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February 16, 2016

Was Coast To Coast Comcast Outage Another BETA Test Before Internet Is Taken Down? Catastrophic Cascade Of Warnings Tied To Internet Go Out: 1st Amendment In Danger And 'The Very Fabric Of Society Could Come Unglued'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on February 14th, Susan Duclos told us about a warning from internet security guru John McAfee that a massive internet outage across the country could cause a catastrophic cascade of bad news with a significant power grid failure likely along with the loss of emergency services, water and natural gas distribution, the failure of dams and nuclear power plants and quite possibly the most alarming failure of all, that of the financial system and institutions that could be devastating to the markets and the unprepared.

Is it only a coincidence that a day after Susan's warning, Comcast cable providers were hit with a massive cable and internet outage all across the country as seen in the photograph above and explained in more detail in the 2nd and 3rd videos below? The fact that Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai recently told the Washington Examiner that the US tradition of free speech is now 'slipping away', including on the internet, we have to ask, how long will it be until they totally bring it down? The Drudge Report linked to several stories yesterday that show us the direction the internet and the 1st Amendment are heading.: TWITTER Hiding Conservative Tweets and Man Arrested for FACEBOOK Posts About Refugees being two more of them along with Ajit Pai's warning. A free internet is clearly in danger.

With the war on cash in full swing and the coming 'mark of the beast' payment system completely dependent upon the internet, a prolonged internet outage in the near future would leave civilization coming to an end until power is restored. As Bill Holter tells us in the 1st video below, an interview with Sgt Report, the global collapse and the coming 'mark of the beast' system go hand and hand and every day we close in on complete collapse, the closer we get to the beast system. 


According to Down Detector, cities affected with this Comcast outage ranged from the East coast to the West coast and everywhere in between with the San Francisco area, Washington state and Oregon suffering outages on the West coast while extremely heavy outages were reported from the Boston area south to the Washington DC area and down into South Carolina, Georgia and Florida on the East coast. 

With a recent warning going out in the International Business Times that ISIS is trying to destroy the internet via massive cyber attacks that could at least temporarily take down the internet, one of the latest stories from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan referenced previously tells us what the biggest danger of a prolonged internet outage would clearly be: In a "Cashless Crisis" with digital payments, civilization comes to an end until power is restored.” 

As Slavo tells us.:

The coming brave new world may also be a fragile one.

As most of the Western world is pushed into abandoning cash and embracing a fully digital cashless grid, it is apparent how vulnerable populations will become in times of crisis.

If the power grid were to go down in a storm or an attack, it is readily apparent that the system of commerce would go down with it; payments would stop and desperate people would line up for help. Those with their own supplies, barter items and physical commodities will remain the most comfortable, but the very fabric of society could come unglued.


With the likes of ISIS now attacking our internet and infrastructure joining in the consistent attacks coming from China, Russia and other 'state and non-state' actors as clearly documented on the website NORSE live attacks, why would anyone who is watching what is unfolding want to go to a system that could easily be taken down, leaving those totally dependent upon it totally devastated? As Slavo tells us again, the banksters that helped cause the mess we're now in would love a cashless system, and all of the dependent risks that come with it, for very good reason.:

The powerful banking lobby, of course, wants a digital cashless system, because it will enrich them with transaction fees and penalties, continue and expand fractional reserve lending, and give them the power to monitor all the transactions, at detailed levels with data for every purchase. But despite this monitoring, money and transactions will not necessarily be more secure.

You cannot “hold” your money, you must be able to access it, and that depends upon authorization of the system. It can be hacked or erased in a split second.

Imagine an America without the internet in 2016. Most Americans have become so dependent upon it to carry out our day to day affairs that it has become 2nd nature to us. We hardly think about what might happen if it suddenly goes down for a lengthy period of time. Stores close down as they're no longer able to handle financial transactions. Shipping and trucking grind to a halt as schedules are now largely kept via internet and most gas stations won't be working either with a prolonged inability to accept credit cards. As Slavo warns us, civilization grinds to a halt. Now imagine the same system crashing down when Americans are already on 'the mark'. The very fabric of society would quickly come unglued.  

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