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June 23, 2021

Americans Must Understand The Frankfurt School To Understand 'Critical Race Theory': We're Now Witnessing 'Marxism' In Its Most Basic Forms - Anti-Christian Propaganda And Hatred

By Alan Barton for All News Pipeline 

In the obviously biased opinion in Wikipedia, the definition of White Privilege includes this snippet “Some scholars say that the term uses the concept of "whiteness" as a proxy for class or other social privilege or as a distraction from deeper underlying problems of inequality. Others state that it is not that whiteness is a proxy but that many other social privileges are interconnected with it, requiring complex and careful analysis to identify how whiteness contributes to privilege.” 

To a large extent, I agree that is what the argument is and what those proxies and/or “social privileges” may be. Most definitions of it are linked to historical functions of European immigration to the North American continent in some form or the other. The term “unconscious bias” is also used a lot. 

In the Cut Jib Newsletter this statement makes a better claim

“Huh? So “White Privilege” is bad but Non-White Privilege” is good? 

This is nothing more than the careful destruction of Western culture and philosophy, and it is masterfully constructed by the descendants of the original Frankfurt School. It is the most powerful tool in the communist arsenal, and they wield it with surprising success. 

Thought crimes are all they can accuse us of, because the data show a starkly different America than what they want. And the sad part is that many Americans are all too willing to convict themselves of these imaginary crimes…the left doesn’t even have to work that hard.”

Note my emphasis on “Frankfurt School”, this is very important to understand and the video at the bottom does a great job of explaining that school of Marxist thought. The so-called “Woke” folk are also stark raving mad. Canada Free Press had this in mind when they wrote “Critical race theory hijacks racism and racial identity to replace it with Marxist theories” and “The consequence of race as an abstraction is the transracial idea that minorities can become infected with internalized whiteness and the spread of multiracial whiteness. If minorities can become white, it follows that white wokes can become minorities by shedding their whiteness. 

Whiteness is a racial consciousness, but based on Marxist power relations, not blood and soil, or genetics, let alone the crude resentment of the ‘other’ that lurks at the heart of raw tribalism. 

Critical race theory hijacks racism and racial identity to replace it with Marxist theories. 

White wokes use critical race theory the way that elites always used Marxist theories to compete with more successful people of their own upper class.” 

“Former FBI Assistant Director: Arrests Aren't Enough, We Have to Take Down People Close to Trump, Sitting Congressmen to Stop 'Domestic Terrorism'” states a headline from The Western Journal and this includes attempts to kill white Christian power “former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi provided a window into the mind of the highest echelons of federal law enforcement and how they are targeting those on the political right."

“In order to really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically,” Figliuzzi said, “you’ve got to attack and dismantle the command and control element of a terrorist group.” 

“And unfortunately, and I know this is painful to hear, that may mean people sitting in Congress right now — people in and around the former president.” 

Got that? We are considered elements of a TERRORIST GROUP! “Figliuzzi’s assertion that certain members of Congress should be “attacked and dismantled” by federal law enforcement can only be understood as a call for the federal law enforcement apparatus to target and “attack” — i.e., forcibly unseat — duly elected representatives whose public statements challenge Democratic Party pieties."

"This is not only tyrannical but seditious.” The writer said, meaning we are considered enemies - Well, enemies of the Marxist dictatorship that is currently in power, yes. As this headline states “Declassified Biden Admin Report Listed 'Extremist' Pro-Life Groups as National Security Threat” from the Western Journal recently. Got that? If you oppose murdering infants, you are an anti-American extremist! 

This can do nothing to keep peace in our land, “Politically Motivated Academics Have Forsaken Science on ‘Whiteness’ as They Steer America Towards Civil Strife” said the SGT Reports Robert Bridge, “A disturbing trend has gained a foothold in the United States as members of the academic community are espousing virulent views on race that seem more guided by political prejudices and affiliations than any solid scientific research. The consequences of this misguided research, much of which casts hateful aspersions on white people, could lead to unthinkable disaster down the road” he said. 

