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January 25, 2016

Anthony Patch: The 'Grand Finale' Is Coming - CERN & Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In regards to the booms and strange sounds, Kev Baker emailed author and researcher Anthony Patch to ask his opinion, which Mr. Patch gave and sent over to All News PipeLine as well, where he connects the mysterious "sky trumpets" and explosions-like noises being captured across the world to "the changes already made by the LHC" (Large Hadron Collider at CERN), prior to its "intermission before the Grand Finale".

Via email from Anthony Patch:

 I chock this up to the changes already made by the LHC, prior to its "intermission before the Grand Finale".  And, indeed it is coming.

The magnetosphere and, atmosphere along with the core itself are moving of their own accord, and its not the one made by Honda!

Recall if you will, the production of Strangelets (there he goes again!) occurring at anything from 10 TeV and above.  Since at least April of 2015, the LHC had been producing large amounts (I don't have the figures, not yet at least, digging along with Mr. Wabbit) of these condensates.  And, one of the three characteristics, beside explosive, is their ability due to their heavy center of mass to "fall" to the center of the Earth.

Another characteristic:  Strangelets are stable.  All other matter is not.  Therefore, they attract ordinary, unstable matter (anything) to themselves.  This characteristic is why I've dubbed them; "Cousins to the Black Hole" (Black Holes are pure and utter nonsense, however here, they make for a good analogy).

This is the process by which a Neutron Star is formed, not created.

The telluric currents are still very much alive and kicking through the atmosphere, apart from the LHC.  How?  Due to the changes taking place within the magnetic core of our tiny blue marble, rolling along through the electrified plasma.  This by the way, is why we are still experiencing high earthquake and volcanic activity, even with the LHC "switched off" as it were.

The core is rumbling, literally getting up a "head of steam" as the Strangelets gather up surrounding matter.

Gravimetric waves, once induced by the superconducting magnets of the LHC, stem from these condensates.  Therefore, not only has the magnetosphere and atmosphere been permanently altered, likewise the lines of magnetic force induced by these ongoing disruptions of the core.

This is akin to changing the density, therefore the shape of a handheld magnet.  The patterns of the magnetosphere and plasmasphere are altered in their morphology.  These lines propagate gravimetric waves moving through magma.  

Here I would like to redefine gravimetric.  Gravity in reality, consists of magnetic lines of force, both from the core itself and now, from the three characteristics of the quark-gluon condensate, Strangelets.  It is all about electricity, plasma and electromagnetism.  Not "gravitons" as those associated with CERN and the LHC would like us to believe.

To sum up:  The continued as before,, manifestation of the strange sounds being heard, along with earthquakes and volcanoes, are due to the actions of the Strangelets and emanation of altered magnetic lines of force from the core.  I will from now on, refer only to "magnetic waves", replacing the irrelevant term "gravimetric waves" from my vocabulary.

This will only get stranger my friend, Tony


In physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory. If it exists, the graviton is expected to be massless (because the gravitational force appears to have unlimited range) and must be a spin-2 boson.

We look at the recent simultaneous volcano eruptionsearthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity and the mysterious and  unexplained booms and haunting horn-like sounds being captured on audio and video world wide (shown in the the most recent Jason A release below this article) and wonder if CERN is indeed the culprit. 

We already know that scientists are preparing to open up parallel universes and extra dimensions, which some have said are portals allowing demonic entities to cross over, but could the antics of the CERN scientists have already caused changes to Earth itself?


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