers and men who swore to defend the Constitution to stand down.

Remember, it was the same excuse at the Nuremberg Trials the German officers gave after they massacred millions – “we were just following orders.” Well, don’t!

History proves that once the government confiscates the weapons from its people, all manner of evil begins.

Communists always take your guns – that is exactly what most Democrats have become and too many Republicans fear to speak up.

We have become a feminized, easily offended society where freedom of speech is lost and now our guns may well be lost.

Well, I was taught as an officer to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

The enemy is within and most people don’t care and put the same idiots in office, time after time.

If Virginia succeeds, other states will follow.

You can bet civil war is exactly what our enemies want and it is most likely to occur if Virginia succeeds in its nefarious plans to take weapons.

Even the recent church shooting proves that guns in the hands of citizens stops crime.

As an Auschwitz survivor once told me, “Never give up your guns!”

With enemies of America within, possibly very close to President Donald Trump, and now the globalists/democrats being presented with the perfect false flag opportunity to 'take President Trump out' with the ongoing tensions in Iran coming at a time when things are heating up across America politically, America now faces numerous potential 'flashpoints' ahead that we should all get ourselves prepared for as Susan Duclos reported in this January 7th ANP story.

In the 2nd video below, Infowars discusses the network of 'Obama moles' discovered within the US State Department still pushing globalist/democrat propaganda while in the 3rd and final video below, Mike Adams discusses what's going on in Virginia with Democrats there likely 'overplaying' their hand as the good people of Virginia prepare to defend their families and loved ones against the terror that would be unleashed upon them by an out of control, tyrannical government.

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