“The Marxist left is pushing for a full breakup of America so the tyrants can rule over the ashes unchallenged by patriots: And they’re using race to do it” claimed Natural News’ JD Heyes recently, “Today’s Democrats are all students of Marx, as are the corporate CEOs and academics, the latter of whom believe they will become part of the ‘ruling class’ when the Marxist revolution is realized in America. 

Only, they’re not dividing Americans by class; they can’t, since they are the elite, and the other 99 percent are not.” 


The Western Journal story titled “Black Theologian Savages 'Demonic' Ideologies Behind CRT, BLM and Antiracism” gets much closer to the truth when black theologian Voddie Baucham said “because the new social justice movement contains aspects of Christianity, many Christians have “fallen prey” to it". Baucham asked, “What Christian does not want to be for justice, right? What Christian does not want to empathize with people if they are oppressed? What Christian doesn’t want unity and reconciliation and everything else?” and adds this “Characterizing the battles facing the U.S. as fundamentally spiritual, he deftly traces such philosophies to their origin in what he describes as the ‘demonic ideology’ of Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and their neo-Marxist successors in the Frankfurt School.” 

Again, that Frankfurt School. You really need to see the included video below to understand better. 

Remember the Covington Catholic School kid? The Daily Caller said of it last year What Covington Really Revealed — Anti-Christian Bias From The Media To The Halls Of Congress”

And this brings us to the real meat of it all: "Critical Race Theory Is Antithetical to Christianity, Black Pastor Says” in the Daily Signal

The destruction of the FAMILY, the very core of a good society and a basic tenant of Christianity, is pushed by many things, among which are the ever prevalent chants of polymorphic sex, that which claims that sex in any which way the mind can conjure is not just acceptable, but required. Look at the examples given in college courses and demonstrations, in the movies and internet, and all seem far worse than the worst bad jokes I can ever remember hearing. This is a derivation from Critical Race Theory from Marxist Critical Theory as taught by the Franklin School theories of Marxism. Again, we find the Frankfurt School in the midst of it all. They drive to have traditional morals, traditional rules, traditional structure and society as a whole torn down. Why? Because they are based on Judeo Christian values that give us Western Culture, traditions, values that our Christian beliefs have given us. Rather than the “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” mindset that derives from the evil Marxist values, most Americans would rather live with their families in Liberty. Think of the worst of the Hippy culture made far worse, I like older rock but not the Satanic hard, hard mind numbing noise. Repressive Tolerance (political correctness) wound in the pervasive cultural Marxism via critical race theory that the White Privilege farce engenders is actually satanically evil. 

“Anti-Christian Bias in Academia Is Real “ the headline reads on the Creation / Evolution page  that mentions “A Peer-Reviewed Study Proved What We Have Always Known: Creationists are Subject to Major Discrimination in Academia….. Christians make up approximately 75% of the American public, only about 30% of academic scientists identify as Christian making Christians one of the most underrepresented groups in science….. The Pew data found 28% of the public were evangelical Protestants compared to only 4%  of scientists. In addition, a mere 2% of the public were atheists compared to 17% of the scientists.” 

And Franklin Graham warns in The Christian Post that “Christians around the world continue facing higher levels of persecution and violence, and warned that "ugly, anti-Christian bias and intolerance" is changing America….. "Despite the ever extending reach of the murderous hand of Islamist terror groups like ISIS, they continue to gather to pray as we saw in Kenya this week with 148 brutally killed in cold blood," Graham's message continued. 

"Even in America there has recently grown an ugly, anti-Christian bias and intolerance that is changing our nation from the inside out, opening doors for all kinds of discrimination and loss of religious freedom that we hear about daily in the news." 

"There is now a serious risk that Christianity will disappear from its biblical heartlands," said a report by think-tank Civitas about persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Ample evidence suggests there are those who would like Christianity to vanish from the West as well. 

