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April 9, 2021

This Is How It Is Done! Officials Chased Out of Restaurant By Patrons Chanting 'Get Out, Get Out, Get Out' - When A Community Unites Against Tyranny We All Win

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Examples from the U.S. and Canada show how sick and tired businesses owners and patrons of those establishments are with the arbitrary lockdowns and limitations on their businesses, which in many cases have cost said owners their livelihoods.

From gym owners to churches to restaurants, we are seeing the way forward to fight against the tyrannical leaders that seem to think they have the right to determine who and what is "essential," while destroying their economies by using fear as a motivator to force compliance.

The most recent example is one that those of us fighting against the never-ending lockdowns and state leaders thinking they can control their constituents using panic, fear and force, cheered when watching the short clip.

Two masked public health officials entered a restaurant and started harassing the female owner, and when she pointed out the sign on her door and said they were trespassing, the male admitted that she was right.

When it was said that she could ask them to leave, the entire restaurant, first a few, then all of them, starting chanting "get out, get out, get out.......," until the officials left the establishment.

As they were chased out, the entire restaurant started cheering.

Watch below: One minute of pure gold. This is how it is done.

Compare that to the one below.

Another video, uploaded on April 3, 2021, which has gone viral with one version of it accruing over half-of-a-million views, shows a Polish pastor of a church in Canada,  who tears into the "Nazi's" trying to shut down his services. The man calls them Nazi's to their face, screams at them continuously until they leave.

Video description:

A Polish pastor at a church in Canada went viral after his blunt response to cops showing up at his church on Easter weekend, presumably to crack down on Covid restrictions. 

The pastor, Artur Pawlowski, yelled at the police to "get out" and told them not to come back to Cave of Adullam Church unless they have a warrant. 

“Police came to disrupt Church gathering! Gestapo came again to intimidate the Church parishioners during the Passover Celebration!!! Unbelievable.”

The difference? The Pastor was standing alone, while the restaurant had all of its customers standing behind the owner and showing clearly they were protesting the COVID tyrants and had no intention of backing down.

There will be more videos in this article showing businesses owners and communities, standing up and fight back against the tyranny of medical martial law.

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Often watching what other countries leaders do gives us insight as to what the liberals here in America will be trying to push on Americans, as they generally support more government intervention and control over the lives those they deem unfit to make decisions regarding their health and safety for themselves.

This brings us to a very disturbing article published recently, titled "Why the Silence in the Face of Covid Tyranny?', over at the The American Institute for Economic Research. The article highlights a job position listed over in Britain.

This is an exciting role for an experienced communications professional and offers the opportunity to work at the heart of the Department of Health. The role is a senior leadership role within the NHS Communications team and may offer the first step in developing a possible future career in a senior communication role in the Civil Service.

You will primarily be responsible for delivering a communications strategy to support the expansion of asymptomatic testing that normalizes testing as part of everyday life. The role offers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of stakeholders across the public and private sector and provide communications support to our marketing campaigns.

The writer explains what he sees as the importance of this:

Had I encountered this ad any time before mid-March of 2020 I would have been stunned, stupefied, staggered. The revelation that British health authorities are seeking to make the testing of asymptomatic people a normal part of everyday life – and that an effort is underway to propagandize in support of this grotesque invasion of privacy and infringement of freedom – would have sent me first to Google to ensure that this ad isn’t a hoax. Discovering, to my horror, it to be genuine, I’d have then blasted out from my keyboard a furious protest.

But encountering the ad in early April of 2021 sparks no surprise at all. Such a violation of liberty is a predictable part of what David Hart calls the “hygiene socialism” that has descended upon much of humanity over the past 13 months.

How sad. How tragic.

Reading this ad makes me ask yet again: Where are the friends of freedom now? Why do so many remain silent in the face of this monstrous battering of liberty and civilization? I truly do not understand today’s muteness of so many once-reliable and eloquent voices for freedom – voices that in the past unfailingly warned of the preposterous pretenses of government officials, as well as of these officials’ perverse incentives.

No doubt this type of medical tyranny is coming to a city near you as the media has already been pushing COVID propaganda and tyranny since the beginning of the lockdowns, so once liberals decide they want strip yet another freedom from Americans, no doubt the media will pave the way for them among the sheep that still trust the MSM.


News Busters has a very interesting piece highlighting the media confusion over red states that dropped most COVID restrictions, seeing a decrease in cases while blue states still pushing COVID medical tyranny are seeing massive increases.

They named it the "COVID conundrum, as they act as if the results do not speak for themselves while claiming it has "experts scratching their heads."

The piece it titled "NBC's ‘Confusion’ Over Red States Handling COVID Better Than Blue States," and some key quotes shown below:

“Why are COVID cases dropping in states that have eased restrictions, yet climbing in ones with tight restrictions still in place?,” perplexed co-host Hoda Kotb asked while teasing the upcoming report. She promised viewers: “We’ll dig into that trend that have some health experts scratching their heads.”

The of course, we see why a establishment media network would even cover something that goes against their own activism as proponents of continued lockdowns and mask mandates:

In another tease minutes later, Kotb promoted “an inside look at the nation’s confounding trends when it comes to the coronavirus.” Fellow co-host Savannah Guthrie explained: “Yeah, we’re going to go behind the numbers and find out why there’s a surge in certain states and a decline in others, and why people in those states could be getting a false sense of security.”

Ahhh, so that is the spin they are planning. It isn't really that what red states are doing is working and what blue states are doing isn' is a "false" reality, and giving people a "false" sense of security.

Just ignore their previous predictions that the surges would start within weeks of reopening, now it will take longer (insert next arbitrary date) for those surges to appear.

Their "conundrum" is to figure out a way to make people think they cannot believe what they are seeing.

Trust us, not your own eyes!


As the videos above and below show, people are finally starting to stand up and push back against the tyranny of leaders thinking they have the right to curtail our God-given and constitutionally protected freedoms.

We can all help by supporting the businesses that are fighting back, many of them need the business to not only pay their bills but to pay legal fees when the government comes after them.

We can help by standing side-by-side with those businesses if the medical martial law police enter the business while you are there.

We can help by simply sending a supportive message, letting those business owners know how much it is appreciated that they are taking a stand at huge risk to their own liberty.

They are fighting on behalf of us all and we should stand with them to fight.

When an entire community fights against tyranny, we all win.

A search over at YouTube for 'COVID protests' show people rising up in Germany, England, Serbia, Italy and many more countries, making it crystal clear that people around the globe are sick and tired of COVID tyranny and are prepared to fight back.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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