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May 23, 2015

Exclusive ANP Pictures Of Closed Florida Wal-Mart - Is This A Prison Cell? Retired Brigadier General Speaks Out On Jade Helm


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The study done by the University of Texas at Austin is called 'The Secret Life Of The Container: Evidence From Texas' and it documents the many ways that shipping containers can be used; one of them specifically states they can be used as portable prison cells. Patent # US4599829 tells us more about these 'modular container building systems' and shares with us a 'preferred embodiment' for these containers:

In one preferred embodiment there are inmate cell units and hallway units arranged to form a highly functional prison or correction facility sub-structure.

While it's quite possible that the modular unit seen above will only be used as a portable office for someone who will soon be working at this closed Wal-Mart site in Brandon, Florida, 'conspiracy theories' have emerged about mysterious shipping containers showing up at closed Wal-Marts across the country including this recent blog posting by SeashoreMary who asks if Jade Helm 15 and the shipping containers being seen at several closed Wal-Marts are connected. She provides us with mind-opening proof that they are already being used by federal governments in Australia and New Zealand to house prisoners to add to the evidence from 'The Secret Life Of The Container' paper linked in 1st paragraph above.

jade-helm-15-walmart-containers-aka-prisonsa.jpg jade-helm-15-walmart-shipping-containers-in-australian-prisons.jpg

An All News Pipeline reader from Brandon, Florida has emailed us the set of pictures seen at the top of the story and below showing us what is going on around the outside of the closed Wal-Mart store and the photo that immediately caught both his eyes and ours is the modular unit seen at top of story that we now know CAN be turned into a mobile prison cell if necessary. Many more pictures at the bottom of this story.

We've also learned from a retired Brigadier General that the fact that Jade Helm 15 has not yet been cancelled despite all of the negative publicity after this story went viral is highly significant as in this SQAlert:

Hi Steve,

It is telling to me that Jade Helm has not been cancelled….or, at the very least, scaled back dramatically.

In general, negative publicity and/or protests over military exercise are rare. After all, why would the general public care about routine military exercises? During the Vietnam era, there were occasional demonstrations near military bases, but those were politically motivated. The military does its very best to avoid negative publicity…it’s not good for one’s career.

Jade Helm is different. It has been a PR nightmare. “Damage control” must be running 24/7. Most “promotion minded” officers would not want this kind of publicity harming their chances for that next star. The natural reaction would normally have been to postpone --or redirect the thrust of -- the exercise to calm everyone down. This is not happening. They are driving on. This tells me there is an urgency behind getting these soldiers, sailors and airmen trained.

The cost of adapting/postponing/cancelling the exercise obviously does not outweigh the cost of proceeding.

Just saying.

Your friend in Christ,


May 22, 2015

Are the modular units seen above and the pictures below going to be used as prison cells at all of these Wal-Mart locations or are these simply being prepared to be offices and used for shipping? The videos below include Hawk who shares more with us on the warning from the retired Brigadier General and Jade Helm 15 as well as a must see video from Dahboo7 who tells us about a Wal Mart in Colorado that has gotten facial recognition cameras installed proving once again Wal-Mart as a tool for the state in their never ending war upon liberty and the American people. 

Is the shipping containes seen at the Brandon, Florida Wal-Mart below going to be used as an office or something more sinister?





According to the photographer, LOD was written all over the place on the fences. From previous experience in the construction field I can tell you that LOD used to stand for 'limits of disturbance', the outer edge of where construction work was being done. That was many years ago, does it still mean the same thing now?


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