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September 25, 2016

Chaos Erupts And Insanity Ensues When Social Justice Warriors Crash Conservative Group Meeting At Kansas University


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The first time I saw an SQ note referencing the need for "prozac binkies and diapers,"  after a link about the antics being seen on college campuses where Social Justice Warriors aka Special Snowflakes were demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings, I honestly thought it was a shock wake up call statement just to make a point about how childish some college students across America were acting.

After writing about separate examples over the past year, detailing how out-of-control the so-called social justice warriors truly are and how they are literally turning educational institutes into large day care centers where learning takes a back seat to "hurt feelings" and safe spaces are created for children that simply cannot handle the reality of living in a world where there are opinions contray to their own.... the need for prozac binkies and diapers to be handed out to these students, is not an exaggeration at all.

Which brings us to this week's Special Snowflake edition.

At the University of Kansas a conservative group, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), held a chapter meeting which turned into utter chaos when a group of social justice warriors decided to attend and in the video below, a half hour long, we see almost every example of what is wrong within colleges today.


A new video shows students at the University of Kansas (KU) disrupting a meeting of conservative students to complain about having their feelings hurt.

The incident was sparked over a feud on Facebook. Student Micha Fox posted a comment online claiming she was harassed due to being transgender, and she began planning a Sept. 27 event called "Stand With ME."Fellow student Gabriel Lepinski, chairman of the school's branch of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), shared the event with group members to criticize it.

"[T]his is why this group is so important," she said. "Facts don’t care about your feelings, even if you shout them as loudly as you can on wescoe beach [a popular campus location.]"

According to Campus Reform, who put out a shorter version of the video, just over three minutes of some of the most egregious portions of the original 33 minute video, Lepinski extended an invitation to three students involved with the Stand with ME event, after they asked how to attend, with Lepinski asking only that they "bring an open mind and respect everyone there." More than three of the social justice warriors showed which is why chaos erupted and insanity ensued.

It only took about 6 minutes before the social justice warriors started getting agitated (maybe they shouldn't have left their safe spaces!) and started dictating what "terms" the conservatives could use and what they could and couldn't say. For example, don't call us blacks we are "black people." Don't use the term "guys," that is a micro-agression! Don't call illegal aliens, 'illegal," etc.....

At one point, Cox began shouting after YAF members failed to use her preferred pronoun of "they."

"My pronouns are they!" she/he screamed!

"From now on, when you speak to them, you use they/them/their, because we’ve shown you the respect to refer to you by your name, so from now on you will refer to them as they, because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of f*cking 12."

Then they started to attack  YAF, accusing them of "white fragility" and "white supremacy," simply because they were "white" and that makes them "privileged" because 400 hundred years ago their ancestors were ... well you all get the point.

At another point a woman that Campus Reform refers to as "TrigglyPuff 2.0 asks a YAF member if he knows the difference between "discomfort" and "triggered," he tells her he doesn't know, she responds by stating "you need to know because triggered is a physical reaction."

When a YAF member is asked to explain what his definition of a "intellectual safe space" is, he starts to say "Intellectual safe space is the idea that you can't retreat," and that is far as he got before a guy starts screaming and pounding his fist on the desk screaming "I'm not retreating!!!  I am making myself safe and confortable."

YAF spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky sent a statement to The Daily Caller, saying "Every single parent sending a child to college should watch this video in its entirety. What you see in the clip seems comically bizarre, but it’s actually an accurate snapshot of how radical the academic left has become. When you consider the fact that these students learned most of the critically flawed arguments they employed from professors, it stops being funny and starts to become a wake up call."


This ladies and gentlemen is what is wrong with our country because this type of behavior doesn't happen overnight, this is encouraged and taught by liberal professors, fascilitated by college officials, and created by the dangerous political correctness mentality we see pushed by liberals across the nation.

The first video below is 3:44 minute condensced version of the event and the second is the entire 33 minute video. We offer a language warning due to the social justice warriors' inability to speak without cursing up a storm.


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