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January 7, 2016

CERN: DNA, UFOs, Quantum Computers, Saturn & the Golden Age of Kronos - Summary Of Live Event By Anthony Patch


Submitted to All News PipeLine by Anthony Patch

Anthony Patch is the author of the novel “Covert Catastrophe,” “2048: Diamonds in the Rough,” and the forthcoming book "Coalescence." His expertise on CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, along with the occult, and most importantly, Bible Prophecy, has given him a unique view and understanding of the events taking place in Geneva Switzerland.

Anthony sent the following summary to ANP regarding a live event he participated in with Gonz Shimura of Face Like The Sun on January 6, 2016.

Here is a summary of today’s Livestream event on Face Like the Sun, with host Gonz Shimura.  As always, he and I are never quite sure where the conversation, and in this case, the questions from the Chat Room will take us.

We began with gravity, more specifically, CERN’s recent announcement they may have found the graviton particle.  As you know, I recognize as a more accurate definition and model of our Universe and how it works, as the Electric Model (re: Tesla), rather than the Gravity Model (re: Einstein).  Specifically, the Universe, including at the quantum level, operates according to the mechanics of electromagnetism.  Therefore, gravity does not exist.

Well…it does, but not as we’ve been taught in school.  A more accurate statement on my part is: “Gravitons don’t exist.”  Just as Dark Matter/Energy and Black Holes do not exist.  How can I say this?  Because, none, including gravitons have been measured or reproduced, therefore unproven.  These are constructs of the Gravity Model.  Which, in and of itself, is misleading the public at large.  It is akin to an artist’s conceptual painting of something that only exists in theory.  Like a Black Hole.

The graviton, the PR department at CERN will announce as the “Lord particle”.  Akin to their use of the label given by the mainstream media to the discovery of the Higgs boson, as the “God particle”.  The graviton will be discussed as a pentaquark, actually strangelets.  A quark-gluon condensate, coming into existence prior to the Higgs boson.  Thus, the label of the “Lord particle”.  I’ve dubbed it as the: “Satan particle”, due to strangelets having as one of their three characteristics, that of being the most powerful explosive in the known Universe.  Rendering nuclear devices to that of firecrackers in comparison.

Quickly, we moved on to discuss the Golden Age of Kronos.  The worship of Saturn by the ancient and modern-day occult secret societies.  Their present day, and specific to the Large Hardron Collider with CERN, motives and goals being to electrically reconnect by way of Birkeland currents, my “plasma conduit”, Saturn with Earth.

I outlined how both Earth and Saturn were in close proximity to one another, while outside our known Solar System.  Both were enveloped by electrically charged plasma.  It is their goal to “re-ignite” Saturn.  And, soon thereafter, to likewise enclose Earth in a similar envelope of charged plasma.  Thus, returning mankind to their so-called Golden Age of Kronos.  

However, and to this end, presently Earth is being terraformed not only by the above process, but by aerosolized spraying and the fact that radiation from Fukishima is purposefully not being mitigated.  This, is to create an environment conducive to a new race of beings.  “Mankind is being exterminated.  It is the goal of Satan to kill God’s creation, to create his own version of heaven on Earth and, to kill God himself.”

Additionally, Mars and the other planets of our Solar System were brought into this discussion.  Following Saturn, Mars will be reconnected electrically.  In fact, if they have time, all the known planets will so be connected to Earth.  

This brought up Planet X, Niburu.  I stated it is real.  In fact, it is the planet Wormwood spoken of in Revelation.  I conjectured that perhaps the activities at CERN, including the LHC and other devices there and around the planet, may be employed to alter the trajectory of Planet X.  Steering it away from Earth, thus foiling God’s plans for judgment.

The Adiabatic Quantum Computer, and Google’s recent announcement regarding it, was discussed within the framework of it being responsible for the “Beast System”.  Briefly I covered its historical development, citing the fact that since the latest model was announced by its manufacturer in February of 2015, it is in fact artificially intelligent.  And, to lesser degree, A.I. since 2010.

This quantum computer has the equivalent processing power of 7 billion human brains.  It being the “Beast System”, it will command and control each person.  We did not however in the brief, one-hour conversation, elaborate into the taking of the “Mark of the Beast”.  I did however state, this computer is connected to the LHC with CERN.

We transitioned to the publically-stated goal by those at CERN, of opening an interdimensional portal.  This, I described as a “freeway for demonic entities to come through”.  That I and Gonz hold no ill will toward anyone connected with the work at CERN, or science in general.  Only, that they have been deceived by the original lie of Satan himself, “that ye shall be as gods”.

Those in control of the work with CERN and the like, truly believe in human longevity and, immortality.  That by working with what they believe to be “benevolent entities”, they shall achieve just that.

Gonz asked me about how, when Jesus Christ manifests himself to us in a physical form, how that works from the standpoint of physics.  I replied: “Jesus Christ is a particle.  That in the theory of duality, a particle can also be a wave.  An energy wave.  That the energy that is Jesus, slows down to our plane of existence, He then manifests as a particle.”

A question from the Chat Room regarding the events of the near future.  I stated I am not a prophet, merely God’s witness and servant.  I do expect 2016 to be the year of “Disclosure” of the existence of alien life.  And, following closely, the opening of the interdimensional portal they seek.  Perhaps in late 2016, early 2017, depending upon when the changeover of the superconducting magnets is completed.

We ended our discussion with a question from Gonz about what happens, again from a physics standpoint, when we pray.

“If we accept the notion that Jesus Christ is a particle, and employ the theory of Quantum Entanglement then, when we pray, we are in fact Quantum Entangled with Him.  Prayer is Quantum Entanglement.”

I quoted scripture:  Psalm 2:4 “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh:  the Lord shall have them in derision.”

-Anthony Patch


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