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November 3, 2016

Will Obama's DOJ And FBI Allow The 'Clinton Crime Family' And 'Globalist Mafia' To Complete Their Overthrow Of America? 'The Future Of The Republic Is At Stake'

- Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary - 'Serial Killer For President'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Will Barack Obama's FBI and the US Department of Justice forever destroy their reputations and forever negate 'the rule of law' in America by allowing the 'Clinton Crime Family' and globalist mafia to steal America away from the American people?

With the most contentious presidential election in recent US history in its final days, this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News tells us what we'll never read from the mainstream media and tells us why so many people are so concerned that the 'Clinton crime family' and globalist mafia will steal America away America from the American people, forever.

Telling us that the 'end game' is closing in upon the Clinton's as the 'deep state' has turned against them, Adams tells us that a massive collection of criminally damning evidence is about to be revealed that will bring down the Clinton crime family forever. Will Obama's DOJ and FBI be able to put a stop to the Clinton's 'reign of death and terror' upon America?

While ANP is quite hopeful that people like Adams and former US Federal Prosecutor Doug Hagmann are correct when they tell us a treasure trove of corrupting information has been found on the computer of Anthony Weiner as shared in this new story from Infowars as also heard in the 2nd video below, we also remind you that a huge body count has piled up along the way during the past 30 years, many of the 'trail of the dead' having very close ties to the Clintons. Do Obama's DOJ and FBI think that the 'Clinton crime family' will simply stop murdering people who get in their way?

With even Bernie Sanders now jumping off of the Clinton bandwagon as shared in this new story from The Observer, leaving Hillary hanging in the final week before the election, we're told by Real Clear Politics and Fox News' Bret Baier that FBI sources believe they're moving towards an indictment of the Clinton Foundation at a time when United States Senator Tom Cotton calls their foundation 'the biggest money laundering operation in the world'.

In this time of great danger, our prayers are with the men and women within the United States government who are clearly risking their own careers, if not their lives, to make sure this 'crime family' falls before they're successful at taking down America.


How can America even legally fight against a 'crime family' in charge of America as former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom called the Clinton's? What are America's options should Obama's DOJ† 'chicken out' and the 'crime family' be successful at overthrowing our Republic despite the never-ending list of crimes and lies that they'd be bringing to Washington DC? And could America survive such the disaster of a globalist mafia and crime family in charge of our country?

With such a scenario proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to everybody paying attention that America was indeed a 'banana republic', such a scenario would also PROVE to the American people that the rule of law no longer applies in this country. If the rule of law doesn't apply to 'top dogs' like the Clinton's, how can Obama's DOJ argue that the rule of law applies to anybody else living within without also proving themselves complicit in America's overthrow?

As this new story from the Daily Mail tells us, down in Georgia, militia members are training to 'fight and kill' should Hillary Clinton steal the election in just days. Telling us 'we've building up for this, just like the Marines,' it's clear Obama's FBI and DOJ have their most difficult days ahead of them. With the most dangerous crime family in America preparing to steal the election and the Republic away from the American people no matter how many rules and laws that they have to break to do so, the fate of our entire Republic is at stake.

And why do SO MANY body bags follow around the Clinton's, seemingly wherever they go? Are all of the dead bodies just 'a strange coincidence'? According to Dave Schippers, the Chief Investigative Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee's probe into Bill Clinton, he is completely terrified of Hillary Clinton. And as we hear in the 1st video below, an outstanding documentary which details the ever-expanding list of 'Clinton dead', he has every right to feel the way he does.:

ďToday, I am still terrified of Hillary. Absolutely I am terrified. Because if she gets into office. In fact, Iíve told my wife, I said, ĎIf Hillary gets elected, look for the FBI or somebody to come and pick me up the next day.í

ďAnd I think Iím the only one left. [Former Congressman] Henry Hyde is dead. [Independent Counsel Kenneth] Star didnít really hurt her. Yeah. I was scared when I was out thereÖ Iíve been terrified ever since. Because things happen. Things happen


Caught in a very real 'Catch 22', will the FBI and the US Department of Justice forever destroy their reputations and the rule of law by allowing the Clinton's to steal America away from the American people, thus sending America headlong into lawless tyranny? And why should the American people believe they have to 'follow the law' when a well-known crime family with a body count dating back to Mena, Arkansas breaks nearly every law that once made America great on their way to stealing the White House?

It's clear to anyone paying attention - the FBI and DOJ are in between a rock and a hard place and while one decision will lead to the arrest and takedown of the biggest crime family in America and perhaps the world, allowing the Clinton's to 'skate onwards' invites not only tyranny to America but everything that comes with it, including their takedown of the US Constitution. If they allow that, we'll also have 100% proof Obama's DOJ approves of the Clinton's overthrow of law and order and America.


While Barack Obama makes the ridiculous claim that the fate of the world is at risk with a Trump presidency, it's clear that law and order is backing Trump, and likely by huge margins.†

Will Obama's DOJ simply allow the overthrow of law and order in America, letting down law enforcement and the American people all across America, by allowing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton crime family to steal the election away from Donald Trump and the American people? Despite the obvious and myriad crimes the Clinton crime family has committed against America and the American people? If Obama's DOJ WANTS the rule of law in America to be worthless, they'll make sure Clinton makes it into the White House.

And if so, all bets are off in America. Sadly, if such a scenario arises, we can clearly see what many others have warned of - civil war or revolution might be ahead as America has no place for a 'crime family' or globalist mafia tyrants to be in charge of this nation. Of course, we pray that the DOJ and FBI do the right thing and take the Clinton crime family and globalists mafia down before they are successful at taking down America.

We also pray to God for peace in this country and ask that justice is finally done.

Anything less...and America is done.


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