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September 10, 2021

America's Civil War Map Has Been Drawn - As The American Dream Turns Into A Nightmare,  State Leaders Vow To Fight The Biden Regime To The Bitter End  

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Joe Biden, White House occupier, took the stage on September 9, 2021 and basically said the U.S. constitution means nothing in comparison to his "executive" power and he offered up his decrees of businesses with more than 100 employees being "fined" if they do not mandate vaccines.

Then the old man decided to yell at Americans about "losing patience" with them, before threatening to have Governors that stand up against his tyrannical decrees "removed," again using the full force of the executive branch.

The Citizens Free Press reported that within hours of the dictatorial speech, more than 20 states had already announced their opposition and upcoming court challenges.

Updated list of states that are suing Biden — Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Arizona.

Over the next few days we should be seeing a few more states turn red on the map above when they declare their opposition to the new dictator decrees, as more speak out and/or file lawsuits.

Make no mistake, the Biden regime has just declared war on nearly 80 million Americans, and what stands between a Biden dictatorship and law abiding citizens, is the governors in the states shown above (and hopefully more as the days wears on) who are vowing to fight the Biden regime until the bitter end.

First we'll look at some of those Governors' reactions and statement, and then we'll discuss what happens if the Governors fail and "we the people" have to defend our rights and freedoms.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

“My job is to protect your individual freedom. My job is not to protect corporate freedom. We have a society in Florida where people can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. And that’s what we’re doing by protecting against these Vaccine mandates.”

Also in Florida, Congressman Anthony Sabini, suggests arresting "any federal official attempting to impose" the Biden mandates. them should be arrested on the spot and prosecuted under Florida law.

SC Governor Henry McMaster:

The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President Biden and the radical Democrats. They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad.

Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson:

"The Biden Administration’s recent announcement seeking to dictate personal freedom and private business decisions is an insult to our American principles of individual liberty and free enterprise. This heavy-handed action by the federal government is unwelcome in our state and has potentially dangerous consequences for working families.  Vaccination protects us from serious illness, but the decision to get vaccinated is a private health care decision that should remain as such. My administration will always fight back against federal power grabs and government overreach that threatens to limit our freedoms.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

Biden’s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses.

I issued an Executive Order protecting Texans’ right to choose whether they get the COVID vaccine & added it to the special session agenda.

Texas is already working to halt this power grab.

65th Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves:

The President has no authority to require that Americans inject themselves because of their employment at a private business. The vaccine itself is life-saving, but this unconstitutional move is terrifying. This is still America, and we still believe in freedom from tyrants.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt:

It is not the government’s role to dictate to private businesses what to do.

Once again President Biden is demonstrating his complete disregard for individual freedoms and states’ rights.

As long as I am governor, there will be no government vaccine mandates in Oklahoma.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem:

'Our legal team is standing by to file lawsuit against Biden' and ‘In South Dakota, we’re going to be free’ 

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The Republican National Committee also issued a statement announcing their intention to sue the Biden regime as well.

That is a sample by some of the better known governors, as others are still coming out with statements, there will be more.

Biden threw down the gauntlet, and freedom loving state leaders accepted the challenge and plan to fight for their citizens, while other, liberal politicians, cheer Biden's declaration of war against "freedom" states, setting up an atmosphere that threatens to turn the cultural "cold" civil war, into a hot and bloody one.

After Biden's attack against Americans that choose not to get vaccinated, "Dictator Biden" started trending on Twitter, and some of the commentary show clearly how this will play out if the courts do not stop Biden in his tracks.

A few examples shown below:

Musician BigNik posted to his 352K followers:

Dictator Biden literally threatening the people of the United States. 

Thank God we have the 2nd Amendment. 

Biden was everything the left accused Trump of being.

Four term legislator from Ohio, Christina Hagan:

Biden just declared war

on the state

on private companies

& on personal autonomy

His threat of force won’t be met w/grace.

Political Pundit Candance Owens posted to her 2.9 million followers:

What would happen if all 2.1 million federal employers refused to play ball with Dictator Biden and did not get the vaccine? 

Can our government afford to lose 2.1 million workers in one day? 

Can our government afford a union strike?

Tim Pool, libertarian who hasn't been overly partisan, just shares his opinions on political matters, shows the reaction of not just Republicans, but Independents as well.

Language Warning:

That pretty much sums up the consensus of reactions from conservatives, independents and Libertarians, which makes it very clear that Biden's threats and decrees will be met with a fight, and should his regime attempt to enforce these threats against Americans, the resulting chaos will not be pretty.

More commentary and reactions shown at the website We Love Trump.


This one speech will be seen as the moment in history when the cold civil war in America went hot.

How would an all-out civil war play out?

Look to the map at the top of this article and ask yourself, which of those colored states produce more food for the nation collectively?

Which of those states believe in the Second Amendment and which do not? 

Which people in this country own weapons and which treat them with contempt?

Who is better prepared to resist forced mandates?

Last but not least, which state citizens are willing to stand up and back up their governors that are fighting the Biden regimes overreach?


While states and citizens prepare to fight for their rights should Biden's Stasi decide to invade the states and attempt to force his decrees, the courts have ruled against other Biden dictates as unconstitutional and have overruled him.

Federal courts have ruled against his financial aid discriminatory practices. 

The court has ruled against Biden's immigration policy.

The Supreme Court has ruled against Biden's DOJ.

SCOTUS also ruled against Biden's eviction moratorium.

At every turn, when the cases of Biden's attempts to bypass the law and/or decree mandates, the courts have slapped him back into his place, yet he continues to try.

Americans should be happy the courts have been so good at preventing Biden's unconstitutional orders,. because that is most likely the only reason the cold civil war hadn't turned hot and bloody already.

Americans...especially liberals who would lose their butts in a face-to-face, toe-to-toe battle, should pray that the courts side with the suing Governors and organizations, because if they don't..... Americans will have to. 


In less than 24 hours we have seen state governors, and the RNC and others all announce plans to sue the Biden regime for attempts to violate the state sovereignty, high profile Libertarian and Independents speaking out against Biden forcefully, and reminders of why America has the Second Amendment.

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