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February 25, 2016

Is This Another Danger Sign That Fortune 500 Companies Are Preparing For Something Huge? Indications Of What's Coming Next Continue To Emerge - 'Better Get Yourselves Prepared For What's Coming!'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Nearly 10 years ago, reporter Brian Williams and NBC news did a story about what the year 2017 would look like. Predicting that most to all human beings would have a microchip with which they could be positively identified by 2017, we see NBC's 'prediction' getting closer each day that we move closer to the death of the old system, the economic collapse that has long been warned of. We're also seeing more signs we're getting closer to that moment every day. 

Each day that we move a day closer to the beginning of 'the new' system, we see more stories from both the alternative media and the mainstream media that show we're rapidly entering a day and age of not only human beings microchipped 'en masse' but mankind merging with machine, the beginnings of our future as cyborgs unfolding before our eyes. We're also seeing more signs that human beings will be meant to be mere shells of our former selves as illustrated in this story from Susan Duclos showing a 'sea of human zombies' in America and the future the elites have planned for us. And what better way for them to control all of us than for humanity to be dependent upon their new 'cashless system' for everything? The warning from a Fortune 500 company employee below is another hint of where we're headed.  


We're seeing more signs every day that we're getting ever closer to the moment of collapse and in the new SQAlert below, we hear from an employee of a Fortune 500 company that his company is putting off on a lot of long-planned purchases and upgrades in the company to seemingly horde cash. Are they preparing for something they see coming down the road? As we're told in the 2nd video below from Crush The Street, the cashless society is coming and we better get prepared for it, especially if we plan not to participate within their system. 


I work for an S&P 500 company, specifically in the financial sector. At the end of last year we were told of several things to expect for the new year - new laptops for our entire dept and a renovation of all floors in the building where I work. In the past two weeks we have been told that the company was placing fairly stringent limitations on travel and other expenditures. We were also told that new laptops are on hold until further notice and that the renovation work is also on hold. Given that the Dow 30 is only off about 5% from year end, I find these decisions to be somewhat odd, if not premature. That is unless they believe something VERY significant is coming and want to have lots of cash on the books rather than putting it toward infrastructure. I don't know for sure what discussions have been going on in the upper levels, but again, it just seems like they are pre-positioning for something. I'm curious as to whether other companies, especially in the financial sector, are seeing the same things already so early in the year.


Never before has 'biohacking' been so popular as people seek to merge themselves with machines and computers. It's being called the 'do it yourself biology revolution' and being sold as the 'in thing' for millenials and anybody else who wants to 'optimize your body, mind and performance with systems thinking, biology and technology'. Man merging with machine. Is this not part of what we've long been warned of in the Book of Revelation? We see more stories every day that the elite are now preparing to use their new preferred method of control, 'cashless societies', to help usher in the next stage of collapse and the Biblical passage shared below from the book of Revelation. Won't biohacking and the merging of man and machine allow them to accomplish this ever more quickly? 

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.


In the 1st video below, Face Like The Sun gives us excellent reasons to strongly believe that the 'mark of the beast' is here now and is being implemented throughout our society. How long until it becomes the prevalent way that Americans live their every day lives? Each moment we're closing in on that day. In the final video below we see 'Signs of the End' part 148 that focuses nearly exclusively on all of the proof that we're now seeing that what we have long been warned of through Biblical scripture is now coming to fruition before our very eyes.

Before videos, we'll close with a recent excerpt from a story by Bill Holter at JSMineSet last week called "The Mark Of The Beast" in which we're warned what the 'elite' have planned for us next. Holter clearly warns we're witnessing the emergence of the beast system. As our videographer tells us in the 1st video, "the level of concern in the church is profoundly lacking. Yet, we can rest in the fact that God is in control and that we don't need to fear these things."

Now let’s get to the REAL reasons to ban currency. First and foremost, those in power understand the viability to the current system is now very limited. In other words, they know the system is going to come down. On one hand the West has already passed legislation for “bail ins”. On the other hand, how best would it be best to corral capital into these banks they know will be bailed in? Now your putting the dots together!

This all assumes a couple of things. First, is there even enough time left before the system goes upside down to corral cash back into the banks? Then, will the population accept it willingly or will they revolt? The answer to the first question I believe is “no”. The system is so unstable (the East knows this), we can wake up any morning (probably a Monday) and find the markets cannot be opened.

The next question is whether the population will accept it? If markets have already seized up, I think the answer is a resounding no. Who, no matter how oblivious they are would give up their cash if they’ve already seen the banks bail in their balances? 

When you break this down, the real reason for a cashless society is “control”. What would people do if interest rates went negative? This is a very good question because it is the only policy option left for central banks. There would be a run on the banks and people would simply withdraw their cash. This would mean people moving out of the system instead of staying in the ringed fence area. A run on physical cash poses big problems for our planners, and “why” they will try to do away with it.

Without “cash”, the public will be at the mercy of those pushing and pulling the levers. Your account could be frozen for any reason. Your account could be stolen for any reason. In other words, by banning cash they are throwing away “the key” to your exit door and control of the masses becomes simple. I use the word “simple” because without “money” you cannot purchase food. Here in the U.S., we are no longer farmers. Instead we just go to the grocery market and get what we need or want. If someone had “control” over the availability to your money, they have control over your food …and ultimately YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

As for the title “The Mark of the Beast”, I referred to this in my last interview. This situation of not being able to conduct commerce without the “mark” was briefly written about in the Bible. It was described in Revelations. Is this description not one of a “cashless society”? How will one do business if they have no “card” (mark) or in today’s world maybe even an implanted RFID chip? I find it incredible that writings from a time even before the printing press was invented, anyone could opine or even speak of a cashless society. From a human standpoint, a cashless society could only have been dreamed about over the last 30-40 years or so as the technology did not exist prior. I am not sure about you but even as a child in the 60′s, if someone told me I could “put money in the bank” but someone (other than my Dad) could control how much or whether I could take it out, spend it or use it …my bank account would never have been opened in the first place! 


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