The Civitas report was titled "Christianophobia." It "highlights a fear among oppressive regimes that Christianity is a 'Western creed' which can be used to undermine them," according to a report in the London Telegraph. 

A "Western creed"? The contemporary "Western creed" is post-Christian and increasingly even anti-Christian.” noted another story in The Christian Post story, “Vilification easily follows from marginalization. To vilify is to defame and slander. The goal is to shrink respect for the person, movement, institution, or idea being vilified.”…. After villainization comes criminalization. New laws are written redefining marriage, or infringing on the freedom of conscience and practice within the villainous class, and suddenly there's a smoking gun….. Elimination logically flows from criminalization. The offenders must be removed for the greater good. In some parts of the world elimination is of the blatant style: hang them, gas them, behead them. Anything. Just eliminate them."

"In civilized America elimination takes a different form. Fire corporate leaders who have gone against political correctness and the Establishment line. Dismiss them from boards. Lynch them in the media. Anything short of literal blood. Just get them out of the way.” 


We are in the midst of that cycle now, and the Left is pushing for its completion. Colleges pushing for anti-White and anti-Christian claims just keep getting worse. “A professor from Fairleigh Dickinson University recently presented for Rutgers University and explained how “white Christian privilege” and “Christian privilege” are responsible for slavery, genocide and colonialism.” reads the first paragraph in the College Fix story from last September. “Anti-Racism 101 is anti-Christian” headline in Juicy Ecumenism last year. “Antiracism has become so trendy that Christians have embraced its doctrine…. Antiracism ideology is very clear that colorblindness is an affront to the humanity of blacks and other “people of color” because it ignores the very essence of what centralizes them in a system of oppression. Race neutrality is, therefore, racist.” WHAT INSANITY! 

In The American Thinker Trevor Thomas wrote in his story “Today’s Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God” that “Right-minded Catholics should thank God that Trump was elected.  As Rod Dreher reported, a "new Wikileaks dump from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta's emails reveals that Podesta created a couple of activist groups for the sake of undermining the Catholic bishops and the Church's authority."  

As Thomas Peters tweeted, "the head of Clinton's campaign has been organizing to fracture a major religion" while adding that “Baptists and Episcopalians are also under scrutiny.  In June 2017, Bernie Sanders clashed with Russell Vought, now acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, over a blog post Vought had written regarding Islam that several Muslim groups considered Islamophobic.  "I'm a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith," Vought said.  By the end of the exchange, Sanders said, "I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about" - oh, really? 

And let’s not forget the IRS“IRS Denies Christian Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status: ‘Bible’s Teachings Affiliated with Republican Party’” said the SGT Report, “If the IRS going forward thinks that Bible teaching is Republican-affiliated, then that could endanger the tax-exempt status of many religious organizations — including potentially churches, which obviously teach the Bible with some frequency,” Patterson told Breitbart News on Saturday’ and added ““The IRS states in an official letter that Biblical values are exclusively Republican.” 

So If you are Republican, if you are White, if you are not Marxist, you are a racist, you are a White Supremacist, you are not what the radical evil Marxist left want you to be. In short, White Privilege is the same thing as being Christian, that is the argument. 

A good story on the Illuminati and the New World Order and Christianity is this one, “What Is the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory? Is It In the Bible?” – read the story, if you really believe the Bible, and you understand what the Scriptures say about the end times and a one-world government then you can see where the Frankfurt School, Marxism, and the radical left are going. It will not be pretty. 

“THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH” story in End Times PilgrimThe coming of the New World Order was announced by President George Bush Sr. He heralded the coming New World Order twice in this speech he gave during the Desert Storm campaign in in March of 1991.” The story has the video embedded.

It is a long article, and I don’t agree with some of it, but it does give a good idea where we are and what we are heading into. 

The video on the Frankfurt School can be found here

In the Critical Race Theory video below by Dr. Voddie Baucham, he also goes into the Frankfurt School theories.

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